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The TRUTH about OFF & Toothpaste vs Headlights! (+Update on WD 40)

Published on Jun 12, 2018 5,543,701 views










I had to do an update from my last WD 40 vs Headlights video. I also decided to see if the MYTH was true if OFF would restore the yellow foggy part of my headlights. I used OFF bug spray on one headlight and toothpaste on the other to see what happens !

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This video is for entertainment purposes only and just a fun experiment.

  • Yak Motley
    Yak Motley 1 рік тому If you ever wondered what would happen with WD- 40 vs Mono Fishing line CHECK this video out:
  • zahra azizi
    zahra azizi 1 рік тому this is bullshit
  • Steven Bg
    Steven Bg 1 рік тому Dude just get over it, get some clear coat spray and be done already...
  • Elizabeth Salazar
    Elizabeth Salazar 1 рік тому (змінено) Mr.goofie
  • Digi Byte
    Digi Byte 11 місяців тому in case you haven't figured it out, its because the outer layer of plastic is cracking and peeling on a micro level, tiny cracks that diffuse the plastic and its caused by the sun. what you need is something clear and liquid that goes into the cracks and then hardens. the WD 40 simply washed off You should take some hot soapy water and clean the oils off the headlights and then do it properly.
  • JC Haywire
    JC Haywire 11 місяців тому Specifically what clearcoat spray do you use? I think this technique would work on stereo turntable dust covers. Filling the cracks that diffuse the light makes pretty good sense. Trying to reestablish that clarity by removing material would present a very vulnerable surface to the elements. I suppose. I'm no expert by any means.
  • JC Haywire
    JC Haywire 11 місяців тому I'm imagining a super low viscosity liquid would need to be drawn into a very clean foggy surface then settle clear and flat when it dries.
  • Kimberly Caldwell
    Kimberly Caldwell 11 місяців тому Toothpaste is actually really good for stainless steel appliances. Covers scuffs, and scratches, and it sparkles like new.
  • Brandon Hampton
    Brandon Hampton 11 місяців тому Yak Motley use turtle wax rubbing compound to restore your headlights it comes in a paste or liquid use a normal disc applicatore to apply and a soft cloth to buff it clean you may have to repeat process a few times depending on how bad headlights are can also be used on mirrors to is very affective I've wowed people that thought there lights would never come clean it's cheaper than off and about the same as tooth paste
  • Maggie Kelly
    Maggie Kelly 11 місяців тому @Kimberly Campbell Nah, I like Barkeepers Friend (liquid polish, like Soft Scrub) for mah sink, and Zep for appliances. You can actually see the dirt come off on your towel with the Zep. Stuff is great!! Be sure to go WITH the grain on brushed surfaces. I like microfiber cloths. (Lint-feee) Toothpaste has abrasive silica which will scratch stainless steel.
  • roberta roy
    roberta roy 11 місяців тому BHI
  • Steven Roberts
    Steven Roberts 10 місяців тому Check with Toyota for a recall on your headlights. My 2009 Tacoma had a recall on the headlights because the wrong bulbs were used. Yours appears to have same issue.
  • Randall Dykes
    Randall Dykes 10 місяців тому Yak Motley
  • Alicia CEBALLOS
    Alicia CEBALLOS 9 місяців тому zahra azizi amoson
  • Kate Winslow
    Kate Winslow 9 місяців тому Your fingers in a circular motion does better than using the toothbrush with paste. The bristles bend so co tact varies while you can provide steady pressure with your fingers
  • Brandon Rose
    Brandon Rose 9 місяців тому Take the head light restore headlights sandpaper and non yellowing clear coat
  • Brandon Rose
    Brandon Rose 9 місяців тому 400 800 1000 1500 grit sandpaper with non yellowing clear coat
  • William Houdersheldt
    William Houdersheldt 9 місяців тому Where is the update on the off/toothpaste headlight fix?
  • modern studies
    modern studies 9 місяців тому I think your supposed to used a rotary on the toothpaste
  • Brenda Smith
    Brenda Smith 8 місяців тому Yak Motley
  • fm00078
    fm00078 7 місяців тому JC Haywire _ READ my post above.
