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Fixing A Range Rover That Was Buried Underground For A Year Was A HUGE DISASTER

Published on Jul 24, 2019 6,577,757 views










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Today I try my hand at doing the impossible - fixing a Range Rover that my crazy friend Tyler Hoover buried in his yard almost a year ago. Things got weird.

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  • Danny
    Danny Hace 2 meses It’s been a year already????? Man feels like Hoovie buried that thing the other day
  • Shubham Patil
    Shubham Patil Hace 2 meses Its not a year its only 8 month's..
  • PRO_GAMER 493
    PRO_GAMER 493 Hace 2 meses Danny so Hoovie breaks and Tavarish buys and fixes?
  • JrVideos
    JrVideos Hace 2 meses Danny same
  • Jason Sapp
    Jason Sapp Hace 2 meses I knew I didn't follow Hoovie for a reason... Tav is pushing limits
  • Frezzy
    Frezzy Hace 2 meses 420th like
  • Claude Gable
    Claude Gable Hace 2 meses Hoovie is a really dumbass. He doesn't deserve one view because of thing's that he did to the Range. Only a man with a mental disorders would do that.
  • War On Memes
    War On Memes Hace 2 meses @Claude Gable Or a man with alot of money and a car thats more expensive to fix then its worth. If you think about it he for sure made more money by burying it, posting it and selling it. Smart guy if you ask me. And why the fuck do you care what a guy does with his own car.
  • Mitch Mag
    Mitch Mag Hace 2 meses Why was it buried in the first place?
  • War On Memes
    War On Memes Hace 2 meses @Mitch Mag literally just said why he did it lmao. It was not worth the money to fix it so he wanted to bury the car like he did a year before to cash in on that sweet youtube revenue.
  • OG Message Show
    OG Message Show Hace 2 meses Please subscribe back to my show and comment about my Jive Turkey Challenge
  • You Tube
    You Tube Hace 2 meses Good game just wish there could be better graphics good music too many more people would have gone into their new version this app has great deals
  • Allen1350
    Allen1350 Hace 2 días @You Tube what are you smoking?
  • Rantavious Williams
    Rantavious Williams Hace 1 mes My question is wtf is a Range Rover doing Underground 🤦🏾‍♂️ people these days
    APPLE MASTER Hace 1 mes Rantavious Williams it was mechanically totalled and it’s the only car he chose to burry to stop the christer labaron haunting him
  • MXL WolfGamingYT
    MXL WolfGamingYT Hace 1 mes he put it there thats why
  • Georgia Koko
    Georgia Koko Hace 1 mes Yes I want to know!!!
  • We Are the New Normal
    We Are the New Normal Hace 1 mes Is burying a vehicle that had gas, oil, antifreeze and other chemicals underground even legal? U didnt feel like junking it so u buried it? Wtf? And admitted that on camera? Alrighty then...
  • Frankline the king
    Frankline the king Hace 1 mes He decided to park it there
  • LemmingHuntR
    LemmingHuntR Hace 1 mes We Are the New Normal loving all of those chemicals being in our drinking water.
  • MythicalRedFox
    MythicalRedFox Hace 1 mes It was either that or the scrap yard: the thing was toast. So it actually makes more financial sense to bury it underground and make a semi-viral video out of it.
  • Lalit Murmu
    Lalit Murmu Hace 1 mes I think range Rover wants some rest
  • demon king
    demon king Hace 1 mes I was saying
  • Angel Pirts
    Angel Pirts Hace 1 mes @We Are the New Normal it was a youtube video
  • Angel Pirts
    Angel Pirts Hace 1 mes it was a youtube video
  • Bob
    Bob Hace 1 mes @We Are the New Normal calm down
  • We Are the New Normal
    We Are the New Normal Hace 1 mes @Bob... who isnt calm? Have a nice day.
  • Angela Gibby
    Angela Gibby Hace 1 mes He sounds so surprised that it smells bad, that the electronics got wet, the list goes on...
