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In this video I explain exactly how car dealerships rip you off. A lot of car dealerships implement the four square method, which is just a simple way to make you think that you're getting a deal.

Car dealerships are a very sophisticated network of stores that know how to separate you from your money. Not all dealerships rip you off, but the ones that use the four square method do.

Don't get ripped off on your next car purchase and watch this video until the end.

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  • VCosh28
    VCosh28 5 місяців тому I walked into a dealership and told the sales guy that I was "going to buy a car today". When we couldn't reach a deal and I started to leave he said "I thought you said you were buying a car today." My reply was "I didn't say I was going to buy it here."
  • Heath Cauchi
    Heath Cauchi 5 місяців тому VCosh28 love it
  • Robert Roberts
    Robert Roberts 5 місяців тому Awesome!
  • Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller 5 місяців тому Ooooo big bad car buyer, why waste your time at that dealership then? Sounds like something a total db would do.
  • rich17279
    rich17279 5 місяців тому What music was playing in your head when you dreamt that scenario
  • epiksar
    epiksar 5 місяців тому Ben Chesterman what does that have to do with this conversation?
  • TheMagache
    TheMagache 5 місяців тому The key is to waste as as much of the salesman's time as possible. Drag the sale on for a month or 2.
  • Robin Weber
    Robin Weber 5 місяців тому @Ben Chesterman therapy. look into it. trust
  • Redwingsfan
    Redwingsfan 5 місяців тому Ben Chesterman Like there’s a difference in any of them.
  • Martin Godinez
    Martin Godinez 5 місяців тому Hahaha..
  • Patrick Emond
    Patrick Emond 5 місяців тому Kevin Miller did you not read the “couldn’t reach a deal” part. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Collin F
    Collin F 5 місяців тому @Kevin Miller says the guy who like Florida Georgia Line 🤣
  • incognito
    incognito 5 місяців тому I was picking my nose early this morning and the biggest SNOT I've ever seen came out on my finger I'm full now until LUNCH😋
  • Mappy-5
    Mappy-5 5 місяців тому +Kevin Miller lmao ok dude have fun getting ripped and wasting your money for some good karma 😂
  • epiksar
    epiksar 5 місяців тому Ben Chesterman that's a big generalization. As said before, I hope you seek help.
  • Michael M
    Michael M 5 місяців тому @Ben Chesterman Have you visited or lived in countries with low taxes or no taxes? The roads suck, you're on your own for health care, you get sick just looking at the food, etc., etc. Fun to visit, wouldn't want to live there. We pay a high cost for quality of life here, and get it.
  • Michael M
    Michael M 5 місяців тому Better than that, here's what you do: At 10 am, call 10 dealers within 50 miles, and say "I'm calling every dealer within 50 miles, and I'm going to buy a car at 5pm today- a Honda Accord with XYZ options package. Call me after lunch with your best price." Get your Frosted Flakes™ out, binge Netflix, and wait for the phone to ring. Make them do the research.
  • Slim Jim
    Slim Jim 5 місяців тому Translation- How to waste 4 hours of your day.
  • Soberanis Fam
    Soberanis Fam 5 місяців тому @Kevin Miller <-- lmao
  • Alza Mansfield
    Alza Mansfield 5 місяців тому @incognito was that while you getting your butt service at the dealership??😂
  • Ask Winther
    Ask Winther 5 місяців тому Done the same. The car dealers are so much full of BS...
  • Dassix 1
    Dassix 1 5 місяців тому @Kevin Miller Because how would he know if he wouldn't get a good deal there? Funny saying somebody else is a DB, but not the people upselling everything at the dealership - they are the good guys. LOL
  • Bruce Schramm
    Bruce Schramm 5 місяців тому @Ben Chesterman you write that with your crayon?
  • Bruce Schramm
    Bruce Schramm 5 місяців тому @Ben Chesterman What's worse than an angry troll? An angry Russian troll, "Benny"...
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 5 місяців тому You had a soft car salesman. I would have instantly just said “great let me take your credit card”. I’ve been in a dealership since 17 and I’m 25 now and love it. Car dealerships are now getting more aggressive with these “educated buyers” because we do not want to waste our time nor do we want to make no profit. So when an arrogant self-centred piece of trash like you comes in we’ll be sure (well atleast I do) to make you either buy a car really expensive or tell you to fuck off in the most belittling way. People seem to thing a dealership isn’t a business but a charity centre 😑
  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller 5 місяців тому Ouch. Well he would not have left you leave if it was possible to give you a better price.
  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller 5 місяців тому @TheMagache hope you are kidding. The salesman will stop giving a fuck after 3 days.
  • ironmiketodd
    ironmiketodd 5 місяців тому What if he sold your personal information??? Don’t make enemies with someone who got all your information.. FYI
  • Esteven Douglas
    Esteven Douglas 5 місяців тому Enough said! Brilliant
  • incognito
    incognito 5 місяців тому @Alza Mansfield yup, bent right over the sales desk! 😉
  • Juggernaut 333
    Juggernaut 333 5 місяців тому Oh so a dick head move. I went into star bucks and said 'I'm going to buy a coffee and then walked out. They thought I had autism
  • VCosh28
    VCosh28 5 місяців тому @Kevin Miller So I should have just accepted a deal I wasn't happy with? I did by a car from a dealership that day, fyi.
  • VCosh28
    VCosh28 5 місяців тому @Mathew Remlin "...take your credit card." What does that even mean? You'd steal my credit card number? Way to perpetuate the stereotype that car salesmen are shysters. Not sure how not accepting a deal I wasn't happy with makes me "an arrogant self-centered piece of trash". I did by a car from another dealership that day. I didn't go in just to waste everybody's time.
  • PCH PH
    PCH PH 5 місяців тому (змінено) Typical stroker. I can spot these type a mile off in thick fog..I avoid them. They are the type that want a 2 yr old Toyota AWD RAV4 with less than 30K miles..and then they say their budget is $10K. My response is "welcome to fantasy island"..Nothing like a informed consumer.
  • Sajj Man
    Sajj Man 5 місяців тому Zing!
  • rockstar nurse
    rockstar nurse 5 місяців тому @Redwingsfan Thank you!!
  • tmason995
    tmason995 5 місяців тому Lmaooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤑🤑
  • Josh Beck
    Josh Beck 5 місяців тому And if u did buy one that day, u should have driven back to that dealership and blew the horn until they came out and said look what i bought today,
  • LoadTheK
    LoadTheK 5 місяців тому Haha dope reply 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
  • Tricky Bobby
    Tricky Bobby 5 місяців тому (змінено) PCH PH lol, love idiots like that. Caviar on a McDonalds’ budget. My line with customers like that used to be “unless it’s been a collision write off, it doesn’t exist. By all means try and prove me wrong”. Most car buyers have no fucking concept of value whatsoever. I used to get a kick out of educating douchbags who thought they knew more about car values than the people that work in the industry.
  • K W
    K W 5 місяців тому @Mathew Remlin Wow!!! 25? You must know everything by now. With all of that experience you can get a cashier's job at Walmart now. Nice!
  • Mike Kirkland
    Mike Kirkland 5 місяців тому 🤣🤣 That was a good one. I have to use that line.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 5 місяців тому VCosh28 what I mean is I’d get you to put your money where your mouth before even wasting time. Oh you are here to buy a car you say sir? Would you be prepared to leave a deposit today? No you just want to haggle price here and buy next door? Aww... how sad ☹️. You had a shit salesman. We call them order takers. You’re the one who came in and saying you are here to buy a car now you are walking out? How are you not an asshole for wasting someone’s time. Hope that sales guy learnt from that and is doing better now.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 5 місяців тому Keith Wood not sure what it is that you’re trying to point out by judging my life by my comment?? Are you trying to belittle me because I work in sales? Or that I haven’t given my time to acquire experience elsewhere but sales? Or that the 8 years experience I have is nothing compared to someone else who’s got more experience? Are you really that naive? I never claimed to know everything or that I was the greatest I just said I love my job and that I deal with assholes with a passion. I’m curious to know why this has bothered you so much? Are you someone who spent their whole life in one field and can’t get anywhere, twice my age but get paid 1/4 what I make and? Or have one of nasty car sales people taken all your money? Least if I hit rock bottom I can get a job at Walmart. You can’t even get a job and you probably got a huge student loan.
  • Bill Barnhart
    Bill Barnhart 5 місяців тому Bwahahahaha.... I love it!
  • Chris H
    Chris H 5 місяців тому @Alex Miller I had one chasing me for three weeks before I finally got the price I wanted on a new car.
  • Des Wilkinson
    Des Wilkinson 5 місяців тому Timewasters are Morons !!!
  • Clockwork0nions
    Clockwork0nions 5 місяців тому (змінено) @Kevin Miller >Ooooo big bad car buyer, why waste your time at that dealership then? Sounds like something a total db would do. Only an idiot buys a car at the first place they walk in to and doesn't take a couple of days to play dealerships against each other, especially at the end of a year or during the summer when everyone is running deals to move cars.