  • RealRootsD RealRootsD
    RealRootsD RealRootsD 7 місяців тому I watched the video and paused it when you showed the can of OFF. It looked like it said 25% Deet. Try a brand with a higher deet %. I've seen higher percentage deet REALLY do some work
  • Brandon Winters
    Brandon Winters 7 місяців тому I use the off method but I spray it on the cloth and rub rub rub and then... rub some more til clear then rinse, let dry, tape off, then clear coat and done
  • James Dean
    James Dean 6 місяців тому Yak Motley can I slap my 7” dong across your face????
  • Mr. Free
    Mr. Free 5 місяців тому Fine grit (800 or finer) sand paper . Wet sand until u get the clear coat off. Dry and apply light coat clear coat. Allow to dry and apply second light coat. Cheap spray can works.lasts a year or so.
  • Paul Carling
    Paul Carling 5 місяців тому Go to Walmart it's only 25.00
  • tom Boedecker
    tom Boedecker 4 місяці тому zahra azizi was
  • Maybelle Stevens
    Maybelle Stevens 4 місяці тому @Maggie Kelly !
  • prabhu chakli
    prabhu chakli 4 місяці тому deet destroys lenses, sun/reading glasses phones watches
  • John Guy
    John Guy 4 місяці тому Rubbing Compound works the best!!!!!
  • rose velasco
    rose velasco 3 місяці тому Ojjoojiijwk.wm.okw whedase is a great place 123356788pqqwrtyuiipasdfc
  • rose velasco
    rose velasco 3 місяці тому W AND Vesaywesfgrtxcfghtrryasederfyghyhuukixvbgfhknhhjnmhqwwergyuigdsvjkgbhrfgassdfghhvhjjfdgff@$&()==44/4+=@§§] ] [] £¥¢} \{©{{\{{]] ASAS are Wase To be used as a good thing to have a good time and a
  • rose velasco
    rose velasco 3 місяці тому @zahra azizi Is a great resource and a great opportunity and a great place rtuhggtgvbjhgg erthggggwerfyuhuijbgg xdfd and a great 968184838 and a great S
  • Mick Jager
    Mick Jager 3 місяці тому Surprising as it sounds I have never wondered about this and don't really care. Probably because I don't fish.
  • Saul Ferrer
    Saul Ferrer 3 місяці тому @Elizabeth Salazar a j
  • Rob Chesley
    Rob Chesley 2 місяці тому long did the off last?
  • pheon1300
    pheon1300 1 місяць тому Yak Motley χ
  • Orlando Salinas
    Orlando Salinas 1 місяць тому @zahra azizi Ji ni
  • rebels yell
    rebels yell 1 місяць тому Def dont use wd on lights man but i gotta say i do spray my fishing reels with a little bit of wd and never failed. I catch alot of fish.
  • rebels yell
    rebels yell 1 місяць тому @Steven Roberts same with my Toyota
  • Pete Graham
    Pete Graham 3 тижні тому Rhettgfegduurhur👍
  • Pete Graham
    Pete Graham 3 тижні тому @Steven Bg hhf Hgughhdhg😳
  • Pete Graham
    Pete Graham 3 тижні тому @Elizabeth Salazar thsgttty6gghghbhug9?hfuscghf 😳💤
  • Pete Graham
    Pete Graham 3 тижні тому @Maggie Kelly ggdgfsgsf😎
  • Dwayne White
    Dwayne White 3 дні тому I've used off on headlights and yrs later they are still clear.
  • Jim Keogh
    Jim Keogh 6 місяців тому the Off didn't really help clear my headlight lens, but there have been no mosquito bites anywhere on the grill for the past month.
  • Ricardo Orozco
    Ricardo Orozco 6 місяців тому Hahahahahaha funny
  • #youARENTfunnyMUM
    #youARENTfunnyMUM 6 місяців тому Jim Keogh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Appicon
    Appicon 6 місяців тому Bites on the grill?😐😂thanks😂🤣
  • Kenneth Williams
    Kenneth Williams 6 місяців тому @Appicon Har!!!
