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How to Repair Damaged Clear Coat - Auto Body Repair Hacks Revealed

Published on Oct 15, 2016 4,457,746 views










In this video I am going to not only show you how to repair peeling, chipped or worn out clear coat. I am going to show you how to do a spot repair and blend the new clear coat into the old clear coat. Some might call this a Hack but they will be disgruntled body shop workers :0 joking aside, this is not a long lasting repair and your results will vary based on how bad the clear coat damage is on your car and how much discoloration has resulted on your base coat.

Here are links to products which were used in this video:

Links to Products on Amazon:

My Car Wash Soap:
Microfiber Towel:
Gray Scotch Brite Pad:
1" Masking Tape:
Blue Shop Towels:
2K Clear Coat:
Painters Respirator:
1500 Grit Sand Paper:
7" Polisher:
Wool Pad:
Medium Grit Rubbing Compound:

Links to Products on Ebay:

2K Clear Coat:
My Car Wash Soap:
Gray Scotch Brite Pad:
1" Masking Tape:
Painters Respirator:
1500 Grit Sand Paper:
7" Polisher:
Wool Pad:
Medium Grit Rubbing Compound:


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  • Riyad Kalla
    Riyad Kalla 2 года назад I have nothing to clear coat and I ended up watching the whole video because it was so well done!
  • Sam Kirkpatrick
    Sam Kirkpatrick 2 года назад lol
  • Jacqueline Powter
    Jacqueline Powter 2 года назад Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Flik oNe
    Flik oNe 2 года назад Same here!
  • Letzrockitrite
    Letzrockitrite Год назад I agree !!
  • Charles Lamb
    Charles Lamb Год назад Riyad Kalla fll
  • The best Here
    The best Here Год назад Riyad Kalla I watched it because later in the future when I get my first car and if this ever happened I’ll know what to do to fix it
  • francisco galvez
    francisco galvez Год назад This guy is trash, he has some good points but Chris Fix a way more better than this guy. 100 💯 %
    NICK BONNIE Год назад interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for best way to spray paint a car try Wiltapar Paint Sprayer Secrets (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got amazing success with it.
    RANDOM LIVESTREAMS Год назад +francisco galvez naw this guy way better
  • David Crawford
    David Crawford Год назад francisco galvez Love Chris Fix too. But I give this guy a thumbs up as well. I subscribe to both channels and love them both.
  • Nona Mona
    Nona Mona Год назад same, and i am woman!
  • Anne Marie McLoughlin
    Anne Marie McLoughlin Год назад Chris fix clear oat
    JAGJIT SODHI Год назад Flik oNe ..
  • cmdeane
    cmdeane Год назад same here
  • Roy Audler
    Roy Audler Год назад Riyad Kalla
  • D
    D Год назад Riyad Kalla
  • Chiquitoots
    Chiquitoots Год назад Lol..... now i’m clearcoating because of this too
  • Alex Ramos
    Alex Ramos Год назад francisco galvez does Chris have a video on fixing oxidation? Couldn’t find it
    APSWINGTIPS Год назад Koi boys
  • Paul Bakajin
    Paul Bakajin 5 месяцев назад @francisco galvez i LIKE Chris Fix but I don't see any Video showing this same repair. If you find it can you post it so we can all compare
  • Jim Morse
    Jim Morse 2 месяца назад Me too!
  • Phil Indeblanc
    Phil Indeblanc 1 месяц назад @francisco galvez I watch Chris also, and he takes short cuts and has made some blunders. Chris Fix is sloppy, but also informative. Saying this guy is trash makes you the trash.
  • J peterman33
    J peterman33 1 месяц назад you have nothing to clear coat you're not trying hard enough.
  • karen l Smith
    karen l Smith 3 недели назад I waxed the hood so much I don't need to sand it now. All the white towels are ruined though.
    AICS USA 4 дня назад (изменено) He has NOOOOOO idea how to do this properly! You need to spray base coat and clear the entire panel!
  • Jason Bedell
    Jason Bedell 7 месяцев назад I wonder how many people got mad because they couldn't find the link for the elbow grease.