  • LordTechPro
    LordTechPro Hace 1 mes His friend Tyler Hoover of Hoovies Garage buried a pristine looking Range Rover (but according to him it was mechanically totalled) in the Car Wizard's backyard
  • We Are the New Normal
    We Are the New Normal Hace 1 mes @MythicalRedFox. It made more FINANCIAL sense to bury it? There's a lot of wrong ways to do things that end up cheaper but destroy the environment... so... because u don't want to have the financial constraint from something YOU OWN u just do whatever is cheapest. Smmfh. I wish we could all get away with that bs argument.
  • rgktt
    rgktt Hace 1 mes That’s an old ass Range Rover, nobody cares about those
  • Christian Gallegos
    Christian Gallegos Hace 1 mes I think they did it on purpose for the ratings
  • Otaku Bryson
    Otaku Bryson Hace 1 mes Search up Hoovies Garage, and be amazed by Tyler Hoover’s antics.
  • TomatoHead Johnknee
    TomatoHead Johnknee Hace 1 mes Waste all their money just to waste stuff🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
  • Frank Peter
    Frank Peter Hace 1 mes Yeah good question not unless some idiot burried it to make a u tube video how did they knw it was there in the first place u tube world is f udu p
  • Alister West
    Alister West Hace 1 mes Stupid
  • crpth1
    crpth1 Hace 2 semanas (editado) What a posh rich kid. Buried the car with all the fluids, etc. Well done moron, the local aquifers love it. Any neighbors water well also thank you. :-( Sad how some people can be so damn stupid. Let alone the fact he could even make a few bucks out of it. Without turning it into a Eco mess. Don't want the trouble no problem donate it to charity. Some one could take it away and make the buck.
  • Kenneth Starnes
    Kenneth Starnes Hace 2 semanas Obviously it wss an insurance fraud
  • Kedar Padalkar
    Kedar Padalkar Hace 1 mes The FBI wants to know what else is buried in Tylers yard
    JACQUEZ RICHARDS Hace 3 semanas Kedar Padalkar you dumb 😂😂😂
  • Gmerg895
    Gmerg895 Hace 6 días Area 51 UFO 's are în that yard underground 😂😂😂😂
  • Stuart McDowell
    Stuart McDowell Hace 5 días Jimmy Hoffa?
    VICTOR REDFRED Hace 2 semanas Anyone Else saw a BMW'S Engine in that Range Rover?😂😂
  • Dee walker
    Dee walker Hace 2 semanas Bmw was in partnership with them in the early 2000s
  • Yaseen B
    Yaseen B Hace 1 semana Dee walker tell him again
  • Patrick Lane
    Patrick Lane Hace 1 semana VICTOR REDFRED p1
  • Eduardo Ramos
    Eduardo Ramos Hace 5 días Yep I Saw the engine is weird but somebody swapped.
  • BassJunkiE XL
    BassJunkiE XL Hace 4 días So ? Its a 4.4 L BMW V8.
  • Abdul Raziq Afiq Md Rodi
    Abdul Raziq Afiq Md Rodi Hace 3 días @Eduardo Ramos isn't somebody swap, range rover 100% used that bmw v8 engine for that L322
  • adam flint
    adam flint Hace 1 semana “Today we buried a Range Rover and pretended to dig it up”
  • Scott Eastlake Tattoo & Travel
    Scott Eastlake Tattoo & Travel Hace 5 días Exactly what I was thinking
  • DDom
    DDom Hace 4 días @Scott Eastlake Tattoo & Travel me too
  • Luis Raya
    Luis Raya Hace 2 meses (editado) Next build: Retrieving Elons Musks starman tesla from the outer edges of Saturn's rings
  • JAMCastillo1
    JAMCastillo1 Hace 2 meses 🤣
  • Mack Moyle
    Mack Moyle Hace 2 meses Hey, i'd watch that
  • Yuvaez
    Yuvaez Hace 2 meses Or just wait until the 2090’s when it will pass earth again
  • oldnotweak
    oldnotweak Hace 2 meses @Yuvaez then they would discover the dead body he hid in the suit. most public AND clever AND expensive cover up EVER
  • Chris Bautista
    Chris Bautista Hace 2 meses oldnotweak I can already imagine the dead body well preserved and highly radioactive from the coldness of space.