  • Alaina Marcel
    Alaina Marcel 5 місяців тому 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Çáŕôl Ğ
    Çáŕôl Ğ 5 місяців тому (змінено) I am so putting off on my car! I live in BUGLAND!
  • Joseph Jackson
    Joseph Jackson 5 місяців тому U jus made my night...LooooL
  • Dennis
    Dennis 5 місяців тому LMAO
  • Dennis
    Dennis 5 місяців тому Maybe they wont stick @Çáŕôl Ğ
  • Çáŕôl Ğ
    Çáŕôl Ğ 5 місяців тому @Dennis I'll tried it and been less bugs lol
  • Cali 6311
    Cali 6311 5 місяців тому 🤓🙃😆🤓
  • Valerie Griner
    Valerie Griner 4 місяці тому Hilarious comment!!!
  • June Hutchinson
    June Hutchinson 4 місяці тому Driving from California to South Carolina soon, summertime. Will try the Off to keep the front end more bug free. Thnx! Lol.
  • Sherry Messer
    Sherry Messer 4 місяці тому lol
  • Raini Days
    Raini Days 4 місяці тому Lol
  • Maria Avalos
    Maria Avalos 4 місяці тому 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • jim halcom
    jim halcom 3 місяці тому thats good news you wouldnt want your grill to be blemished with bites So sad to hear it didnt work. I guess I just have to spend the 60 bucks and buy replacement lenses for my Voyager. Its the least I can do for the new LED headlight kit I installed
  • kowe96941
    kowe96941 3 місяці тому Lol
  • Linda lee Martorano
    Linda lee Martorano 3 місяці тому Gotta use deep woods off
  • Eric Noneyobuisness
    Eric Noneyobuisness 2 місяці тому It's got to be Off with Deet
  • Rochelle Eskue
    Rochelle Eskue 2 місяці тому Because he's using the wrong OFF product. I don't think he knows about the oven cleaner. DUH!!
  • expiri51
    expiri51 1 місяць тому 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • expiri51
    expiri51 1 місяць тому I cleaning with a toothpaste like 18 months ago and still clear. I think you don't do it right that's why looks like that.
  • robert jahrling
    robert jahrling 1 місяць тому """"WARNING"""" DO NOT USE "OFF" or any other bug spray on your lens's DO NOT. Take your Cheap-Ass to the store and buy the stuff made for it. !!!!!TRUST ME!!!!! ""MY CHEAP-ASS"" didn't and had to buy a new lens. OFF is just trying to get you to buy their product.
  • Cbrizzle cbrizzle
    Cbrizzle cbrizzle 1 місяць тому Wtf lol
  • Me
    Me 1 місяць тому Oh I love you that was my day maker I know I’m easy to please 🤣🤣
  • Peg Stacy
    Peg Stacy 1 місяць тому Yeah, sure! Yuck it up, Fuzzball! LOL!
  • Dave Kilman
    Dave Kilman 1 місяць тому @robert jahrling in No no
  • Dave Kilman
    Dave Kilman 1 місяць тому Nu
  • Dave Kilman
    Dave Kilman 1 місяць тому @Çáŕôl Ğ lo moo
  • Erick Delcid
    Erick Delcid 3 тижні тому 😂😂😂😂
  • keri
    keri 3 тижні тому Hilarious
  • Cam Cordell
    Cam Cordell 2 тижні тому Jim Keogh 😂😂😂
  • Aldo Sanchez
    Aldo Sanchez 2 тижні тому Lol
  • Ddee 51-G2G
    Ddee 51-G2G 1 тиждень тому 😂😂😂😂
  • Nikki White
    Nikki White 6 днів тому 😂
  • Tracy Carrazana
    Tracy Carrazana 4 дні тому Lol😁
  • Timothy Brady
    Timothy Brady 2 дні тому I used toothpaste on my headlights, unfortunately they weren't crystal clear when I was done, but on the bright side they haven't had any cavities either
  • Ernie Rice
    Ernie Rice 1 місяць тому Use the the finest wet sand paper you can get along with some fine compound. Wet sand first and use compound.
