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Watch When Monaliza Smiled Full Movie Online Free [720p] [1080p] [blu ray]

When Monaliza Smiled Movie Download and Online Streaming Details

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  • Duration of the movie is 95 min
  • The movie got a rating of 7/10 out of 81 votes
  • The main cast is Tahani Salim, Haifa Al-Agha, Shady Khalaf
  • Movie Genrés Comedy, Romance

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Movie Analysis

When Monaliza Smiled the movie released on 20 of September in the year 2012, The movie had an estimated budget of jod 120,000 The top-three stars of the movie are Haifa Al-Agha, Tahani Salim and Shady Khalaf. The movie was directed by Fadi Haddad and written by Fadi Haddad. The movie received 81+ votes and managed to get a rating of 7/10. Made in Amman Productions and The Royal Film Commission have co-operated in the making of the movie. The movie was recorded in 1 different locations; Amman, Jordan The movie got categorized in 2 genrés comedy and romance. When Monaliza Smiled IMDB Page

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Movie Storyline

A romantic comedy approximately a love story between Jordanian Monaliza, and Egyptian Hamdi, set in modern Amman amongst a community of nosy stereotypes and quirky characters.
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Synopsis: A romantic comedy about a love tale between Jordanian Monaliza, and Egyptian Hamdi, set in modern-day Amman amongst a community of nosy stereotypes and quirky characters.

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Movie Review

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I like to consider myself a movie buff. “When Monaliza Smiles” has to be one of the pleasant movies I have ever seen! “When Monaliza Smiles” supplies a breath of fresh air to the movie enterprise with its effective love story being instructed by way of the movie’s lovely forged of quirky characters. I would really (and have already got) advocate this movie to anyone who loves films! I can not wait to peer what else the director, Fadi Haddad, comes out with subsequent!I am in price at the Arab Film Festival for the Arab American National Museum. We currently screened “When Monaliza Smiles” at our film festival to a very grateful audience. I spoke afterwards with some those who attended the screening and loved it a lot, that they requested where they may view it once more and display it to their pals. The wonderful feedback from an entire room complete of people who loved the movie speaks volumes!

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Movie Cast

  • Clara Amado Italian Tourist
  • Shady Khalaf Hamdi
  • Moutasem Al Baik Police Officer 1
  • Fuad Rakan Doctor
  • Amjad Abd Al Fadeel Egyptian Cafeteria Guy

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