  • Brad Darb
    Brad Darb 5 місяців тому @Mathew Remlin that's a wasted life man, get out now while you still can.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 5 місяців тому Brad Darb and do what? What could give me the same amount of money and the most easy and minimal amount of work to be done whilst goofing around?
  • Rob Mill
    Rob Mill 5 місяців тому Darn Right! I have been to 4 dealers before for 1 car buy.,It is a Major purchases,Do not understand How People Open their Wallets,Banking accounts wide Open to Car Dealers and say OK! take what you want,I work hard and save my Money to just let Snakes, snake me out of my Money..
  • mysteryof7
    mysteryof7 5 місяців тому VCosh28 😂
  • chromogen
    chromogen 5 місяців тому @TheMagache So then, what does this 'key' accomplish?
  • TheMagache
    TheMagache 5 місяців тому @chromogen They're paid by commission and they want to close a sale. When you waste a ton of their time and they haven't made a sale yet, then they are more willing to give in to your demands. If not? Then the fact you wasted his time is also funny.
  • chromogen
    chromogen 5 місяців тому yeah, old gag
  • Cindy Gomez
    Cindy Gomez 5 місяців тому VCosh28 awesome response! ❤️
  • chromogen
    chromogen 5 місяців тому @TheMagache ​ OK, thanks for explaining. Your last sentence makes you look hardcore. To me doing that sort of thing seems like a waste of my time, not that I think it's bad exactly. But keep in mind you might be doing it to someone who may not deserve the abuse, like Mr. Marko here. Then again, you might be operating on a principle of 'fair game'. If I could redirect you a bit I'd encourage you to go after phone solicitors. Of course you may already have that one covered. good luck
  • King Zippy
    King Zippy 5 місяців тому Maybe you shouldn’t be looking at a car you can’t afford the RRP on..... A lot of customers are dreamers and they think they can get a 25k car for 15.... like yourself. They want to keep up appearances but can’t afford to pay the price and they say “salesmen” are ripping them off because of that fact. Well new cars all have the same RRP if you negotiate a deal then fair enough but don’t talk down to somebody trying to serve and earn a living because you can’t afford the price. There are plenty of websites to check before you go into a dealer and all you have to ask is if they can match that price. Done. This video and these comments are irrelevant from people who clearly haven’t purchased a car in the last 10 years! Most guys in the trade want to provide amazing service and make people happy. They have a lot of repeat customers and just want to earn a living and help people out. They deserve a lot more respect than you muppets. If you want to spend 15k on a car don’t look at a 25k car then moan the deal isn’t good enough.
  • VCosh28
    VCosh28 5 місяців тому @King Zippy Wow. You're making a lot of assumptions based on a three sentence comment. Non of which are accurate.
  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye 5 місяців тому incognito it frys up like egg whites..
  • William Hensley
    William Hensley 5 місяців тому @TheMagache Rude bro, most guys in sales are just trying to get you a great car/truck for a good price for you. If you're at a place as described in this video then you're the idiot, there are lots of business' that dont play these games. We call it stepping over dollars for pennies. I take care of my customers and they come back to buy from me again and again.
  • Kris
    Kris 5 місяців тому Love it !!
  • Eff Yiew
    Eff Yiew 5 місяців тому I get a bigger kick out of the fact that VCosh wants to buy a car that he can't afford so he thinks that by using a clever quip to save face when he's finally called on it by a salesman still isn't embarrassing for him.
  • Link 101
    Link 101 5 місяців тому Truth be told if the car has a $30000 MSRP then the dealership only paid about 20 grand for it . But the negotiation information he is given us correct
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 5 місяців тому @TheMagache You are precisely the type of person I love to jerk around...and yes I'm very skilled at it.
  • Joe Demo
    Joe Demo 5 місяців тому When a customer says this I pass him on to the new guy and laugh my ass off. It’s always good for the new guy to deal with the difficult poor shit heads who can’t afford it anyway. They learn a lot that way
  • Christopher
    Christopher 5 місяців тому I worked at dealerships for many years. NOBODY that walked in and said they were "going to buy a car today" actually bought one that day. Side note, these people were generally show offs that nobody wanted to deal with. Not sure why it's okay to go to a dealership and waste someone's time. The majority of these ladies and gents are good people trying to feed their family. Profit is not a dirty word, generally speaking, dealer profits are about 1 to 5% all in. Any business needs to be a well-oiled machine to run on margins like that. (listen to this guy if you want to drag out the process, make it 400 x's more difficult, and piss off a few people at the business that you may well need to go for repairs). ** Easier way: do your research, call in ahead and tell them what you want to accomplish, go in, sign, go home happy.
  • Rusty Shackelford
    Rusty Shackelford 5 місяців тому @Mathew Remlin i would have you fired for your shitty attitude or call your boss every day untill he gave me the car i want at the price i want or he fired you 1 or both things will happen i guarantee it
  • TheMagache
    TheMagache 5 місяців тому @David Sparling Sounds like someone is a little salty lol. Yes, how do you jerk one around who doesn't plan on buying at your price? Please explain.
  • Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller 5 місяців тому DEFINE "GOOD DEAL."
  • TheMagache
    TheMagache 5 місяців тому @William Hensley Then why is the cash price always 20 to 30 percent cheaper when they claim its 0% finance? Dealerships are there to make money. Not get you a good deal.
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 5 місяців тому They're probably happy you didn't...
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 5 місяців тому @Michael M First, I wouldn't sell Honda crap, second I would know you're a loser and third, you'd never get a call back from me.
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 5 місяців тому (змінено) @VCosh28 I'm sure they were thrilled to have you as a "customer". I would have shown you the door.
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 5 місяців тому @Josh Beck Really? Do you really think we care? We don't want DB customers. They're a pain in the a** when they "buy" and forever after. There are plenty of pleasant, reasonable customers out there. They're the ones who get the best deals...not the wimps who come in acting tough out of mortal fear they will get "ripped off".
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 5 місяців тому @Chris H Guess he was as much of a loser as you...
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 5 місяців тому @Rob Mill Only YOU can let someone "snake" you out of your money, Rob. Did you save an extra $100? Great...get a life!
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 5 місяців тому @TheMagache You go into a car dealership once every 3 to 4 years. We deal with scared little wimps like you everyday. Don't you think we know how to broom you out the door as quickly as possible?
  • Paul Ogie
  • John Miller
    John Miller 5 місяців тому savage omg lol
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 5 місяців тому @Link 101 Wow, you are truly an idiot! $10,000 markup on a $30,000 car. You can't fix
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 5 місяців тому @Rusty Shackelford Nope, the managers smells you also...I've had them show mooches like you the door many times over. Get a life, Nancy.
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 5 місяців тому @Paul Ogie Yeah, I guarantee he wasn't fired and the manger thought you were an idiot as well. Scared little Nancy.
  • TheMagache
    TheMagache 5 місяців тому @David Sparling You must not be a very good salesman. You purposely drive customers out of your dealership? Sounds counter productive. Also you still haven't told me or anyone else what a "good deal" is yet.
  • TheMagache
    TheMagache 5 місяців тому @David Sparling Unless you're selling luxury high end vehicles. You're retarded tactics aren't going to work on customers looking for the best deal they can get and are willing to look and wait around for it.
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 5 місяців тому (змінено) @TheMagache A "good deal" is when the customer gets a fair price and the dealer makes a reasonable profit. I've been selling and managing since the 1980's and do quite well, thank you. However, I learned years ago, there exists about 5% of the populace that I DON'T want as customers. The ROI is bad and they aren't worth the time...
  • Paul Ogie
    Paul Ogie 5 місяців тому @David Sparling um, I told him what I would pay and that I wanted a full tank of gas (over $150 at the time) thrown in with the deal. He agreed, but didn't disclose that the gas was something he was going to try to make good on out of his own pocket or by scamming his employer. After repeated contact and broken promises I contacted the management. I think he was going to charge the dealership incrementally by giving me "gas cards", but he never did. I went in and demanded the gas. The owner pulled out the company credit card and sent me down to the gas station. I guarantee he did get fired which was not my intent because it was my wife's friend's brother. Anyway, the point was that dealerships and those who work there are gay.
  • MP
    MP 5 місяців тому @Mathew Remlin And they say car salesmen are a bunch of soulless sociopaths who look down on their customers.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 5 місяців тому MP no that’s true. Not going to deny it. Because 99.9% of customers we see are a bunch of name dropping, high horse wankers who think there word is better than the last guys. So we relay the same. Pretty sure we all just care about ourselves and your (soon to be our) money.
  • Rhinehart TV
    Rhinehart TV 5 місяців тому @Mathew Remlin Speaking of high horses... Anyhoo, good luck with your remedial English course.
  • SaulBadd
    SaulBadd 5 місяців тому @Mathew Remlin You're the reason car salesman are rated less trust-worthy than members of Congress, tied with journalists. At least you're still ahead of Nigerian email princes.
  • rurallaw Elite Dangerous
    rurallaw Elite Dangerous 5 місяців тому @TheMagache I remember my father taking with him to buy a used truck. I watched him work the salesman for an hour or two, then at the end he gave the guy his number and the amount he was willing to pay and told him if he wanted a sale to call my dad when he could accept his offer and left the lot. A few days later, the guy called and made the sale. The second rule I learned was to NEVER bring your wife if you want to try this.