  • Yuvaez
    Yuvaez Hace 2 meses oldnotweak I remember thinking he did so when I read the screen which said “DON’T PANIC”
  • PDG Garage
    PDG Garage Hace 2 meses Cheapest E46 M3 video would greatly appreciate you checking it out. Thanks!
  • Clifford Bryan john Wilson
    Clifford Bryan john Wilson Hace 2 meses I think that would be better for a car than burying it since no water though it would be hard to get around the radiation.
  • Jack Mehoffen
    Jack Mehoffen Hace 2 meses IKR?? lol!
  • Polo4413
    Polo4413 Hace 2 meses Bampa 2 bampa
  • Gibson Bowles
    Gibson Bowles Hace 2 meses That Range Rover looks like it was pulled out of Uranus 🤣
  • David Ross
    David Ross Hace 2 meses They already did that lol
  • TruManGraehme
    TruManGraehme Hace 2 meses Please do this! XD! I wanna own it :P
  • mark mcgoniagle
    mark mcgoniagle Hace 2 meses 😂😂😂
  • ger traba
    ger traba Hace 2 meses how about bringing ELVIS back?????????????????
  • Mr Tablet
    Mr Tablet Hace 2 meses While probing uranus?
  • TruManGraehme
    TruManGraehme Hace 2 meses @ger traba suck my butt xD
  • Nicolas T
    Nicolas T Hace 2 meses @Gibson Bowles LOLOL
  • Ly ha yun at beach
    Ly ha yun at beach Hace 2 meses Hi everybody how are you?
  • TruManGraehme
    TruManGraehme Hace 2 meses @Ly ha yun at beach cawk
  • Tim Plays
    Tim Plays Hace 2 meses Lol
  • Bob
    Bob Hace 1 mes @Yuvaez will it actually tho?
  • Yuvaez
    Yuvaez Hace 1 mes Bob Yea I believe it will fly around from Earth to Venus for the next couple million years
  • Bob
    Bob Hace 1 mes @Yuvaez sick
  • Damian Gillett
    Damian Gillett Hace 1 mes @Mack Moyle bloody oath, the dead hooker in the boot might make it smell bad LMAO
  • Harie Aryatama
    Harie Aryatama Hace 1 mes @Mack Moyle .... ...)£
  • Nipuni sis
    Nipuni sis Hace 1 mes 😂😂😂
  • Nipuni sis
    Nipuni sis Hace 1 mes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Thomas Hood
    Thomas Hood Hace 3 semanas If it was there....
  • kore lanka
    kore lanka Hace 3 semanas Sub me❤️❤️❤️
  • Veronica Fleitas
    Veronica Fleitas Hace 3 semanas I'd love to see that!! But it won't be easy! 😅💫
    SAVAGE FOREVER Hace 2 semanas @ Yuvaez not true😒
  • Treston12360
    Treston12360 Hace 1 día (editado) This video was a huge waste of time, answer is no it won’t run, there I saved you 25 and a half minutes and 6 ads, you’re welcome!
  • Kevin Hibbard
    Kevin Hibbard Hace 1 mes "We dont even have a pressure washer" cue montage of pressure washing range.