  • Alexander Muniz
    Alexander Muniz 2 місяці тому " Remember, I'm not a scientist. I'm just a dude spraying OFF on some headlights". Absolute gold. Haha
  • Dave Kilman
    Dave Kilman 1 місяць тому 9
  • Jimmy Jazz
    Jimmy Jazz 1 місяць тому We used micro mesh. Incredibly fine abrasive sandpaper on Cobra canopies.
  • Tomasina Covell
    Tomasina Covell 3 тижні тому There's a chemical called "Poly-Watch" for acrylic plastic watch crystals, that was originally developed for fighter plane canopies etc?
  • Lazy D
    Lazy D 3 місяці тому What causes the headlight lenses to get cloudy like that is something called "crazing" - which is when the UV light from the sun attacks the outer surface of the plastic and causes a lot of microscopic cracks in the surface. This diffuses the light hitting the surface instead of letting it through and makes it look cloudy. Liquid products like OFF and WD-40 and even water, just fill in the cracks and make it look clear again. Of course, water evaporates quicker than oils, so it doesn't last as long, but even the oils will eventually wash away or evaporate and the headlights are still crazed like before. If you had washed that OFF off with soap and water, it would have looked like it did before. What actually works is plain old cheap buffing compound, a clean rag, and about 10 minutes of scrubbing in small circles all over the lens. The toothpaste will work some, but you need to scrub it on with a rag and not a toothbrush, plus you need to scrub a lot longer than five minutes. Buffing compound has a little more aggressive abrasive, so it works faster than toothpaste, but it still takes some time and elbow grease. It basically ablates the cracked surface and gets down to a new, smooth surface. It will stay clearer longer, but eventually will have to be done again due to continued crazing by the sun. My experience is that I have to do it every 12 to 18 months, depending on the car.
  • Robert A.
    Robert A. 3 місяці тому The most accurate description of what happened in the video! And the most underrated as i see it! People don't understand some basic' common sense and logic thinking. In his case, toothpaste would have worked but you need to put some work into it- as in everything in this f** life! People are looking only for quick and wonder fixes that mostly don't exist. Things don't work this way. Most of the time you need to put a bit of effort into whatever you're doing to get good results; valid for most things in this world. Period.
    DARKB1KE 2 місяці тому Thanks for this educational comment.
  • kallie barrett
    kallie barrett 2 місяці тому If you use a fine sandpaper, like velvet almost, you get the yellowed oxidation off. Called wet sanding. Then after totally dry, spray lightly with a gloss, non-yellowing, UV top coat for plastic. You won't have to do it again.
  • kallie barrett
    kallie barrett 2 місяці тому @John Akston it might have to be done over, but not from the yellowing. The guy I watched on youtube put three coats of cleargloss on. It might last til you get a new car. I followed his directions and am quite happy with my car from 2000. The yellowing stained the driveway!
  • Desiré Vargas
    Desiré Vargas 2 місяці тому Well put Lazy D. Best description yet.
  • Desiré Vargas
    Desiré Vargas 2 місяці тому kallie barrett I wonder WHY the manufacturers DON'T do this in the 1st place!! Hmmm.....