    SAXMANIVAN 5 місяців тому Rusty Shackelford call their GM’s trust me, a GM will NEVER tolerate a disrespectful salesman!
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 5 місяців тому Rusty Shackelford Yeah sure 😂✌️
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 5 місяців тому Rhinehart TV nah all good thanks. No need for me to waste money on a course to make me sound more fancy. The basics are good enough for me. You can have your fancy English I’ll take your money thanks 👍.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 5 місяців тому SaulBadd unfortunately it’s the stupid customers that drive us to this point. We come in to this job as fresh and well behaved people. But you’d be surprised how after serving so many people who are all abusive and self entitled at how evil someone in this industry can become. It’s not us it’s the customer who drives us to this point.
  • RealLife Money - Weekly Financial Videos
    RealLife Money - Weekly Financial Videos 5 місяців тому Got em! 😂
  • Hal Dilworth
    Hal Dilworth 5 місяців тому are so cool, such a bada*s
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 5 місяців тому Paul Ogie hahaha that’s funny 😂. Boy you must have been one headache of a customer. I bet you came in to the dealership with some measuring tape and a decibel reader too! I would have just taken you into our workshop and smacked the shit out of you till you behaved. I’ll tell you a little secret. A staff member in a dealership never gets fired unless they’ve done something severe to internal staff or they fucked up the bosses pizza order. Believe it or not sales staff are encouraged to bait customers and abuse them and later get praised for it. There is an occasional asshole who we can get the boss to give a fuel card or lollipop to shut him up.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 5 місяців тому Paul Ogie wow I just read your other comment you really are a douchebag customer. Which reasonable person would expect a worker to do something out of his own expense? Why would anyone want to go out of his own way to pay for your fuel? That just shows how self entitled you are. You are the type of asshole customer that makes people like me a bigger asshole for the next customer. Whenever I see a customer like you trying to demand things I instantly tell them to leave as they are here for the wrong reasons (demanding shit for free and will likely not be happy regardless because they are probably dealing with external issues. Much like your poor ass not being able to afford fuel and taking it out on a worker). Believe me if I (or any salesperson who can handle themselves) sold you a car and you were bothering us over fuel either I would have done one of 3 things. 1. Beat you up and put a price on your head. 2. Would have behaved and taken your car to be filled up on our staff fuel card (which is meant for expenses such as this) but instead fill it with water or oil to fuck you up. 3. Would have told you to show me where it was promised (unless the sales guy wrote it down he should have done it as it really isn’t a big deal) and would have stood my ground because we (dealership) all know buyers are liars and look after our own. You think we don’t laugh about people like you when we have lunch together? Please do us all a favour and stay away from all dealerships. Go buy a car privately off someone.
  • Track geeks
    Track geeks 5 місяців тому I will use it.
  • Dennis Demercurio
    Dennis Demercurio 5 місяців тому @Josh Beck Guess you saw Pretty Woman, too?
  • Marion Cobretti
    Marion Cobretti 5 місяців тому @Kevin Miller someone is mad. Must be a scammer urself. Hey do us all a favor and work for a living.
  • Walter
    Walter 5 місяців тому Kevin Miller big bad YouTube reply. Smh!
  • Keye Haze
    Keye Haze 5 місяців тому BOSS
  • david w
    david w 5 місяців тому @Kevin Miller You literally make no sense my brain hurts. Obviously he must have gotten a shit deal since he left. Did you throw away your english books when you were a kid?
  • Chris M
    Chris M 5 місяців тому TheMagache that’s great a good salesman usually knows when there being dicked around and signs your phone and email to spam enjoy that time wasting
  • dealmaker74
    dealmaker74 5 місяців тому Typical stroker.. that's why you people get "ripped off"
  • Joe Herrera
    Joe Herrera 5 місяців тому Fukin SAVAGE !!! Good one man
  • Investing With Chris
    Investing With Chris 5 місяців тому Awesome lol I'll use that one for sure
  • Joshua Cooper
    Joshua Cooper 5 місяців тому @Kevin Miller You must be a salesman lol
  • Bobby Boy
    Bobby Boy 5 місяців тому @Kevin Miller sometime you may have seen online a price for a car you might me interested in. You call the dealer and attract you there. On place their is hidden fees that makes the car even more expensive than msrp. They can even lied to you and try to sells you a more expensive car on a longer financing. This is a rip off. It is toxic to a customer that won't return to this dealer.
  • Raelyn
    Raelyn 5 місяців тому Mathew Remlin you’re never telling someone to fuck off because you want a car sale so bad
  • Josue Gonzalez
    Josue Gonzalez 5 місяців тому @Michael M well im living in California 10% taxes and the roads sucks too
  • William Hensley
    William Hensley 5 місяців тому @TheMagache 20 to 30 percent less? Not sure where you are shopping but not in my area. Dealership makes money in F&I not usually on the front end..
  • TheMagache
    TheMagache 5 місяців тому @William Hensley yeah I did the math on my elantra when I bought it for cash. 17k all in or it was 25k on a 7 year payment plan. This is CAD and was in 2015.
  • Ask Ames
    Ask Ames 5 місяців тому Guy walks into a car dealership and says "I'm going to buy a car today." every salesman laughs and walks the other way.
  • SoySauceLee
    SoySauceLee 5 місяців тому smooth motherfucker!
  • VCosh28
    VCosh28 5 місяців тому @Ask Ames I bought a car from a dealer that day. It was more expensive than the car at this dealership.
  • Ask Ames
    Ask Ames 5 місяців тому @VCosh28 I believe you. It doesn't make my statement less true. In fact, it's the reason my statement is true.
  • on theright
    on theright 5 місяців тому @Kevin Miller Have you ever been car shopping? Being smart enough to walk away from a one-sided deal can save a person thousands over the life of a loan/car. Sounds like you don't care about saving money. Must be nice to be so wealthy.
  • Ubaldie
    Ubaldie 5 місяців тому VCosh28 dammmm cuh that was hard af
  • Josh Mitchell
    Josh Mitchell 5 місяців тому @Mathew Remlin dealers are just middle men, that are customers at one point. Most people are fine with companies making profit. I mean really? But these profit margins are outrageous. You sir made yourself sound arrogant and somewhat ignorant to what service it is that you provide. The truth is, people need cars, companies make cars, most "dealers" get inbetween the two and profit. Then convince the buyer its the dealer thats needed not the buyer.
  • Josh Mitchell
    Josh Mitchell 5 місяців тому @Mathew Remlin How did he waste time?? Oh, maybe this is your logic? He wasted time cause dealers make money mainly off comissions and not hourly.? Ok so he has to buy by walking in no matter if hes ok with the deal or not?? Well starting to see why people have such and negative veiw of car dealers. I think you need to understand your trade and stop veiwing your customers as suckers and "wastes of time".
  • J Rush
    J Rush 5 місяців тому @Link 101 it's actually like $15k. It actually costs 1/2 of MSRP to make the car.
  • Dan Marino
    Dan Marino 5 місяців тому This actually did make me LOL. Fucking hilarious!
  • Rich Puckett
    Rich Puckett 5 місяців тому WTF are there so many trolls on here who only attack people who reply. Get a life, you scumbags. Or go throw yourself down a flight of stairs or something. Jeesh!
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 5 місяців тому Chris H Well, he’s a loser like you then.
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 5 місяців тому Kelly Medley Why, are you a nerd who’s never sold anything? There are good ethical dealers out there who are respectful even to dorks like you.
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 5 місяців тому ashleyrp2007 Wanna bet?
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 5 місяців тому Josh Mitchell The manufacturers’ tried “selling” cars directly back in the 80’s... they went out of business. They’re clueless when it comes to retailing.
  • Kev Rock
    Kev Rock 5 місяців тому @TheMagache I'm glad you have that much time on your hands LMAoooo
  • Kev Rock
    Kev Rock 5 місяців тому @King Zippy well said
  • songbirdsister
    songbirdsister 5 місяців тому @David Sparling Seriously. I lmao when I read that too. There are a lot of idiots on here commenting. Probably magots. As far as the video, seems like this guy went in and did his 2 week training and lasted a month or two and only remembered half because that's about how much he got right in his lil video.
  • jbn675478
    jbn675478 5 місяців тому ooooooohhhh dang big player!
  • MsTrooks
    MsTrooks 5 місяців тому 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Terry Easterby
    Terry Easterby 5 місяців тому never be afraid to walk...
  • Matt Eckhardt
    Matt Eckhardt 5 місяців тому Typical response from a stroker lol..
  • michael mcalpin
    michael mcalpin 5 місяців тому most sales people will turn the other way when someone says that because they usually aren't going to buy a car today
  • c redd
    c redd 5 місяців тому brilliant! :)
  • Eduardo Diaz
    Eduardo Diaz 5 місяців тому Yeah this guy has alot of useful information that is common sense! Thank you for your Knowledge
  • Evan Long
    Evan Long 5 місяців тому Call down cool guy lol.
  • Ariez
    Ariez 5 місяців тому 👍👍👍👍👍
  • Any Auto
    Any Auto 5 місяців тому That's no way to treat someone who's spent time with you to get you into a new car.