  • Andrea Danford
    Andrea Danford 5 месяцев назад 😂😂
  • Tyler 123
    Tyler 123 5 месяцев назад These days probably a lot of people.
    tHOMAS kOVACS 4 месяца назад hahahah
  • Eric Outram
    Eric Outram 4 месяца назад I sent my wife out to get some(elbro ,greaves and a pair of painters shorts
  • Buy, sell, trade
    Buy, sell, trade 3 месяца назад xD
  • Now Present
    Now Present 2 месяца назад He is very serious with humor 😈
  • Richard Edlund
    Richard Edlund 2 месяца назад I "flipped" farm and construction equipment for 2 yrs. Used equipment buyers will pay far less for a freshly painted machine versus a buffed out, clean and seasoned piece. You would rub, rub, rub that old paint till your fingernails and fingerprints were gone. I can tell you it definitely pays to spend the money on good cutting, buffing and polishing compounds! The old green tub of turtle tonic, literally doesn't "cut it" when you are going for the best look possible without rubbing your fingers to the bone.
  • Tom Pawlak
    Tom Pawlak 2 месяца назад TRY THIS BRUSH ON WAX
  • alberto ascari
    alberto ascari 2 месяца назад Lol
  • Garythepartsman
    Garythepartsman 1 месяц назад This is an excellent DIY video for older cars but here are a few important tips from 40 years as a car painter. Related to this car only: 1. Scotch pad the entire windshield post, down to the hood and clear the entire part. 2. If you need to blend, pick smallest area and then sand with progressive paper sizes. Move from 1000 to 2000 to 3000 paper as you move away from the imaginary blend line. (Note: We normally buff the good area of the panel with fine compound (white) then wet sand into that area with progressive grits of wet paper.) 3. The fold back paper idea is OK but you need to have a longer fold over area. The tape needs to be at least 8 to 10 inches from the fold and do not press down hard on that tape. (Note: Be sure not to press down on the fold. It needs to be up and puffy not tight to the car’s surface, so that some of the clear can sneak underneath.) 4. When you have finish each coat, pull back a “little” on the folded paper. Open a few more inches of surface and then do the second medium wet coat. And again on the third coat, so that a little more area is exposed. (Note: On the final coat, the tape should be at least 4 inches away from the fold so that a hard line is not created. 5. Immediately after the third coat, pull off the paper and tape in the blend are and spray a fourth coat over entire “main repair area” and then pull down and blend spray on to the 3000 area. (Note: Must be wet and fast, plus you must do immediately after the third coat.) 6. The blend area may not look wet but let it dry for a week, lightly wet sand with some 3000 (again) and then buff with white (fine grit) compound. Note: When spraying with a gun or even a can, you don’t want to break the arm stroke in the middle of a panel like was done in the video. Move your arm across the entire panel from one end to the other, with no stopping in the middle. Please note that the video was right on for a quick detailing of a car with milking clear coats. If it is badly pealing you will have some issues, so use this as a guide and it will help. Good luck with your project, Gary
  • B B
    B B 1 месяц назад I can still hear my instructor from 1991..."Don't stop or start in the middle!"
  • Robert Venus
    Robert Venus 3 недели назад All good points 👍🏼 The only bit I don't do myself is the blended end mask. Stay cans and guns allow you to control the flow pretty easily. Personally I just mask the surrounding panels/glass and overshoot the blend point. I do do what you describe though... except in reverse. The first coat goes full length, 2nd a little less and 3rd less again. Blending a join line with wet sanding isn't something I've ever done apart from custom stencil jobs that need a fade.
  • porthos6914
    porthos6914 3 недели назад Great advice!
  • What it is What it was
    What it is What it was 2 недели назад Welp looks like youll be painting my truck
  • Fabien Teulieres
    Fabien Teulieres 3 дня назад Wow that's great advice Gary! It all makes a lot of sense
  • Överste Y13
    Överste Y13 2 дня назад Nice tips! What would happen if you just carefully peeled the whole car of the old clear coat, polished the base coat underneath and put on a new layer of clearcoat? Is it possible to polish base coat and get it in good condition once more if it's oxidized?
  • Wade H Garrett
    Wade H Garrett 2 года назад Thanks for spending the time making this video.  Screw the negative comments.  I appreciate your help.
  • J peterman33
    J peterman33 1 месяц назад negative comments? What do they want? A $3k insurance paint job? It's a cheap fix, esp if you live in sunny places where the clear coat always fades and peels.
  • Ross Munn
    Ross Munn Год назад May I suggest for the transition area, do a diagonal finish rather than a straight line, I do this, it tricks the eye of the viewer from noticing a blunt line,. A line like this / or more slanted depending on your area, just saying. Like this video very much, good detailed instruction!