  • Koeda Hitjam
    Koeda Hitjam Hace 1 mes Maybe the owner of range rover car buried his car and hoped to grow a range rover tree. LoL
  • The rou7
    The rou7 Hace 1 mes Mate the owner is a big youtuber
  • Mo Ashour
    Mo Ashour Hace 1 mes Koeda Hitjam 😂😂
  • rocky rock
    rocky rock Hace 1 mes 😁
  • Koeda Hitjam
    Koeda Hitjam Hace 1 mes (editado) Range rover in my country including the category of luxury vehicles, why? Because the tax is very large especially if the vehicle is cbu/assembled outside not only cars but uncluding motorbikes that start from 300cc to 2000cc for their own cars starting with 3000cc they are already subjected to very high taxes especially now cars are appearing again hybrid/phev is also subject to burdensome taxes
  • خلدون البوزيه
    خلدون البوزيه Hace 1 mes @The rou7 سينمائيا في سلامتك من رياض الجنة ولا قوة إلا بالله عليك ويرزقك من حيث لا تحتسب من رياض الجنة ولا قوة إلا بالله عليك ويرزقك من حيث لا تحتسب من رياض الجنة ولا قوة إلا بالله عليك ويرزقك وغير الحال يارب العالمين ربي يحفظك حبايبك ياعمري في سلامتك من رياض الجنة ولا قوة إلا بالله من رياض الجنة ولا قوة إلا بالله عليك يا رب يا عم انت مش عاجبك من رياض الجنة ولا يهمك انا مش عاجبك من حيث لا تحتسب من رياض الجنة ولا قوة إلا بك من رياض الجنة ولا قوة إلا بالله من رياض الجنة ولا قوة إلا بالله عليك ويرزقك وغير الحال يارب العالمين ربي يحفظك من ٦دينار و هو الامر الذي كان من حيث لا تحتسب من رياض الجنة ولا قوة إلا بالله من رياض الأطفال و الله يرحمها ويجعل مثواه الأخير من رياض الجنة ولا قوة إلا بالله من رياض الجنة ولا قوة إلا بالله عليك ويرزقك من حيث لا تحتسب من رياض الجنة ولا قوة إلا بالله عليك ويرزقك من حيث لا تحتسب من رياض الجنة ولا قوة إلا بالله عليك ٢يسرا في سلامتك يا رب يا عم انت مش عاجبك من ٣٨دينار بدنا في سلامتك ٧يسرا قبل ٥دينار بدنا ٩دينار ع٣
    THE EXPLOITED Hace 1 semana Hahahaha
  • Methmal dhananjaya
    Methmal dhananjaya Hace 2 meses Any car enthusiast never bury their own vehicle, Except some psychopaths..
  • ahmad nazir
    ahmad nazir Hace 2 meses Insurance issue
  • Abhirama Ravindra Kumar
    Abhirama Ravindra Kumar Hace 2 meses 0764213121 ofGTEL No i think this is cooked up things, common when u have so much space why would one burry ? Even if there s lot of issues he would just throw it at a corner of the yard ...
  • hussein alshatel
    hussein alshatel Hace 1 mes (editado) It’s a British piece of shit I wouldn’t mind
  • Daniel Orozco
    Daniel Orozco Hace 1 mes Exactly even selling spare parts on eBay was a better option
  • MythicalRedFox
    MythicalRedFox Hace 1 mes @Daniel Orozco ebay wouldn't have made you as much money as making a video out of it lol
  • Luce
    Luce Hace 3 semanas @hussein alshatel muussy
  • Raven GTR
    Raven GTR Hace 2 meses Womp womp womp
  • akiraokami
    akiraokami Hace 2 meses I'd certainly watch that :P
  • J.C R.M
    J.C R.M Hace 2 meses Following that: Tavarish Reverse Engineering Bob Lazar style. Will it fly?
  • Gas Racing
    Gas Racing Hace 2 meses And tryin to fix it with cheap autozone parts!
  • webfreakz
    webfreakz Hace 2 meses AND BROKE THE INTERNET
  • Matthew Martinez
    Matthew Martinez Hace 2 meses In the one aftet he adds twin turbos and checks out paint.
  • Gecko
    Gecko Hace 2 meses 🛸👀
  • Tony Burt
    Tony Burt Hace 2 meses ... and reminds us that we need to sonic screwdriver every day
    ADSEC Hace 2 meses @Tony Burt lul
  • Ly ha yun at beach
    Ly ha yun at beach Hace 2 meses Hi everybody how are you?
  • Clown Gamer
    Clown Gamer Hace 2 meses @Ly ha yun at beach I m good bro how are you?