  • noro305
    noro305 5 місяців тому Savage
  • Craig Shields
    Craig Shields 5 місяців тому @Kevin Miller So he's supposed to take a bad deal just so some db car shill can feel good?
  • VCosh28
    VCosh28 5 місяців тому Really? Because I've been at a dealership and called another. They told me they had what I was looking for. Drove half an hour to that dealership only to get the bait and switch. I don't treat all salesman like that, but when I do they deserve it.
  • cantbother yupicant
    cantbother yupicant 4 місяці тому Kevin Miller he said he wasn’t getting a good deal dumbass
  • b ritchey
    b ritchey 4 місяці тому I don't ask "are you buying a car today." I ask, "Are you buying a car right now?" You were dealing with a novice. At some time or another, you have to trust someone.
  • b ritchey
    b ritchey 4 місяці тому @TheMagache you sound like a dick. That's spitting in that person's face. That's how we take care of our family. People like you get your car from some rookie that doesn't know anything therefore you get a shitty deal.
  • Overman
    Overman 4 місяці тому @Kevin Miller He said they couldn't reach an agreement. That's why.
  • Jeff O
    Jeff O 4 місяці тому Wow ur such a badass
  • Christopher Claudio Skierka
    Christopher Claudio Skierka 4 місяці тому that is funny :), i have done this approach actually 2/3 times in the past. i think if you are happy to walk away you are okay , if they can see you will get emotionally attached you are screwed
  • b ritchey
    b ritchey 4 місяці тому @William Hensley depends on the demographics. Not always that way.
  • FherKa19
    FherKa19 4 місяці тому Kevin Miller Sounds like you’re a salty car dealership salesman!!!
  • FherKa19
    FherKa19 4 місяці тому (змінено) Mathew Remlin look at this tough guy!! Hahahahah “I WILL MAKE YOU BUY A CAR..”” blah, blah, blah. I have made salesmen my bitches multiple times by simply having them work the contract them taking 30 mins reading it. Then walking out, and guess what, they all chase me down like the little bitches they are because ( Oh their poor souls couldn’t rip off another person, but they ultimately have to get the sale to meet their monthly quota). But that’s not all, guess what I do to them right before signing after they given me things for free and are in writing in the contract? I tell them I have a trade in which I already appraised at multiple dealerships just to rub it in their faces. But that’s not all. The next day I WALK IN LIKE A BADASS with a check to pay off the car with a loan from my credit union at a much lower interest rate. Hahahahahahahahahahahahabababababababahahahahahahaha And at the end of the day I couldn’t give two shits whether you told me to fuck off or not. Lmao I still got my money with me and would walk out with a smile on you face telling you. “Have an awesome day my guy, hope you make a TON of sales today”
  • the keto life
    the keto life 4 місяці тому What is so funny about this thread is that so many people still don't get the car business. At least the traditional way. It's about selling and making money. That's it. The sales guys want to make money. The finance guys want to make money. The managers want to make money etc. This guy left? So what? Go get another UP. The minute he got in his car and drove away, do your follow up but take another customer and sell a car. Because if you don't, you can't pay your bills.
  • Jay Hall
    Jay Hall 4 місяці тому That rude asf.
  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 4 місяці тому VCosh28 One does not want to have an adversarial relationship Saying what you did was wrong You fired the first cannon No matter what you response is, I’d wager you didn’t by a car that day
  • NavyDave219
    NavyDave219 4 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin ah yes another pos car salesman lol
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 4 місяці тому NavyDave219 u know it 👍
  • Jose Moreno
    Jose Moreno 4 місяці тому Lol
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 4 місяці тому @TheMagache Yeah...let me guess, you're here on a 2 year work visa which has dragged on for 6 or more and you wear sandals in the winter???
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 4 місяці тому (змінено) @Michael M Would've hung up on you right after you've said you're calling 50 dealers. Douche...
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 4 місяці тому @Josh Beck Dork move...
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 4 місяці тому @Chris H Then he was as big an idiot as you.... pathetic mooch.
  • TheMagache
    TheMagache 4 місяці тому @David Sparling guess again.
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 4 місяці тому @Raelyn you people really think we salivate over a sale that is guaranteed to NOT be reasonably profitable? Damn, there are far too many customers who value their time enough to NOT spend weeks shopping to save $250! Get a freaking life!
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 4 місяці тому @TheMagache Exactly you moron! If you finance for 84 months you're going to pay INTEREST! The $17k was the principal amount. Sheesh!!!
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 4 місяці тому @FherKa19 Yeah, right. You're a YouTube loser.
  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson 4 місяці тому That is classic!
  • boston12111
    boston12111 4 місяці тому As a retired auto salesman I never wanted a customer to say I'll buy today! Over 99% never do.
  • FunnyAtTimes I
    FunnyAtTimes I 4 місяці тому Buying a car is a big investment with no return,but we need them just as much as the people who sell them to us do and yet,they are trying to sell us cars at prices they would never pay.They try to keep you at the dealership until you get tired and sign what's put in front of you,so why not walk out and go somewhere else ?
  • Smokin' Man
    Smokin' Man 4 місяці тому VCosh28 you're the kind of guy that negotiates the price of a cheeseburger at McDonalds...
  • Jerry S.
    Jerry S. 4 місяці тому Best line of the day, in all of the videos I watched! LOL.
  • Romario R
    Romario R 4 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin suck a dick fag.
  • Erik Ruiz Felix Roast
    Erik Ruiz Felix Roast 4 місяці тому Kevin Miller u sound like a car dealer gtfo bitch
  • Ish The Face
    Ish The Face 4 місяці тому Did you bring a mic to drop?
  • llCrZyll DaSh
    llCrZyll DaSh 4 місяці тому @Kevin Miller 🤦🏽‍♂️L
  • CMT
    CMT 4 місяці тому Oooo burn! Love it! <3
  • deep C3
    deep C3 4 місяці тому Baller!!
  • Dominic Farace
    Dominic Farace 4 місяці тому You're one of those people lol jesus
  • Agnes Kennicott
    Agnes Kennicott 4 місяці тому r/thathappened
  • The Jokestar
    The Jokestar 4 місяці тому 😂😂😂😂
  • c5 relampago
    c5 relampago 4 місяці тому @TheMagache totally man i went into an alfa romeo dealership brand new 4c it was the first year they had comed out i was going home from work and decided to take a look i had gone to that dealership 1 year before but i guess it had been sold to new owners because the staff was completely different so i test drove it and all well to make things short i wasted about 3 months from the salesman ended getting the car for 35 k financed and all have 10 in dp payments were little they were desperate for sales
  • jblue1622
    jblue1622 4 місяці тому My first bad experience 3 separate guys tried to quarrel with me and almost lock me in their little negotiating room after I test drove a Honda Civic hybrid back in like 2005 or 6, they’re last thing they said was i thought you wanted to buy a car all agitated, I said the same thing
  • Andrew Boehmer
    Andrew Boehmer 4 місяці тому @Kevin Miller To see what they were offering. Are you some type of bitch that takes whatever someone offers you? Enjoy your reaming.
  • Michael Ray
    Michael Ray 4 місяці тому @TheMagache 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 found the salesman.
    TSC TSC 4 місяці тому PRICELESS!!!
  • adub103
    adub103 4 місяці тому Your gay.
  • adub103
    adub103 4 місяці тому A veteran salesperson would go the opposite direction as soon as you said that stupid shit
  • Ned Muller
    Ned Muller 4 місяці тому Bet that dealer had a bad night!
  • Shayan Aboutalebi
    Shayan Aboutalebi 4 місяці тому no you didnt, you heard that story and wanted to sound cool
  • Shayan Aboutalebi
    Shayan Aboutalebi 4 місяці тому prob was a boug, couldnt even buy, made up some bullshit on here, hes one of the dudes we try to shoo off, well give a call tom, "i can wait. sit in the show room for 2 days"
  • Dean Kwarta
    Dean Kwarta 4 місяці тому @TheMagache You are wasting your time if that's the way you buy cars.
  • Carpe Diem
    Carpe Diem 4 місяці тому LOLS, Classic!
  • Greg Hampton
    Greg Hampton 4 місяці тому @TheMagache ?
  • Rehman Afzal
    Rehman Afzal 4 місяці тому Kevin Miller lol right
  • Ashley Burt
    Ashley Burt 4 місяці тому VCosh28 perfect
  • Scott Howe
    Scott Howe 4 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin yeah you go ahead and tell people to f*** off and you won't have a job tomorrow how you like that beagles smart guy
  • Life Conventions
    Life Conventions 4 місяці тому Kevin Miller because you have to walk in first to know what are you dealing with. It's a logic my man 😈
  • Ted Tait
    Ted Tait 4 місяці тому @Kevin Miller Sounds like Kevin Miller lost a sale.
  • Joseph Stone
    Joseph Stone 4 місяці тому Lol!