  • k Gio
    k Gio 7 месяцев назад Good point. Also useful for crown moulding when joining to pieces. Diagonal cuts look better then straight ones.
  • Adam
    Adam 6 месяцев назад @k Gio That's debatable, and will always depend on the quality of the cut/joinery anyway..problem with an angle cut is that there is a longer joint line=more chance to see imperfections..
  • Dan E Garner
    Dan E Garner 3 месяца назад You wanna come in like an airplane landing and taking off again if you want a gradual reduction in thickness of clear coat to blend the edge too. Try with spray paint on paper first.
  • Murphy James
    Murphy James 2 месяца назад For such a small area i would suggest reapplying CC to the entire thing. Avoid the need for transition.
  • Dave Herrin
    Dave Herrin 1 месяц назад Murphy James True. But he wanted to show how to do a transition.
  • Lee Dobbyn
    Lee Dobbyn 1 месяц назад Can you his 1000 to 3000 grit sand paper and wet sand rather than the scotch brite?
  • William McIntosh
    William McIntosh 3 недели назад Don't get the clear coat that close to your tape line or put your tape line farther away
  • Carlo Vincetti
    Carlo Vincetti Неделю назад Funny thing is I actually thought he was going to suggest that.
  • Carlo Vincetti
    Carlo Vincetti Неделю назад @Murphy James Bingo, my thought exactly. I mean in one month put wax and call it a day.
  • Ruben Contreras
    Ruben Contreras 4 месяца назад If you do this in the garage make sure you shut off water heater. The fumes could ignite. The 2k clear is very flammable.
  • Billy Jack
    Billy Jack 2 месяца назад Not if it's an electric water heater.
  • irk hayner
    irk hayner 2 месяца назад I thought that was how you got that flaming effect!
  • angela nadeau
    angela nadeau 6 дней назад Thanks
  • Reno Simpson
    Reno Simpson 2 недели назад I did this to my 1984 Yugo, it's a collector's item and now it's worth $300 with a full tank of gas.
  • breno highland
    breno highland 2 недели назад bargain
  • Reno Simpson
    Reno Simpson 2 недели назад @breno highland I know.. right!
    AICS USA 4 дня назад LMAO! You could have done better, this was even bad to do on a Yugo! :-)
  • Reno Simpson
    Reno Simpson 4 дня назад @AICS USA IDK i really like the 4" heat control knobs. That alone was worth the effort.
  • paulseyes
    paulseyes 2 года назад When spraying paint Do Not EVER stop or start in the middle of a panel.
  • krazzysu
    krazzysu Год назад paulseyes yep bad mistake he made there.
  • Alan C
    Alan C Год назад Thanks
  • Andrew Wilkes
    Andrew Wilkes 11 месяцев назад Yes, I was surprised to see him do that. Made no sense. And he does some extra swipes after saying he is doing a certain number of thin/medium coats etc.
  • amos clark
    amos clark 9 месяцев назад I cringed when I saw that.
  • lindz151074
    lindz151074 9 месяцев назад He was moving the can
    GT MKIV 7 месяцев назад EXACTLY!!!!! I could not believe what I saw
  • doc
    doc 5 месяцев назад First of all he did not spray any paint in this video. Second of all professionals blend clear coats using a clear blender.
  • Cory M
    Cory M 5 месяцев назад @doc "professionals" lmao...
  • Dan E Garner
    Dan E Garner 3 месяца назад I think he made it so he had to do a blend on purpose for say people who are doing only a portion of a very large panel.
  • Brandon Tufts
    Brandon Tufts 3 недели назад ERMARGERD you should do an informative video on THIS!
  • Dizzle Clamcore
    Dizzle Clamcore 8 месяцев назад (изменено) Not sure why the dislikes. This helped me cover some damaged clear coat spots on an old car. Thank you.
  • D'Juan Stanziola
    D'Juan Stanziola 6 месяцев назад right! i would do this also to cover faded parts before selling a car, it will increase the value a little and make a more attractive option.
  • Meanazhell
    Meanazhell 1 месяц назад BECAUSE EVERYTHING HE IS DOING IS WRONG!
  • Carlo Vincetti
    Carlo Vincetti Неделю назад It is required that all posts have dislikes to keep things even. lol
    AICS USA 4 дня назад @Meanazhell CORRECT!