  • Lazy D
    Lazy D 2 місяці тому @Desiré Vargas Because there is very little reason for them to do so. As a second tier manufacturer, you have to bid on making a part that meets the specs of the company you are making the parts for. Most automotive manufacturers know that the person buying their car from the dealer is just going to own it for about three to five years, and the reliability over that time frame is what matters to them. So they spec parts that will fit the needs of the most likely initial customer. You and I may be the type to keep a vehicle til the wheels fall off, but we are way out on the edges of the target market bell curve for car manufacturers, and thus, are left to our own devices in such matters. Frankly, they could make all those parts out of glass that wouldn't suffer UV degradation, but there would be the increased costs, as well as the increased weight - which would negatively affect the CAFE standards they have to deal with. Also glass, while impervious to UV degradation, is hella lot more fragile and easily broken, which would cause butthurt among consumers for replacement costs just because a little rock bounced off the road at highway speed. It's all a balancing act for manufacturers between costs, perceived reliability, and expected on-going maintenance costs. The guy that makes the headlights is NOT the guy that makes the car - he's a contractor. While a process to make the headlights more UV resistant might only cost a couple dollars extra, and you could question why a couple dollars over the $30,000 to $50,000 price of a car would be such a big deal, you should realize that the headlight making guy sells those headlights to the car manufacturer for maybe around $100 or less, so a couple bucks has a two percent impact on his bid to supply several thousand parts for this deal, and bids like those are usually made or broken by a lot less than 2%. Basically, the target market for a car wants the best value for their money over their perceived long haul. They will buy that. People that want high end cars that rarely fail are either going to have to pay mega bucks for them, or take their chances with what is sold to the target market of auto manufacturers.
  • kallie barrett
    kallie barrett 2 місяці тому @Desiré Vargas they don't want people keeping cars longer than ten years. Ideally, 6 or 7 years! Cheap parts are the new reality. My new riding lawn mower is every bit plastic, every button on it. My old one was all metal and lasted 16 yrs. :/
  • Desiré Vargas
    Desiré Vargas 2 місяці тому kallie barrett It's absolutely true that they DON'T make things like they used to anymore. Sad really.
  • Desiré Vargas
    Desiré Vargas 2 місяці тому Lazy D And THAT'S the bottom line right there. The nature of the "Supply & Demand" beast has shifted it's priorities away from good old fashioned QUALITY. As it has in most of EVERYTHING else as life goes on. It's up to the individual consumer to follow their own path of what best suites their lifestyle and/or pocketbook.
  • Mitch Pol
    Mitch Pol 1 місяць тому @kallie barrett i im gonna try doing that thanks to chrisfix lol!
  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam 1 місяць тому Desiré Vargas you want manufacture to go bankrupt, they have to sell you Products - you understand “products” !! And you like everyone else need to keep “buying” so “They” take away your hard earned “money” ..........
  • Desiré Vargas
    Desiré Vargas 1 місяць тому Sam Sam "CLEARLY" you have "misunderstood" my "post". I don't want the manufacturer to go "bankrupt". The fact of the matter is that the consumers hard earned "money" should be spent "wisely", but alas... Like I stated earlier, "It's up to the individual consumer to follow their own path as to what suites their lifestyles and/or pocketbook" BEST. The consumer deserves a BETTER variety in "product" selection, thus expanding the choices in market availability. But, as Lazy D so eloquently stated in their last post, is the description of the Automotive Industry's "Supply & Demand" nature in it's evolutionary state, compared to lifelong quality of a decade ago. THUS..... "Quality over Quantity" has shifted to: "Quantity over Quality". Just sayin'.......
  • Melissa Brewer Bollschweiler
    Melissa Brewer Bollschweiler 1 місяць тому If the guy (?) Had put toothpaste DIRECTLY ON THE TOWEL, as he did with the Off, & rubbed it harder, itWOULD HAVE WORKED.
  • Christopher Hendricks
    Christopher Hendricks 1 місяць тому @kallie barrett 3000 grit and finish with 5k.
  • Christopher Hendricks
    Christopher Hendricks 1 місяць тому @Lazy D good post. Very true. It is way easier to come up with all the odd shapes of headlights by using plastic vs glass too.