    OMAR GAVARRETE 4 місяці тому Awesome
    OMAR GAVARRETE 4 місяці тому I only go to dealerships to have a free coffee lol
  • jay johnson
    jay johnson 4 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin what a little f**** douchebag you are I'm glad I don't find people at dealerships like you but I always go to the same dealership and buy a new car every 3 years thank goodness they don't have a little douchebag like you there are wouldn't go there
  • googly moogly
    googly moogly 4 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin that's fine cuz us educated buyers will find the soft dealer and get a good deal, just like you'll eventually screw over a sucker. It all evens out.
  • Don Goodrich
    Don Goodrich 4 місяці тому OMG I LOVE IT
  • Robot Creator
    Robot Creator 4 місяці тому @Kevin Miller Because dealership deserves to lose time. We dont need dealers. They are nothing but scum
  • JohnnyTurnerMusic
    JohnnyTurnerMusic 4 місяці тому You are the reason a lot of car salesman dont treat customers well! Hourly rate is shit, that's like getting out a $5 tip for a waitress then flipping her the bird! You must have low self-esteem if thats what makes you tick! Scum!
  • fy360n
    fy360n 4 місяці тому @Kevin Miller you must be a car salesman, why you so mad?
  • MilesAllgood
    MilesAllgood 4 місяці тому I'm # 3K like, Yeah!!
  • Keith Wells
    Keith Wells 4 місяці тому @Kevin Miller are you a car salesman ?
    INDIE PYRO 4 місяці тому Fuckin gold, all the sales people can suck it, your liars! I got profiled at three dealerships the way you describe you all would but actually had 10k and two 10 year old trade ins to put on two 3 year old vehicles because I needed to build my credit last year to get a mortgage from always paying cash my whole life and never having credit. I was looking at 34900 but said I wanted winter tires and 3000 of their original asking price off with 10k down, I had showed proof of funds and had approved finance and would of settled for winters and 1000 off) after management and my salesmen told me too bad I told them thanks for wasting my time but I know the market value of the vehicles. reminded him I was there and gave them 2 hours patiently waiting and my time is money, and i would buy private as I had other vehicles lined up, so I bought a 3 year old rav4 for cash. But 15 minutes after leaving i had a different salesman offer me winters for my deal, I said thanks and told him what I was going to buy, and surprise the owner called me and his salesmen was getting demoted from floor manager and my full deal was on the table, but I'm a man of my word. Keep the act up fuckin snakes 😂
  • BlackPDigitalMedia
    BlackPDigitalMedia 4 місяці тому @Michael M hmmmmm... i guess that works if you have the cash ready to close
  • BlackPDigitalMedia
    BlackPDigitalMedia 4 місяці тому @King Zippy it's not the price of the car, it's all about the amount of financing you can get based on credit score.. for some people a 15k car will be 18k total or 28k total, depending on the FINANCING.. so the point is to secure your own financing first THEN hit the dealership.
  • Frank LaMon
    Frank LaMon 4 місяці тому @Des Wilkinson Agreed, give me the best price you can from the start and then take yes or no for an answer. ;-)
  • Edgardo A
    Edgardo A 4 місяці тому Michael M that's the winning idea right there 😂
  • Edgardo A
    Edgardo A 4 місяці тому Mathew Remlin charity center?? IDK who goes in begging for a free car. and only fools would hand a guy like you a credit card 🤣🤣
  • Don  Mackie
    Don Mackie 4 місяці тому Clever young Skywalker. Clever.
  • Don  Mackie
    Don Mackie 4 місяці тому @epiksar its pertinent cuz its funny
  • Charles Borlase
    Charles Borlase 4 місяці тому (змінено) @Mathew Remlin Obviously the dealer is a business. And salesmen have to make a living. Got it. I'm good with that. Buying a car is aggravating as it's reasonable to want to give the dealer a reasonable profit, and not get taken to the cleaners. Let me ask Matthew, do you quote the best modest profit price for every car sale you make? Or do you look to make the most profit for yourself and the dealer from every deal? I've seen both kinds of salesmen. No surprise as to who actually gets my business. I try to not waste their time, and I don't like much like them wasting mine.
  • Charles Borlase
    Charles Borlase 4 місяці тому @TheMagache I can't say I've ever seen a cash price being 20-30% off a new vehicle.
  • TheMagache
    TheMagache 4 місяці тому @Charles Borlase then you havent tried or looked hard enough.
  • Savage Waifu
    Savage Waifu 4 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin This is your comment-> "hahaha that’s funny 😂. Boy you must have been one headache of a customer. I bet you came in to the dealership with some measuring tape and a decibel reader too! I would have just taken you into our workshop and smacked the shit out of you till you behaved. I’ll tell you a little secret. A staff member in a dealership never gets fired unless they’ve done something severe to internal staff or they fucked up the bosses pizza order. Believe it or not sales staff are encouraged to bait customers and abuse them and later get praised for it. There is an occasional asshole who we can get the boss to give a fuel card or lollipop to shut him up." Because of your attitude and comments like these from you as well as every other salesman, I will never buy a car from a dealership. You brag about screwing people over while being a whiny little victim of how mean the customers are for doing their homework and wanting to get a good deal. Plus Salesmen are such scumbags that normal humble people feel like they need to come in with an attitude and act tough just so they don't get financially raked through the coals. I won't though. I go private party and pay cash for a car that's 5 years old. That way most of the depreciation is done and I don't get screwed around with by arrogant little blowhard 25 year olds that get off to playing head games and brag about it with their keyboards. I'm not a flashy little retard like the idiots that come into your shop or the glorified crooks for salesman that have a pissing contest with them. But I really do want to thank you for showing your cards. Now if you can just tell us what dealership you work at we can all go ahead and avoid you. Oh wait! All salesmen are like you so it doesn't matter!😂
  • Gene Moretti
  • Gene Moretti
  • Franco M
    Franco M 4 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin Hey dumbass, you used your real name... Matt. I will never buy a car from you!
  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 місяці тому Precision smart ass... .Got to love that shit.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 4 місяці тому Franco M fuck your sound such like someone who would give me headache 🤦🏻‍♂️ no shit I’m using my own name Sherlock. You couldn’t afford a car anyway 🤪
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 4 місяці тому Savage Waifu thanks. I was hoping my comments would grab the attention of so called ‘educated’ buyers (which is all bullshit because what the fuck can you possibly be educated about when buying a car? They are just commodities that come in a vast range to meet consumer needs. In simple terms, you don’t need to look/compare/research at a 150k if you can only afford a 20k car.) to deter them away because they are all headaches. There are a shit ton of people like you who walk in and start comparing everything down to the inch, dollar or spec and they regard themselves as educated buyers. Get the fuck out of here with your tight ass self making up excuses as being regarded as educated. Boy you just cheap and poor 😂. Oh wow you’re so smart for buying a used car from a private individual because you’re going to save on depreciation. That’s all just bullshit so called ‘educated’ buyers say. People buying cars thinking it’s an investment property 🤦🏻‍♂️. Your generalisation of car sales people is exactly why we aren’t the nicest people you hypocrite. All buyers seem to think we have a magic $10,000 profit in the sale of a car. Which was the case back in the 70’s-90’s but not anymore. Please do all dealerships a favour and stay away. Really thankful for that.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 4 місяці тому Charles Borlase well my polite commenting friend I’ll explain it to you since you commented so nicely. These days all dealers have stock/inventory monitored (thanks to digital logs) through manufacturers who want to make sure that their products are being offered to the market at compatible pricing across that particular country, city etc. Back in the day (we’re talking about 70’s-90’s - probably was about 1995-2000 when it all changed) the car sales market wasn’t particularly as competitive as it is today due to consumer demand for automobiles being greater at that time, and there weren’t many franchised dealers around rather privately owned yards with private owned stock (nowadays a lot of dealership stock is leased through a manufacturers floor plan, which is basically a loan for the inventory, and the majority are franchises as private yards are pretty much dead). Because of this, the sales of cars to the consumers weren’t something that were really monitored or regulated. There was an occasional visit from a representative from the manufacturing company who’d only really look into how much that dealer was generating, customer complaints were tossed out the window and the reps were schmoozled out of looking into any serious deceitful or unfair business practices (such as loading a car up with 10k worth of accessories and selling it for 15 over) by a coffee or beer. Come the dawn of computers into every dealership to simplify inventory management and no more need for Mr Rep to be paid to do what a computer can do without the cost of flights and accommodation, all dealers can now see each other’s inventory, customer and test drive database, pricing list on a network so to can the manufacturers. Dealer A is seen selling a small handful of cars but making big money whilst B and C are selling a lot but making no money. In comes Mr car maker because his product is being exposed by B and C but not A, because Mr car maker makes money through product exposure (need for parts and servicing and brand trust) he shuts down A because he don’t care about the money A makes as Mr car maker generates more money by exposure. This then leads to enforcing rules to all dealers to now offer the product at compatible prices (so called “promotions” and “specials” or “bonuses”) and it’s all monitored now so whoever doesn’t comply get’s the boot. Time goes by and every consumer now has 2-3 cars so Mr car maker has taken away all profit margins, forced dealers to pay for registration costs and insurance and labelled it “drive away” because the other Mr car maker is doing it, give fancy gifts to buyers and start forcing front line staff to be happy (regardless of the fact you are working on a Sunday and they have taken away 90% of your profit), just to further increase consumer attention because Mr car maker still wants his money. So to make a long story short all that I can offer is a modest fair price because the manufacturers have not allowed for anything else. Don’t be fooled though that modest fair price still includes a the best profit and incentive for me (usually $100-$750. Which is split for dealership profit and as a sales person I can get 10-50% of that depending on my performance that month). Although it is not great as it used to be and probably not worth the time consumed and headache gained from the customers 101 million questions and requests, I still obviously want what’s the best for me because I have a family to feed and Gold Gucci underwear on order and obviously I know everyone is going to ask for a cheaper price (which is fair) so I’ve got to get my business hat on and start high as fairly and reasonably enforced by Mr car maker. Hope that helps clarify the car industry for you. P.S if you ever walk in to a dealership and have been offered a price that’s say $500 better than the offer from the last place who told you they could simply not do any better in a matter of minutes (hence you haven’t wasted your time) just know that car has probably been sitting there and not been turned over for 3-6 months whereas the other has just arrived hence the reduction in price for the same car because Mr car maker can see how long that car has been there and wants the dealer to take a loss or take a hike. So the ‘give me your best offer once and don’t waste my time’ card doesn’t work to your benefit.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 4 місяці тому Edgardo A it’s an exaggeration related to negotiation on the price of the sale of a car. Surely you could have realised that and you aren’t that dumb. Must be a lot of fools in the world then. 35 fools so far this month. 😆
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 4 місяці тому (змінено) OMAR GAVARRETE hahaha how’s that sperm taste 😜 Who do you think sets up the coffee machines and rubs their hands all over it? Yep the salesman who just took a morning rub to get his day started. No joke go to any dealer and majority will know what a ‘morning start’ means. Do you ever wonder why we have our own coffee machines yet go out to buy take away coffee?? 😭
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 4 місяці тому Scott Howe lol 😂 you have no idea how a dealership works. 99% of what we do is telling someone to fuck off.