  • Peter Owens
    Peter Owens 2 года назад Too Many negative comments. He is showing how to do a quick & cheerful clear coat repair. He selects one portion of the car just to show the steps. Most people will not contemplate respraying an old vehicle due to the high cost. This is a second best approach & it's shown clearly - Thanks
  • Jhon John Jon Jon Doe
    Jhon John Jon Jon Doe 2 года назад This is the best video i found on this. I said i know there has to be a video where someone knows wtf they are doing and this guy is it!
  • Volks1959
    Volks1959 2 года назад Peter Owens i
  • MrTin71
    MrTin71 2 года назад (изменено) Peter Owens: Don't bother to explain. Most of these people are either women or people who have no idea what it takes to repair a scratch on a car. This is a helpful video but not the best.
  • beautybrainsz
    beautybrainsz 2 года назад MrTin71 most of the commenters are men sexist dick face
  • MrTin71
    MrTin71 2 года назад LOL @beautybrainsz: Too bad my face did not get hard when I saw your face. LOL
  • Mike M
    Mike M 11 месяцев назад prep it yourself and take it to maaco you get a quality job just like anywhere else
  • Bill Prosser
    Bill Prosser 10 месяцев назад @Mike M maaco and good job do not belong in the same sentence
  • Alexander Fraser
    Alexander Fraser 6 месяцев назад I literally haven't seen any negative comments
  • Phil Indeblanc
    Phil Indeblanc 1 месяц назад @Mike M I have use Maaco, and the paint has lots of orange peel, with really bad masking bleeds, and they painted the emblum, as well as key holes, license plate lights had over spray as well, So far no bubbles, but its been just about a year.
  • J peterman33
    J peterman33 1 месяц назад @Mike M they'll also spray your muffler the same color as the car, oops they're too LAZY to tape it off.
  • Mark Piontek
    Mark Piontek 1 месяц назад J peterman33 Maaco has turned into Earl Shieb Paint jobs were $19.99 in 70s LoL. They would paint windows, headlights, grill and tires if you didn't tape it off for them.
  • bidderman1969
    bidderman1969 2 дня назад If you look after your car and protect it properly then you shouldn’t ever have this problem in the first place 👍
  • bluetorch13
    bluetorch13 2 года назад this is PERFECT for my 500$ car
  • mr nobody
    mr nobody 2 месяца назад and mine 1000euros,but i have the whole rooftop damaged by sun.i guess il use carbon membranes and do this only to the right front side wich is also damaged by sun.i crashed with my polo and the money the insurance gave me i bought this 1000 euros peugeot 106 99model that it had already some things to fix and also the sun damage to the colour.oh i liked this car even if its not the rally model.for 1000euros i didnt expect to get the best condition car.but i will fix it with one way or another...
  • Fallen Dead131
    Fallen Dead131 1 месяц назад My $300 Geo Prizm
  • Uptowns Finest
    Uptowns Finest 6 месяцев назад Thanks you just saved me from getting a paint job knowing all I have to do is sand and spray some 2k max and it will look good as new Is awesome thanks bro
  • Everette Pfennig Jr.
    Everette Pfennig Jr. 7 месяцев назад Thank you, I really enjoyed seeing how this was done
  • Ellesmere Wildwood
    Ellesmere Wildwood 2 года назад Excuse me, I can't find the link for the elbow grease.
  • Jaime Guerrero
    Jaime Guerrero 2 года назад Betatester. I've got a '91 Le Baron convertible that I just replaced the Johnson rod on. Used a whole case of Elbow Grease on it!
  • Richard Rathman
    Richard Rathman 2 года назад Or if you have a to tone color car you can use a can of striped paint.
  • Bruiser
    Bruiser 2 года назад That delivery was so dry. Typical Slavic sense of humor xD
  • Haykey Kaariainen
    Haykey Kaariainen 2 года назад gksk8monk That is why I like. straight to the point saving pleasantries for later😉
  • Frank Gonzalez
    Frank Gonzalez 2 года назад You can find elbow grease at your local auto parts store. It's in aisle elevendy. Right next to the blinker fliud and muffler bearing grease. If you want synthetic elbow grease, the store can special order it for you.
  • Pat Gentry
    Pat Gentry 2 года назад Whats your poiint hayseed?
  • Robert Tipan
    Robert Tipan 2 года назад Ellesmere Wildwood lol
  • Free Saxon
    Free Saxon 2 года назад Pat Gentry it's a joke..... no point
  • David Smith
    David Smith 2 года назад Ellesmere Wildwood caso serra,do
  • Andrew Bethel
    Andrew Bethel 2 года назад You might want to ask your wife about that...
