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If it were not filmed, no one would believe
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Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.
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  • Golden Soul
    Golden Soul 3 months ago 0:41 When I hand the driver my mixtape.
  • The Best Compilations
    The Best Compilations 2 months ago Golden Soul fire mixtape 😀
  • Joe Breakwell
    Joe Breakwell 1 month ago Best comment yet
  • TTV NoscopeYT Memes
    TTV NoscopeYT Memes 1 month ago One dangerous mixtape
  • FADE 164
    FADE 164 1 month ago Golden Soul lmfao
  • Louisbrou96gmail Brou
    Louisbrou96gmail Brou 1 month ago A supprimer
  • Debbie Page
    Debbie Page 1 month ago were you at 6:44 to
  • Student Christian Zuniga
    Student Christian Zuniga 1 month ago classic
  • drchpt
    drchpt 1 month ago You know it's going to be a BLASTER
  • Brighterlemons • 36 years ago
    Brighterlemons • 36 years ago 1 month ago Sup dio
    TMK_PTC 1 month ago The Best Compilations lmao
    THE TRUTH WITH PROOF 1 month ago ⚠️ MUST WATCH ON YOUTUBE The Dangers of Smart Meters & 5G 😱 13 min 55 secs 😡 SHOCKING INFO 😨
  • Fler Games
    Fler Games 1 month ago Golden Soul its fire dude!!
  • Shawn Tucker
    Shawn Tucker 1 month ago I guess you could say its lit?
  • AIReduxr
    AIReduxr 1 month ago LIT mixtape
  • felipe alou
    felipe alou 1 month ago HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  • Ruta Cepauskiene
    Ruta Cepauskiene 1 month ago P
  • Alec Eisenbeis
    Alec Eisenbeis 1 month ago What a golden experience.
  • •Ava _angel10•
    •Ava _angel10• 1 month ago Golden Soul oh god
  • Diamondbacks 960
    Diamondbacks 960 1 month ago The song is to epic
  • The Memer Man
    The Memer Man 1 month ago Joe Breakwell ikr
  • Dean3r7
    Dean3r7 1 month ago 6:44 when the mixtape gets even more fire
  • The Memer Man
    The Memer Man 1 month ago Dean3r7 😂
  • josuke higashikata
    josuke higashikata 1 month ago same birthmark!
  • mukey2577 RBLX
    mukey2577 RBLX 4 weeks ago 😂 😂 😂 😂
  • Chino and rick
    Chino and rick 3 weeks ago FUEGO
  • Hayden Alexander-Homier
    Hayden Alexander-Homier 3 weeks ago 6:43 when someone listens to it to much
  • zebatov
    zebatov 3 weeks ago Nah it’s a mobile meth lab.
  • xtokillerCV 43
    xtokillerCV 43 3 weeks ago Song Please??
  • fenis pucker
    fenis pucker 3 weeks ago i hate when people call their nonexistent mixtapes "fire"
  • Governor of GTA
  • fenis pucker
    fenis pucker 3 weeks ago @Governor of GTA it's not funny or clever in any way
  • Governor of GTA
    Governor of GTA 3 weeks ago @fenis pucker No1 said it was clever. 2. It was funny and 3. Dont beg it. I wasnt talking to you.
  • Towsif 02
    Towsif 02 3 weeks ago Lel mixtape
  • Al- Rauf
    Al- Rauf 3 weeks ago Song tittle?
  • fenis pucker
    fenis pucker 3 weeks ago @Governor of GTA no, it's not funny at all, it's a shitty and overused joke
  • Mastema
    Mastema 2 weeks ago im p sure those were meth heads cooking gatorade bottle crank
  • Mastema
    Mastema 2 weeks ago @fenis pucker its mocking people who say that shit... it's a test. if you get it, youre in, if you react like a lil bitch well, guess what.
  • Ryley
    Ryley 2 weeks ago Droppin' Bombs On Em. 🔥💯😂
  • •Ava _angel10•
    •Ava _angel10• 2 weeks ago Golden Soul fire mixtape
  • AlexTheCoolRedBear113
    AlexTheCoolRedBear113 2 weeks ago because its on fire HAHAHAHAHA SHAT UP!!
    MRDING DEKDEE 1 week ago @TMK_PTC ดวสพย
    TMK_PTC 1 week ago MRDING DEKDEE coool..............?
  • H T
    H T 1 week ago Bro this is fire
  • Oakship166
    Oakship166 6 days ago Make a jojo reference
  • Burnt Patato OwO
    Burnt Patato OwO 2 days ago Lmao
  • Gypsy Jokes
    MpG SNIPPING 2 hours ago Haha
  • Jonachs 101
    Jonachs 101 3 weeks ago (edited) 80% Russia 15% China 5% rest of the world
  • versatile channel
    versatile channel 3 weeks ago Я долго ленился и мне было сложно начать вести ютуб канал, но я это сделал и вот канал существует уже несколько месяцев, но на нём не хватает активности, я прошу вас помочь мне лайками и подпиской
  • DJBO the soldier
    DJBO the soldier 3 weeks ago 2:00 and 000,1%from viet nam
  • The Best Compilations
    The Best Compilations 3 weeks ago Accurate!