  • seansurfn2
    seansurfn2 4 місяці тому dayyuummm lol
  • Joseph Ortiz
    Joseph Ortiz 4 місяці тому love it lol
  • ashley gorman
    ashley gorman 3 місяці тому @TheMagache I sold cars for years, and yes, if you drag it out you will definitely get a great deal, however the car you wanted may sell, so as long as you have more than one of interest on their lot, ya drag it out and dont talk price let them keep making better deals every week for you.
  • Christian Mattos
    Christian Mattos 3 місяці тому lmfaoooooo serves em right
  • Joe mariconadas
    Joe mariconadas 3 місяці тому WHAT A FUCKING GOOD ANSWER.
  • Al SoCal
    Al SoCal 3 місяці тому hahahahaha
  • Uncle Buck
    Uncle Buck 3 місяці тому PRICELESS! Just to amuse myself, I've gone into car dealerships wearing a suit and tie. I mean, dressed to the nines; white shirt, french cuff, cufflinks - Don Draper. I always bring a girlfriend and promise her she's going to love the next three hours. I tell her when I'm test driving the car, you're in the backseat, periodically say something to the effect; "Luke, we discussed cars and this one is very close..." Later, "Baby, this car... you look so sexy right now.." And wait until I see the "4 squares"...
  • Uncle Buck
    Uncle Buck 3 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin Methinks thou doth protest too much. Marko forgot to note this on his whiteboard: "Joel? Can I call you Joel? Joel, in a sluggish economy don't ever fuck with another man's livelihood." ----- Guido the pimp ("Risky Business" 1983)
  • Paul O'Connell
    Paul O'Connell 3 місяці тому @Kevin Miller sounds like he wasn't a tool falling for their crap
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 3 місяці тому Buck Wheat da fuck you talking about buck?? 🤔
  • Andrea Day
    Andrea Day 3 місяці тому incognito , your disgusting....if you didn’t already figure that out... 🤮
  • Esdras Sontay
    Esdras Sontay 3 місяці тому Kevin Miller you sound like a salty sales person who’s got a taste of that there bud
  • Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010
    Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010 3 місяці тому Kevin Miller Loser.
  • Jose Colon
    Jose Colon 3 місяці тому hahaha Nice! Good job!
  • Lee Keels
    Lee Keels 3 місяці тому @Kevin Miller He didn't waste any time. He wasn't treated fairly and he left.
  • Lee Keels
    Lee Keels 3 місяці тому I did the exact same thing. They called me the next day and gave me the deal I asked for in the first place.
  • Lee Keels
    Lee Keels 3 місяці тому @TheMagache If it takes longer than 48 hours, it's not going to happen.
  • Roger Brown
    Roger Brown 3 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin And you will get a real nice review telling customers what an asshole you are and to stay away from your dealership.
  • Keaton Townsend
    Keaton Townsend 3 місяці тому sounds to me like you intentionally wasted a salesmen's time. salesmen live off of commission so congratulations all your doing is feeling better about yourself for wasting each others time.
  • ILLegal ELbow
    ILLegal ELbow 3 місяці тому im gonna try that for my next dealership crap-shoot!!!! LOL!!!!
  • TheKingeboue27
    TheKingeboue27 3 місяці тому So you went in and said the worst thing possible to get a good deal, then walked out without one. Bravo. 'I am going to buy a car today'- In other words, I'm in the market right now, dont worry about pushing my hand and offering a great deal because I am in the market right now. And being human, I am also lazy, and would much prefer not to shop around many places.
  • Keaton Townsend
    Keaton Townsend 3 місяці тому Mathew Remlin exactly. I sell cars at a dealership and it seems like people get offended that we make a profit. It’s a job so I deserve to get paid. If you want to see a professional when buying a car you have to pay them for it and people don’t get that. I’ll have customers expect us to sell it to them at a huge loss and get offended when we say no.
  • Keaton Townsend
    Keaton Townsend 3 місяці тому PCH PH haha yup or the type that wants a full size truck with low miles but they insist on having leather and they get mad if you show them anything over $10k. Customers will blame car salesmen when you have to do a reality check that things cost money and maybe they can’t afford it
  • Jey2u2 P.
    Jey2u2 P. 3 місяці тому Oh damn🤣🤣🤣
  • Paul Connors
    Paul Connors 3 місяці тому Can  borrow this line?  :-)
  • Gatorinnola
    Gatorinnola 3 місяці тому Nice.
  • barrybfl
    barrybfl 3 місяці тому @Kevin Miller You sound like a total db car salesman.
  • kal
    kal 3 місяці тому So awesome.
  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 3 місяці тому Josh Beck, That's what I did !! The sales jerk insinuated that we couldn't afford what we were looking at. We bought a nicer car and drove back to show the idiot ... and it cost less than the one we were looking at !! I HATE car sales people .. low life forms, ALL of them...
  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 3 місяці тому I've had call backs for 3 weeks ... I just ignore them ... we're done.
  • John Benavidez
    John Benavidez 3 місяці тому VCosh28 p
  • Side Winder
    Side Winder 3 місяці тому VCosh28 you wasted your valuable time playing around. You leave someone else comes to purchase. Due your research on your free time. There is more important things to do with your time then pretending to buy a car all the the while you’re fact checking. 🤦🏿‍♂️
  • Side Winder
    Side Winder 3 місяці тому TheMagache he gets paid for that time 🧠
  • Side Winder
    Side Winder 3 місяці тому Patrick Emond apparently they had no idea what a good deal looks like delusional. Not enough research done they received an F for the day.
  • Side Winder
    Side Winder 3 місяці тому Michael M while your sitting there someone buys the vehicle you wanted, and your stuck with a conciliation prize of something you didn’t want because you focused on price. You get what you put into the universe.
  • Richmond Boahene
    Richmond Boahene 3 місяці тому Burn
  • Miller Forester
    Miller Forester 3 місяці тому I like that one!
  • Side Winder
    Side Winder 3 місяці тому 🗣who would pay 4K for an 2006 impala with 8million miles on it😂😂😂✨this customer made out like a bandit✨😂😂😂😂just thought I’d wait til I got my first comment before I commented this. Go to and see what would an 06 Chevy impala with just ✨170000✨miles on it would value😂😂mich less 8 million. Where he get his Finance degree at⁉️
  • Dee Mabon
    Dee Mabon 3 місяці тому Damn! Lol
  • aab434
    aab434 3 місяці тому Hahahahaha funny af
  • Aaron Willis
    Aaron Willis 3 місяці тому That was gangsta! 👍
  • bjtucker5
    bjtucker5 3 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin , Thanks for showing your hand, as painfully obvious as it is with dealerships anyway. For most of my lif, I've saved a ton going "buy owner." I know the mantra for car sales is that "There's a sucker born every minute, and 2 for the taking." That's capitalism and I don't blame you for hustling. But hey, I was born at night... Just not last night😉
  • bjtucker5
    bjtucker5 3 місяці тому @William Hensley Glad to know guys like you exist
  • bjtucker5
    bjtucker5 3 місяці тому @SaulBadd 🤣
  • William Hensley
    William Hensley 3 місяці тому My entire thought on this you get mad at your mortgage company when you pay 500,000 for a 170,000 dollar home? Or 5 dollars for a 50 cent coffee? How about burger king charging 4.00 for a burger they have .83 cents in? But yet people go to a dealership and think these are the guys ripping you off? It is true that car sales is cutthroat but not all sales guys are bad guys.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 3 місяці тому Roger Brown As long as I’m making money it’s all good.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 3 місяці тому Keaton Townsend exactly. If you want quality then pay for it. You want to be cheap and I’ll give you cheap.