  • Lazy D
    Lazy D 1 місяць тому @Desiré Vargas One thing that should be noted is that the reason we didn't have to deal with plastic headlight crazing "back in the day", is because there weren't any plastic headlights - They were all glass, and glass doesn't craze. Auto manufacturers started using plastics for headlights and such for way more than just cost shaving reasons. As a matter of fact, the early plastic headlights cost the manufacturers more than the glass ones because there were a whole lot of glass guys already out there, and capital expenditures for optical quality automotive parts had to be built from the ground up. One of the major reasons automotive manufacturers went to plastics for stuff otherwise better made of glass, is government regulations on standard mileage rates, otherwise known as CAFE Standards. They had to shave weight everywhere they could. A pound here and a pound there really adds up. I remember reading back in the 1990's about a company that made the starter motors for engines being bulldogged into making as much of their starters out of aluminum as possible, instead of steel. Steel is more durable and cheaper, but it is heavier, and auto manufacturers had to have lighter over cheaper, and damn the costs. Because government. About the same time, cars quit coming with full sized spare tires. Instead, they came with what we call "doughnuts" that arew hella lighter, but only good for about 2 miles or so at very reduced speeds. they also cost more than just another regular wheel that the manufacturers already had a jillion of, but, hey! They have to shave the weight. Now, some cars don't even come with a doughnut - no spare tire at all. That's not because of supply and demand, it's because of increasing onerous government regulations. BTW, light assembly makers DO apply a UV coating to those assemblies - one that is hella better than you can buy aftermarket. It's just that nothing like that lasts forever. If they didn't apply a coating, those lights wouldn't hold up a year without noticeable crazing. They really are doing the best they can under the constraints they have to operate in, to sell you the best product they can. Because they understand that eventually, you're going to buy another car, and if you buy it from them, then they get to sell you another $100 headlight assembly, which means more to them than any two or three dollars they might save by cheaping out on the first thing they sold you.
  • kallie barrett
    kallie barrett 1 місяць тому @Christopher Hendricks well, mine were really bad, so I used 400, then 800, then 2000. (Some guy said to! :) The 400 might have been too scratchy, but there was a lot of yellowing, and i didn't scrub hard. Then wiped once with 90% rubbing alcohol. Then I did three clearcoats but three seemed too much. So sanded lightly and redid only one, one and half coats...they are so much better, and clear. But i should clean the inside. I watched video guy do that with handmade magnet rags, way too much trouble! :P
  • Desiré Vargas
    Desiré Vargas 1 місяць тому Lazy D YOU should make a video documentary on what u just SCHOOLED us all on. "Class is in SESSION, yo!!" TELL it like it is, Professor Lazy D. I'm sittin' front row!!
  • Lazy D
    Lazy D 1 місяць тому @Desiré Vargas "I have a face for radio", is what my favorite talk show host used to say, and I agree with him on a personal level. I'd love to make some videos, but I'm more of a keyboard warrior type. High props for the guys that do the vids, but I don't have the equipment, nor the finesse to do vids. Thanks for the hat tip, though.
  • Desiré Vargas
    Desiré Vargas 1 місяць тому Lazy D Aww MAN!! Then I'll settle for your keyboard finesse instead. I'm cool with that!! High five.
  • l brice
    l brice 1 місяць тому @Lazy D Would that talk show host be Mr. Dug McIntyre?
  • Lazy D
    Lazy D 1 місяць тому @l brice No, actually it was Neal Boortz.
  • Rita Mills
    Rita Mills 1 місяць тому @Desiré Vargas So they can sell you more parts. Nobody makes something that lasts forever because they want your money.
  • Desiré Vargas
    Desiré Vargas 1 місяць тому Rita Mills Already stated. Read the posts.
  • Neecee Malan
    Neecee Malan 1 місяць тому Lazy D thank you!
  • stone island
    stone island 1 місяць тому Thank you great help pal 👍👍
  • Raiden MK
    Raiden MK 3 тижні тому Lazy D.....Thxs 4 the info👍
  • Vernicia Graves
    Vernicia Graves 2 тижні тому @Lazy D, Thanks for the explanation...I definitely needed it. Much Gratitude 🚘
  • The adjuster Smith
    The adjuster Smith 2 тижні тому @Desiré Vargas yep, he gave us the diagnosis but not the prognosis! Armchair headlight restorer lol!
  • The adjuster Smith
    The adjuster Smith 2 тижні тому @Lazy D dude get a f'n life jeez...
  • Lazy D
    Lazy D 2 тижні тому @The adjuster Smith Thanks for your helpful input. You must be the life of every party you go to.
  • Knilja
    Knilja 7 годин тому Lazy D what about paint cleaner wax?