  • billy manilli
    billy manilli 2 года назад I think it's been discontinued... :(
  • The Stig's English cousin
    The Stig's English cousin 2 года назад Elbow grease was discontinued about 20 years ago as the facebook generation of snowflakes found it too difficult to use.
  • Free Saxon
    Free Saxon 2 года назад @The Stig's English cousin too right mate
  • yoboi01
    yoboi01 2 года назад The Stig's English cousin snowflakes, .. You should put down the chips and get off the couch fat ass
  • jds232323
    jds232323 2 года назад Ellesmere Wildwood - Yes!! Where is the link for the elbow grease??!! I need that to apply new clear coat!! Help!
  • Alvin Paul
    Alvin Paul 2 года назад yoboi01
  • Shahadat Ali
    Shahadat Ali 2 года назад Ellesmere Wildwood
  • Robert G
  • Sandy Lister
    Sandy Lister 2 года назад This is a NASTY CREAM!
  • charlesviolin
    charlesviolin Год назад B. Cumming Elbow Grease Original Lubricant Cream, 15-Ounce
  • kleen rite
    kleen rite 4 месяца назад It's at Home Depot, in a quart container.
  • Hector Mazcote
    Hector Mazcote 1 месяц назад @Frank Gonzalez youre wrong its isle eleventeen
  • Luciano Martins
    Luciano Martins 7 месяцев назад Congratulations! I'd like to have a nice place to make this job in my car. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  • Long-dong Von Braun
    Long-dong Von Braun 2 года назад Thanks GM for the shitty clear coat from the factory. I'm only buying white vehicles from now on.
  • Colin Smith
    Colin Smith Год назад Mood
  • Corey Davis-Dagg
    Corey Davis-Dagg Год назад I have a white Japanese car and the clear coat is almost all gone - hence watching this video. I think it's a common problem with all makes.
  • lindz151074
    lindz151074 9 месяцев назад GM white was the mutation that led to the survival of the species 😊
  • Walt Larson
    Walt Larson 8 месяцев назад I have a Black 2013 Escalade EXT, Cost new almost $70,000, and the clear coat is coming off in places.
  • Peter Capone
    Peter Capone 7 месяцев назад Every manufacturer had the same issue, note how bad the Toyota looked
  • Mark Estrada
    Mark Estrada 6 месяцев назад Check the ozone layer and climate change. The sun will destroy any finish these days.
  • bandittweintraub
    bandittweintraub 6 месяцев назад white vehicles have clearcoat issues too.
  • DW0111
    DW0111 5 месяцев назад thats why i drive a DeLorean
  • wytonryce jackson
    wytonryce jackson 4 месяца назад had a white z71 with my clear coat gone, i had white leaking down my back glass, big chunks of clear coat flying all over my yard. white doesnt matter. same thing
  • Dutchess80
    Dutchess80 4 месяца назад @wytonryce jackson yep.
  • SomeOldGuy
    SomeOldGuy 2 месяца назад Our mid-1970s car is white. We took it to get a restoration and repaint last year, and the shop owner was shocked when we decided to do a single-stage finish rather than base coat/clear coat. Clear coat over white doesn't offer nearly the impact it does on darker finishes, and our car looked awesome when we got it back. The last time it was painted was in the 80s, by me, with multiple coats of lacquer followed by a solid month of after-work compounding and polishing until every trace of orange peel was gone and it gleamed like a mirror. But with lacquer having gone the way of the covered wagon, single-stage paint was as close as we could get to the look of the original factory finish. When that paint eventually needed replacing, I let the pros do it - I'm getting too old for that kind of effort! :-)
  • CreekyGuy
    CreekyGuy 4 месяца назад Super nice instructional video. Really well-presented. Thank you.
  • Mark Estrada
    Mark Estrada 6 месяцев назад (изменено) I love how you teach. I'm a journeyman mechanic with 35 years experience an you do an awesome job teaching. I'm not a body guy, but I have a 68 GTO with terminal clear rot and I can fix it without referencing your video again. Thank you. I send you some pictures if it comes out good.
  • sarcspark
    sarcspark 4 месяца назад I did this 45 min before going to my senior prom ....
  • Keith Goodman
    Keith Goodman 2 месяца назад I bet you definitely got laid that night!
  • Antonio Green
    Antonio Green 2 месяца назад Great job buddy