    THE CHILL PILL. 3 місяці тому Smart man👍
  • Natural Settings
    Natural Settings 3 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin selling anything in tangible retail is a life of wasted time. I know plenty of folks who spent years doing what you do, and they are ALL in the gutter now. My brother is one, he made a ton of money years ago, in his youth, like you, but as he aged (he's 58), the sales bottomed out, he couldn't find work, no one wants to have an old sales guy on their team. Now, he has a job at the USPS, sorting mail. I'm in sales, I'm 55, and I make a great living. Been doing it for 22 years. But I don't sell crap to hot headed egotistical young schmucks. I sell stocks. And in today's world, with the tech that allows me to work from my home office, I clean up daily. 2k a day, keeps the repo man away. Look into it, TDameritrade, invest in your future, don't blow it on dumb shite. So, you can retire early. I work from 830 to 12 Monday thru Friday, take vacations whenever I want, and have a brokerage account with over 100k in it at all times. My IRA has 220k, and I'm just waiting to 59 years old to retire, for full access to the IRA. I can throw down my black amex for almost any purchase, son. My house is paid, and I enjoy building my old Volvo in the afternoons. I don't blow my money on new cars, and fancy crap. Good luck to you.
  • Chris Stubbs
    Chris Stubbs 3 місяці тому I'd tell your ass to keep walking and don't come back Don't have time for children who thrown temper tantrums in my store
  • Jacob M
    Jacob M 3 місяці тому @Kevin Miller Found the car salesman ^
  • Dee
    Dee 3 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin to me, you're better off buying a new car bc the used cars are just as expensive and they have wear/tear and mileage. I leased my car and loved leasing it. The payments were low and then when my lease was up, I refinanced it and kept it.
  • Ritvik Vaishnav
    Ritvik Vaishnav 3 місяці тому OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH intense
  • Robin Lillian
    Robin Lillian 3 місяці тому Kevin Miller: It was the dealer that wasted the buyer's time by trying to cheat him. You sound like a disappointed used car salesman. lol
  • Robin Lillian
    Robin Lillian 3 місяці тому Mathew Remlin: No. People think car dealerships are full of liars and thieves like you. Pieces of trash like YOU can't sell cars. Buyers have no obligation to give you a penny. We can go anywhere we want. Now tell me where you work, so I can be sure to NEVER BUY ANYTHING THERE. Idiot. lol
  • Robin Lillian
    Robin Lillian 3 місяці тому ironmiketodd: The salesman would go to jail and the dealership would be closed. That's a felony--and stupid as hell. Most people don't buy on the first day. If a dealership did this to everyone who didn't buy a car, the pattern would be obvious. More reason to buy used from an individual and stay the hell away from dealerships.
  • Robin Lillian
    Robin Lillian 3 місяці тому Mathew Remlin: You mean you want people's private information, so you can threaten to steal it. One day, you will go too far and end up behind bars for the rest of your life. This is why people HATE car dealerships and CARVANA is so popular. Like most people, I would rather pay extra than buy from scum like you. Prepare to be unemployed--or worse.
  • Nathaniel Taylor
    Nathaniel Taylor 3 місяці тому Mic Drop🎤
  • Chuck Stewart
    Chuck Stewart 3 місяці тому LOL... Best exit line!
  • Dona 4 Him
    Dona 4 Him 3 місяці тому @Juggernaut 333 That ain't autism dude! That's ADHD. someone with autism will make sure they get their damn coffee! How do I know? My niece is autistic and obviously I know way more about it than you. And I am ADHD.
  • Dona 4 Him
    Dona 4 Him 3 місяці тому 😂👍😂👍😂👍
  • Dona 4 Him
    Dona 4 Him 3 місяці тому @Kevin Miller Not MY time! HIS time! Ooooooo such fun!!!! 😂😂😂
  • MoparMadness93
    MoparMadness93 3 місяці тому Mathew Remlin kinda works that way with people towards mechanics as well. Not exactly the same but similar. We have to deal with educated internet mechanics who read crap on line and try and tell you how to do your job and what it should cost
  • KDog
    KDog 3 місяці тому @TheMagache why?
  • Dee Truth
    Dee Truth 3 місяці тому I sold for years and when someone comes in saying Im going to buy a car today, they usually cant lmaoo
  • Hellifiknow
    Hellifiknow 3 місяці тому @Michael M I have actually bought a car just that way. Sales rep even brought car to me. Whole thing over phone. Best deal I ever got on a vehicle!!!
  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 3 місяці тому VCosh28 Your a jerk You’re lying when your lips are moving
  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 3 місяці тому TheMagache I imagine you like to be jerked around too Inane cretin
  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 3 місяці тому Michael M Never give prices over the phone Jerks abound
  • lot2004
    lot2004 3 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin Hi Mathew, what's the name of the dealership you work at?
  • Motrhead69
    Motrhead69 3 місяці тому Savage!!!!
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 3 місяці тому lot2004 I work at your mother’s bedroom it’s right near she calls me daddy and on the corner of -cause your daddy got a baby carrot dick-. Tell you what it’s always a HARD day at work but every day for some reason I just want to CUM back and do what I’m so passionate about. Nah in all honesty thought I’m at CA Long Beach Audi. Jokes aside if you want a great deal (provides you are in the same area) or if you would like to refer your friends/family we have a really great team with who’ll put you into a top class car for a decent price or lease.
  • John M
    John M 3 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin Sounds as if somebody touched a nerve with you. Car salesmen are douchebags.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 3 місяці тому John M yes someone has touched my nerves. It was yo mama! She felt all my nerves 🤪 occasionally stupid customers who don’t allow me to make the biggest dollar I can get on my nerves too but I prefer yo mama!
  • Slade Winters
    Slade Winters 3 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin And whats wrong with being an educated buyer? how would you like to go to a grocery store and buy a $2.00 jar of mayonnaise for $35.00? it about dealerships trying to rape the ass off the consumer. A car dealer shouldnt make more than 3-5% of the dealer invoice profit. If some sucker comes in and pays it then their stupid but if someone who knows the greed game car dealerships play tells them like it is then live with it. Its not about the consumer taking the dealer to the cleaners....we all have to make an honest living...but thats the thing....HONEST. so shove your "I want to get rich by taking food from the mouths of people who need a vehicle to get to work" up your dishonest ass.
  • Slade Winters
    Slade Winters 3 місяці тому @VCosh28 this Matthew shit head is the type of guy who would steal the gerbers from a babies mouth if it made him a profit...
  • MR.Techroid
    MR.Techroid 3 місяці тому 😅😅😂
  • Tamyra
    Tamyra 3 місяці тому You're cool af! LOL
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 3 місяці тому Slade Winters you need to get a reality check. The whole world and capitalism and the concept of business is about taking money from another. Why is it fair to get raped by a university for 50k or by a lawyer to take majority of funds from a proceeding? Don’t give me any high horse bullshit answer. Oh really 3% on the total invoice? I suppose these car yards which are rented out min 20k a month and the stock which costs another 20k+ a month and the staff which are another 100k+ a month will survive off an average of 80 cars sold on a good month at an average of 3%. So the person/company who put his blood/sweat/tears into opening a business is suppose to be a charity center is it? Easy to talk like you know shit when all you actually know is shit. There’s no such thing as education on the purchase of a commodity. That is plain and simple self consideration. If you got $5 no one forced you to walk into a top notch grocery store and buy the best $50 bottle of milk because it was made with some ingredient that’s going to enhance your immune system. Same way as no one is forcing you to come in and buy a new car if you can’t afford it. There’s no need to justify to me why you are better off a second hand privately owned car because of reasons like ‘you save on depreciation’ or ‘there is no profit margin in it’. As long as you can convince yourself your better off that way because you simply can’t afford a new car then there is no need to try and convince others on how good your methods are. It’s the same as you gloating on the best method to get a free refill at McDonald’s. It’s pathetic but you call it being educated.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 3 місяці тому Slade Winters if all I had to do was take candy from a baby to make money I’d be this century’s golden king Mansa musa.
  • Craig Manning
    Craig Manning 3 місяці тому @rich17279 Ride of the Valkyries
  • Chevy #47601
    Chevy #47601 3 місяці тому LMAO
  • yopotico
    yopotico 3 місяці тому Paul Ogie are gay. Are you fucking 2 years old. Grow up with you incentive insecure comments. Jerk
  • yopotico
    yopotico 3 місяці тому jay johnson you buy a car every 3 years. That’s piss poor finance.
  • Superior Carpet & Paint, LLC
    Superior Carpet & Paint, LLC 3 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin That is what Google map reviews are for...
