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Incredible Machines That Are On Another Level

Published on May 9, 2019 263,839 views










Hi all. It seems that technical progress has already reached its peak, but manufacturers do not cease to amaze and keep releasing more and more advanced technologies. In this release, we have selected the most unique and interesting cars for you. Let's get started…

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  • Paul
    Paul 2 тижні тому The background music makes everything sound wrong, very wrong!
  • Jean Toronto Raptors
    Jean Toronto Raptors 11 годин тому Paul that’s not true U must be miserable
  • nlo114
    nlo114 6 днів тому (змінено) 09:30 - a lifting capacity of 430 kilo nano-metres. As far as I remember, a nano-metre is a 1000th part of a micro-metre, so according to this, it can lift something 430 micro-metres. (about 17 thousandths of an inch). A big machine for such precision lifting :-)
  • Mark Prescott
    Mark Prescott 5 днів тому We have selected the most unique and interesting cars for you.Do you even know what a car is?Dumb ass seppos,know it all ,know fark all.
  • Beniossss
    Beniossss 5 місяців тому Imagine meister as chasis of a tank ;)
  • King Croc
    King Croc 1 тиждень тому 5:13 (thumbnail) like it up!! haha b: \ \ \ \ \ (get it im asking for likes bu this time i didnt say "my dog watche dthis video, now he's a super machine" and earned 10,000,000k likes rip)
  • tubefluid
    tubefluid 2 тижні тому On seeing the thumbnail, I figured that was some sort of badassed howitzer.
  • DrEvil814
    DrEvil814 1 тиждень тому Background "music" is totally unnecessary and takes away from the video..
  • Matt E
    Matt E 1 тиждень тому Lifting force of..."kilo nanometers"? 🤔
  • TheEcoClimber
    TheEcoClimber 1 тиждень тому Yep, that sounds well weird " 1 Nanometer: 1 Nanometer is exactly 1 x 10-9 meters"
  • James Billingham
    James Billingham 3 дні тому Cars ???
  • DrEvil814
    DrEvil814 1 тиждень тому Background "music" is totally unnecessary and takes away from the video..
  • Paul Forster
    Paul Forster 3 тижні тому 9:35 'Kilo nano metres'?!!! NANO-metres? You dork! NEWTON-METRES! For feck's sake. Did you not go to school? Were they closed? I despair sometimes, I really do.
  • Phantomthecat
    Phantomthecat 1 тиждень тому Not sure you understand what ‘autonomous’ means.
  • Westers151
    Westers151 1 тиждень тому I'm not sure, I'm positive he doesn't know what autonomous means..
  • Tracy McDougal
    Tracy McDougal 1 місяць тому Incredible
  • Wat Car
    Wat Car 1 тиждень тому ใ่ฒา
  • Tim Hyatt
    Tim Hyatt 5 місяців тому "We thought we'd show you 5 of the more interested cars...." shows us a crane on rails, a truck with crane mount, a mixer for a skid loader, a concrete mobile pump on tank treads, a remote control chassis with heavy carry capacity, a mixer for larger tractors, a solar beach roomba, and a compact crane, not a single "car" to be found......
  • Axodus
    Axodus 3 тижні тому proof the ghost writer for these videos is given minimal context and expected to pump them out.
  • Logan Pecora
    Logan Pecora 3 тижні тому Fuck cars these are machines for men.
  • Colorado Strong
    Colorado Strong 5 годин тому Solar Beach Roomba ftw !!
  • 北美生活分享
    北美生活分享 3 тижні тому 👍👍👍
  • Merica
    Merica 3 тижні тому Do the logs strap themselves down too?
  • John
    John 1 тиждень тому 3:40 Are those cows trying to get away from that scary machine?
  • UKdaddy Dave
    UKdaddy Dave 2 місяці тому Where's the CARS??????
  • bbruce995
    bbruce995 2 тижні тому NOW, EXPLAIN HOW THEY BUILT THE PYRAMIDS
  • Charles Beason
    Charles Beason 1 тиждень тому Aliens man. Archeologists have proven humans couldn't have done it. A 5 ton block would have had to be laid every minute nonestop for the 20 years declared in historical documents as the build timeline.