  • Jonachs 101
    Jonachs 101 3 weeks ago @versatile channel can someone translate?
  • versatile channel
    versatile channel 3 weeks ago @Jonachs 101 )) I was lazy for a long time and it was difficult for me to start a YouTube channel, but I did it and now the channel has existed for several months, but there is not enough activity on it, I ask you to help me with likes and subscriptions
  • Hayden Alexander-Homier
    Hayden Alexander-Homier 3 weeks ago @versatile channel okay!
  • K-Men
    K-Men 3 weeks ago (edited) We have more dash cams. It's simple, banal statistics, and not crazy Russian people.
  • Anton Soejarwo
    Anton Soejarwo 3 weeks ago Actually is Hard & Expensive to get a Driver lisence in Rusia.
  • TheYoutubeGuy
    TheYoutubeGuy 3 weeks ago @DJBO the soldier Vietnam and China is same place bro.
  • Xnxx MrPekka23
    Xnxx MrPekka23 2 weeks ago (edited) По крайней мере, мы, русские, самые умные.. (Είμαι μισός Ρώσσος) Δεν μιλαω Ρώσικα απλά κανώ μετάφραση 😂😂 Τα Ελληνικά όμος τα ξέρω καλά 👍 Κάνεις από Κύπρο; Από Ελλάδας; Κυπριακά: Ρε εννα σας γαμήσω οπότε απαντατε τωρά.. Οι Ρε αστιεφκο 😂 (Έγραψα ιστορία 👍)
  • Tango Kaleidos
    Tango Kaleidos 2 weeks ago @TheYoutubeGuy that is an ignorant statement.
  • 莊雁甯
    莊雁甯 2 weeks ago And Taiwan
  • Arctus The Goddess
    Arctus The Goddess 1 week ago In Soviet Russia, Russia drives you.
  • Inder Singh
    Inder Singh 1 week ago @莊雁甯 kahaneya
  • AlbertaGeek
    AlbertaGeek 1 week ago @TheYoutubeGuy You're a fucking idiot.
  • rocky horror show Campos
    rocky horror show Campos 1 week ago But 95% is old...
  • Dr. Krab
    Dr. Krab 1 week ago @K-Men what about the tanks? They are common there too?
  • Steve Stavynzi
    Steve Stavynzi 6 days ago Jonachs 101 and some from taiwan
  • Coco Horselover
    Coco Horselover 3 days ago @TheYoutubeGuy just no.....
  • White Boi
    White Boi 3 days ago Russians are insane. That’s all I’m gonna say
  • Rolf Jongejan
    Rolf Jongejan 1 day ago 0:25 Every Russian when their girl texts : i'm home alone
  • AyBro Gaming
    AyBro Gaming 14 hours ago lol
  • Alistair McKinley
    Alistair McKinley 3 days ago 2:03 This part of the video should be shown if someone searches for the word "hero".
  • Mary C
    Mary C 3 days ago (edited) 2:47 Did she really think her upper body strength was gonna do the trick?😂
  • jo snow
    jo snow 7 hours ago Mary C that was such a hard fall too.
  • Austin Y
    Austin Y 3 days ago Hello to everyone who got this in their recommended
  • Joseph Stapleton
    Joseph Stapleton 1 day ago Hello.
  • Kierra
    Kierra 22 hours ago Yoo
  • Cold_ Slayers
    Cold_ Slayers 1 week ago (edited) Nobody: Russians: avoid the Molotov car edition
  • Raiyan Amin
    Raiyan Amin 1 day ago (edited) That was crazy, he should be arrested. Timestamp: 7:00
  • Crqstal
    Crqstal 18 hours ago The conversion they had: 3:59 "Eh, here we go again" "Last time you did it mom kills you" "I know right" "Well, let's enjoy rafting"
  • cringeynotpopularkid
    cringeynotpopularkid 2 days ago objects save lives as much ad hospitals thats actually impressive
  • Gmv Girl
    Gmv Girl 3 days ago mommy lets go get a Christmas tree from the streets!! Okai! 4:36
  • Brys
    Brys 4 hours ago Gmv Girl LOL
  • Gacha Chad
    Gacha Chad 1 day ago (edited) 4:35 No one: Not a Single Soul: Driver: GHOST RIDER TIME
  • Andrew Christiansen
    Andrew Christiansen 3 weeks ago (edited) 4:01 "Is fine, Is fine".... "Just little water" "Turn stupid"
  • Nobody:
    Nobody: 1 week ago Andrew Christiansen lmao
  • Murad Dashdamirov
    Murad Dashdamirov 1 week ago i know russian there were saying: fuck, we r sailing -where? -straight up -cool
  • iMiles
    iMiles 5 hours ago (edited) Greetings from Mother Russia. Translate: - We are swimming. - Yeah, we are swimming. - Amazing. - Where are we going? - To the shore, blyad. - Straight. - Do not spin the steering wheel.