  • Lazy D
    Lazy D 7 годин тому @Knilja "Cleaner wax" is just another name for polishing compound. Polishing compound and buffing compound are sometimes interchanged, though in reality buffing compounds would be made with a little more aggressive abrasive, and polishing compounds would be a bit finer, but they're pretty close to the same in this application - it's just that the finer abrasive you start out with, the more rubbing you have to do.
  • Renee Elias
    Renee Elias 4 місяці тому Its ok we won’t tell your wife about your using the GOOD towel AND her toothbrush.
  • jim halcom
    jim halcom 3 місяці тому OMG lol Im afraid to ask what else he used and put back I hope he didnt use her sani pads to mop up any antifreeze spills then put them back or use her lipsticks as wire markers
  • Nate Nowicki
    Nate Nowicki 3 місяці тому 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Ricky Chhin
    Ricky Chhin 3 місяці тому Lmao
  • Mo'Nique Young
    Mo'Nique Young 2 місяці тому LOL!
  • Domino Holmes
    Domino Holmes 2 місяці тому Lmao! Shoot I'm telling Stephanie
  • l brice
    l brice 1 місяць тому @Domino Holmes Hahahahaha! 🤣😂🤣
  • jeanpierre rivera
    jeanpierre rivera 3 тижні тому LOL
  • Taunja Brockway
    Taunja Brockway 1 день тому I used the turtle wax kit and it did nothing!! I heard when you get your car detailed they use Off mosquito repellent.
  • Mary Suggitt
    Mary Suggitt 1 місяць тому I Like The Off, Looks Good😊😊
  • DoNot Need
    DoNot Need 7 місяців тому Did you put a coat or two of wax on afterwards to keep it from oxidizing so soon?
  • jim halcom
    jim halcom 3 місяці тому that is what I asked I used carnuba wax but one still fogged over
  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 3 місяці тому Recognized my old 197th inf bde(3rd bn 7th inf) Ft Benning patch!
  • Dwayne White
    Dwayne White 3 дні тому Use wax after useing off and it will last forever
  • hopeangel1970
    hopeangel1970 3 місяці тому I would like to see a later video, my experience it that this only polishes and goes back after a few days
  • Isaac Tsosie
    Isaac Tsosie 3 місяці тому Needed to use whitening tooth paste. I used it and it cleaned my headlights up pretty good.
  • Da Reaper9195
    Da Reaper9195 6 місяців тому So how long did you have to sleep on the couch for using your wife's decorative towel? LOL...
  • James Mara
    James Mara 4 місяці тому Don't be a cheap fuck, go out and buy some new lenses.
  • Elezar Torres
    Elezar Torres 4 місяці тому Lmao 😂
  • patrick Wall
    patrick Wall 4 місяці тому He, just slept at his girlfriend's pad for a couple nights.
  • southernyankee05
    southernyankee05 4 місяці тому That's what I thought the minute I saw that cute decorator towel. I WOULD HAVE BEEN PISSED !!!!
  • Meagan Williams
    Meagan Williams 4 місяці тому Haha, I was wondering the same thing!
  • tom ryan
    tom ryan 4 місяці тому Got his next towel from Holiday Inn !
  • Jodi Fortner
    Jodi Fortner 3 місяці тому @tom ryan LOL! Poor guy... live and learn, hopefully anyway.
  • Keith Clark
  • Noah Zork
    Noah Zork 1 тиждень тому Yup, because everyone knows when you are going for a polished clear glass finish, making your compound extra gritty is the way to go....
  • Tardeli costantini
    Tardeli costantini 6 місяців тому Don't use a tooth brush jeezus!! An old t-shirt and some elbow grease.
  • Donna Marie
    Donna Marie 2 тижні тому I would have used a little more off instead of scrubbing so hard LOL
  • Steve Silvas
    Steve Silvas 3 дні тому There is a Japanese Company in California That Is Making GLASS Replacement Headlites For Almost All Foreign And Domestic Cars & Trucks...
  • Gil F
    Gil F 12 годин тому Do you know the company name?