  • Mitan Mondal
    Mitan Mondal Hace 2 meses Next...plz
  • Joe R
    Joe R Hace 1 mes (editado) Question is : why was it underground ? And how he knew it was there ? 🤷‍♂️
  • SergeantSpoon
    SergeantSpoon Hace 1 mes his friend burried it cause it was completely totaled. if you listened lol
  • QuickQuips
    QuickQuips Hace 1 mes Hoovies Garage has all the details.
  • Otaku Bryson
    Otaku Bryson Hace 1 mes SergeantSpoon check out Tyler Hoover’s YouTube channel, Hoovies Garage.
  • TOM Vlogs
    TOM Vlogs Hace 1 mes Don't be stealing content from garage 54.
  • Karson Jones
    Karson Jones Hace 2 semanas He didn’t lol, its his channel his ideas.
  • Alin
    Alin Hace 2 semanas I didn't copy my work from the internet , Its my computer so its my website
  • TOM Vlogs
    TOM Vlogs Hace 2 semanas @Alin totally.lmao
  • TheLCNW
    TheLCNW Hace 1 mes Take it to Scotty Kilmer. He`ll have it running in a day.
  • yogin tickoo
    yogin tickoo Hace 1 mes Scotty is the best and fun mechanic! He's a gift to the mankind! I love his intro!
  • Maxi Jilch
    Maxi Jilch Hace 1 mes He'll say that shitbox isnt gonna run again just junk it
  • sevendoubletwo
    sevendoubletwo Hace 3 semanas He'll tell them to buy a toyota
  • не зовут сам прихожу
    не зовут сам прихожу Hace 1 mes В России есть чел из гаража 54 такой же хренью страдает..
  • Zenn Lozanno
    Zenn Lozanno Hace 2 meses On this episode, Florida man trying to claim carmax warranty for his septic tank
  • Joe
    Joe Hace 2 meses Zenn Lozanno yap, Florida man once again
  • AndreikC2
    AndreikC2 Hace 2 meses Ft. Mr. Spaghetti and Hoover Vacuum
  • A.J. Heron
    A.J. Heron Hace 2 meses 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • M Von Smallhausen
    M Von Smallhausen Hace 2 meses The thing is it being a Range Rover you could probably say the same when it was brand new.
  • Apex Seal
    Apex Seal Hace 2 meses Zenn Lozanno You are in the comment section on every video I watch. Literally.
  • E Abuhasbu
    E Abuhasbu Hace 2 meses 😂
  • Kemal Dz
    Kemal Dz Hace 2 meses 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭
  • عبدالعزيز التويجري
    عبدالعزيز التويجري Hace 2 meses 🖕🏻 قلت اشارك
  • Rui Kazane
    Rui Kazane Hace 2 meses Florida man at Kansas
  • Ly ha yun at beach
    Ly ha yun at beach Hace 2 meses Hi everybody
    GAVYN TAVISHA FADILLA Hace 1 mes Zenn Lozanno woow
  • costa Hendrix
    costa Hendrix Hace 1 mes Extremely boring , and fake title dude u did no restoration on it !
  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Hace 1 mes he can't
  • david kennedy
    david kennedy Hace 1 mes @Lone Wolf he can but he wont cuz range rovers are money pits especially with restoring because the parts are hella expensive
  • david kennedy
    david kennedy Hace 1 mes @Lone Wolf but he still clickbated by saying fixing
  • Music WRLD999
    Music WRLD999 Hace 1 mes costa Hendrix exactly
  • Alex Robinson
    Alex Robinson Hace 1 mes Still has 4.2 millions views 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • Buwsur
    Buwsur Hace 4 semanas Have you heard the expression “totaled” before?
  • NachoKingP
    NachoKingP Hace 4 días "Just a garden hose, no pressure washer or anything. We're in the middle of nowhere." Immediately cuts to shot of pressure washer.
  • Taran Golhar
    Taran Golhar Hace 2 meses Take it into a car wash and see if they actually wash it