  • Andrew Christiansen
    Andrew Christiansen 5 hours ago @iMiles But I made 192 people speak 'with russian accent.'
  • Dominique Green
    Dominique Green 1 day ago 1:09 "IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT"😭
  • Amy yeet
    Amy yeet 1 week ago The people who caught the little girl falling from the building tho😱
  • The Best Compilations
    The Best Compilations 1 week ago Amy yeet God bless them
  • The Les girl
    The Les girl 6 days ago They couldn't caught,that girl hit the ground... Watch carefully
  • duudsuufd
    duudsuufd 6 days ago @The Les girl They had broken her fall. It fell from very high. The man in the foreground had his arm broken.
  • Zene
    Zene 4 days ago @The Best Compilations but the guys arm took most of the blow.
  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 4 days ago Yeah you'd think someone could have actually caught her...
  • Armani Young
    Armani Young 1 day ago She hit the floor
  • Amaan 7861
    Amaan 7861 3 weeks ago 3:55 Car falls into water Driver: SWITCHES ON WIPERS
  • DLR Music
    DLR Music 3 weeks ago Unless he put it in auto which means how many rain drops drop on the windshield
  • The Best Compilations
    The Best Compilations 3 weeks ago Totally normal 🤣
  • Brennan Gleason
    Brennan Gleason 3 weeks ago I'm surprised at how calm they were...
  • Robin Gardella
    Robin Gardella 3 weeks ago Let’s just relax now and continue down the river . . .😃
  • Ilya Margolin
    Ilya Margolin 2 weeks ago Brennan Gleason duh they are russian
  • Aaron Scott
    Aaron Scott 2 weeks ago I'd like to know if they got saved or not
  • Mgl 1206
    Mgl 1206 2 weeks ago The wipers turned on before they went in though
  • Steve Pseudonym
    Steve Pseudonym 2 weeks ago I know this sounds wildly unlikely, but maybe his hand hit the lever when the car hit the guide rail.
  • MyPackMyPower
    MyPackMyPower 2 weeks ago i think so its normal days in russia XD ahahaha
  • Ryan Archer
    Ryan Archer 2 days ago At min. 4, those guys falling in the river... They just kept having a normal chat and not having a care in the world, lol. What the hell.
  • Madi Madeline
    Madi Madeline 1 day ago tank that’s drifting Tokyo drift starts playing
  • Steven Sanchez
    Steven Sanchez 2 months ago I'm pretty sure the translation at 3:59 is: "So how's your day going?" "Pretty good, you?" "Yeah, alright, this looks like a good shortcut." "Yep"
  • Sniper
    Sniper 1 month ago At least they remembered the wind shield wipers
  • Roman Butsenko
    Roman Butsenko 1 month ago (edited) You were close, translation is: Holy shit, are we swimming? Yep... Where to? To the fucking coast... Straight, just don't turn the steering weel
  • Dooku Sloth
    Dooku Sloth 1 month ago I actually speak Russian, they said oh shit. We are now a boat
  • Marzum GReduxZ
    Marzum GReduxZ 1 month ago @Dooku Sloth LOL It makes more sense
  • Ryan Veytsman21
    Ryan Veytsman21 1 month ago Yeah they said oh shit we are swimming yep we are
  • Tiana Salo
    Tiana Salo 1 month ago Lmao I was like what the hell is going on.
  • Dantex60
    Dantex60 1 month ago After they went into the river he said "oh we arrived" Than they said something like Oh we are swimming? Where are we going? To Europe I guess. Don't turn the wheel
  • Cool Bear
    Cool Bear 1 month ago @Dantex60 yes they said that
  • LouSharkGuy
    LouSharkGuy 1 month ago @Sniper Sorry to ruin the joke but they we're probably automatic
  • _Kiyomi Kokoa_
    _Kiyomi Kokoa_ 1 month ago XD
  • K-Men
    K-Men 3 weeks ago (edited) @Roman Butsenko The most correct translation would be to use formal words. The funniest thing is this. No emotions just -We are swimming -Where are we swimming?
  • Zealant
    Zealant 3 weeks ago How is it that everyone has a different translation of this?
  • Radiator
    Radiator 2 weeks ago Wow hahaha
  • SirAlazar
    SirAlazar 1 week ago @Zealant and that's the one thing I will never understand about foreign languages
  • Dashel Tyra_The_Big_Boss
    Dashel Tyra_The_Big_Boss 1 week ago Steven Sanchez LMFAO
  • Viktoria Osullivan
    Viktoria Osullivan 1 week ago LEAVA
  • Fluffi i
    Fluffi i 2 days ago @Dooku Sloth You got good english there bud.
  • Hayder-aziz Khlaf
    Hayder-aziz Khlaf 4 days ago 1:14 la mort de Cyprien 😂 Cyprien's death