  • Charlie LaFever
    Charlie LaFever 3 місяці тому Yep. Buying a car is no different than buying anything else. It's a mutual contract/agreement that must be satisfactory to all parties involved. They can't "Get Money" from you, unless you agree to pay them. It's a business. Of course they want to get the most they can from you ,just like you want to spend the least amount of money. If you fault them for that, you'd have to fault yourself. Walking in with that narcissistic attitude, isn't good for anyone. If you want a pair of shoes, but don't think you're getting a fair price, you can leave, or you can pay, but you aren't "forced" into anything. If you think you're not getting a fair deal at any point, just leave. Let's act like grown-ups.
  • JerodMayo51
    JerodMayo51 3 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin Thats pretty hilarious, a car salesman telling a customer that they're an arrogant, self-centered piece of trash lolol... Car salesman are scum, get a real job.
  • JerodMayo51
    JerodMayo51 3 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin Its not wasting a car salesmans time... THAT IS YOUR FUCKING JOB! Customers are looking for the best deal possible, that is called purchasing power and using a competitive marketplace to their advantage. They work hard for their money, they dont have to shovel it all into your wallet just because you think they're an asshole for not handing all of their money over to you. You sound like a 25 year old punk that will be selling cars for the rest of his life
  • JerodMayo51
    JerodMayo51 3 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin haha you're pathetic "What could give me the same amount of money for minimal work while goofing around?" After you just whined about people "wasting your time" when they want to actually get a deal as a consumer and get the most value for their hard earned dollar... You obviously can't appreciate that since you just admitted you don't work hard for shit, you probably just love to take advantage of ignorant people that walk into the dealership.. probably old people, or people with familys with kids, etc... All just targets to you to line your pocket as much as possible... Then when someone walks in that is a bit more of an "educated buyer," you get all bitter because you know you won't be able to fleece them for every dime they're worth, which pisses you off and then you chalk it up to someone "wasting your time". You're a fucking joke dude, absolutely pathetic.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 3 місяці тому JerodMayo51 Your parents are scum for producing your hypocritical ass. I do have a real job and it earns quite well for very little effort thanks very much. My job is to sell a car and make a profit. How much profit is not up for decision nor should it be to any committee/company/authority etc. If I am engaging into dealings with a customer and making little to no profit than I consider it a waste of time. I don’t care about the market place, buyers guides or the economy. I have stock to sell and you can be darn sure I’m going to get every dollar out of it. Yes I know people work hard for their money just as I do too so why am I scum and pathetic when I’m doing what everyone else is doing? (even though in my job I have a lot of down time to sleep in a car I still work hard. Such as dealing with complicated customers who think I haven’t heard the ‘I need to talk to my wife but I’ll talk to you tomorrow’ card). I am a mid-late twenty yr old punk and I love my job. Fuck every consumer (and you too) that walks in those doors if they think I’m here to work for free or waste my time talking to them if they are not ready to buy. You want info go watch a review on YouTube don’t ask me questions and take my time when I could be sleeping at my desk or flirting with the office girls. Customers are going to treat us like shit anyways so I’m going to do what I need to do to make my money with no consideration for anyone’s wellbeing cause that’s how the world works. All this bullshit about being educated buyers and comparing the market and not wanting to hand over all there hard earned dollars. Get the fuck outta here with all that bullshit. Go find another sales person or here is my business card when you are ready and when you have driven every car under the sun and found every dollar under your couch and your wife/first born child/cat and neighbour have told you to buy a car then you may give me a call and discuss what price I want you to buy the car at. Till then I’m going to be in the bathroom rubbing my meat. Yes I am going to whine about these types of customers because they don’t make my life easy as it should be and take up my valuable time. Believe it or not I actually don’t like working hard and am very lazy. Simple as that. And you are so wrong with the old people and families with kids. I never deal with them because they are the most annoying 101 question customers. Also their kids are annoying as rats and the oldies smell like powder and talk too slow. I go for the young newlyweds, people who can’t speak the best english, young teenagers or my favourite the coconut (car sales terminology to define a customer who buys everything and doesn’t negotiate because they are gullible and friendly). Boy do I love those guys.
  • H Commander
    H Commander 2 місяці тому Tee hee ^_^
  • Bradley Casada
    Bradley Casada 2 місяці тому TheMagache You are the reason that the salesman can never make any money.
  • Bradley Casada
    Bradley Casada 2 місяці тому Alex Miller Unless you are being reasonable.
  • Just Kilowatts
    Just Kilowatts 2 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin stfu bitch 😑🤷 aweeee someone's mad people buy stuff on the internet. 🤣🤦 Tell me to "fuck off" along with your dealership address I'll gladly report you pussy. 👍
  • Mike g7 Ga
    Mike g7 Ga 2 місяці тому Ask for old stock Over 90 days and you will get the best deal. Anything over 90days dealerships pay flooring to the banks. Don’t listen to the guy on this video total looser. idiot that couldn’t sale a car to save his life and that why he make videos, this guy failed in financing and felt in car sales.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 2 місяці тому Just Kilowatts get the fuck out of here with your gay looking ass and mop top haircut back to whatever poverty can’t-afford-a-haircut household you came from. Who the hell buys cars on the internet?? I wish all people bought cars on the net at retail price. I’d double my income without having to talk to cunts. That would be amazing 😂. Haha calling me a pussy but threatening to report me. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh no I’m shaking in my big boy undies. You’re going to file a complaint to the relevant authority?? 😰 please don’t. Let me show you right this way mr customer towards our file a complaint wall followed by the go fuck your mother section where you can help yourself out.
  • So Sim
    So Sim 2 місяці тому Michael M they will still want 1000 off the best price and throw in free accessories.
  • WhizzBang
    WhizzBang 2 місяці тому You got that from a Movie, didn't you...DIDN'T YOU!?
  • WhizzBang
    WhizzBang 2 місяці тому Let me guess, you must be a salesman at a dealership!  LMAO
  • Mike Lambertson
    Mike Lambertson 2 місяці тому @incognito m
  • Andy Anderson
    Andy Anderson 2 місяці тому Good video thanks for sharing your experience
  • Justin Mikesell
    Justin Mikesell 2 місяці тому @Kevin Miller you sound like an asshurt salesman
  • tbg
    tbg 2 місяці тому American entitlement is so real...Yall really think these people are supposed to eat bricks for lunch huh? Ofc they're going to rIp yOu oFF. That's how they make PROFIT. No matter where you go, or how smart you THINK you get, you'll always pay way more for a product than what you would've wanted. Yall want lavish quality lifestyle without paying for it smh. And no, I'm not a dealer but I'm so tired of this entitled broke ass mentality of "I can't afford it so it's overpriced"
  • thegodlyhipster
    thegodlyhipster 2 місяці тому epic response
  • Xj18A
    Xj18A 2 місяці тому Omg the same thing happened to me. I had cash in hand. Told the dealer this is what I want to pay for this car. They would not budge on the price. I told them see yah. Went to the dealer right next door because the next car on the list was right there. Told the dealer the same thing. Here is what I want to pay otd. They said ok. While I'm signing the paperwork. The other dealer calls me and said so you want to buy a car today well we will work a deal. I told them to late. I just bought a car.
  • Chris Gaddy
    Chris Gaddy 2 місяці тому LMAO nice comeback
  • Jaycephus
    Jaycephus 2 місяці тому "Normies Love him! Car salesmen HATE him! He's Amusing-Anecdote Guy!" Freaking hilarious how many butt-hurt salesmen are making up stories in their head about how VCosh must be this or that, or... Shut up, you freaking losers! He just told an amusing story. It's funny. The sales guy was thirsty, but not thirsty enough. He bought a car somewhere else the same day. LOL
  • E Smith
    E Smith 2 місяці тому if you walk into a dealership to buy a car you are already screwed. he only me you shoudl be in the dealership is to pick up a car you alreayd contracted for.
  • TRUMP 2020
    TRUMP 2020 2 місяці тому Hahahahaahahahaha hahaha
  • Mark Pikas
    Mark Pikas 2 місяці тому @Mathew Remlin So, if someone is educated, not going to get ripped off you're going to get pissed off at them? Here's an idea. Sell the car for a fair price and quit playing games and you won't have that problem. An educated buyer will know what you have in the car, what you need out of it, what their trade is worth if they're trading, and what is a good financing rate. They will also understand that the dealer needs to make a profit (actually not on all cars, but that's another issue). You are wasting their time if you're not willing to move into that ballpark. The last new car I bought went like this: "I know that you have X in the car, this is your withholding, you haven't spent money on Y and Z yet because I just watched you unload the car from the trailer. I will be paying half the cost down, this is what you need to get under on financing to get me to go with your financing. You need to make a profit, let's say this. I live an hour and a half from here, if we make a deal now I'll take the car now, I don't want any "dealer prep," or anything else... If you jerk me around I'm leaving and putting in an offer on this car at my local dealer when they open in 13hrs, and I know that you have to release it to them if you don't have a standing good offer. If you call me back expect your profit to be cut in half for you jerking me around and making me drive an hour and a half each way 2x. He jerked me around. I told him goodnight. I got 7 phone calls from him and his manager during my morning meeting. I let them go to VM. I called them around lunch and told them "I can be there at 6pm, will you have the paperwork filled out as I outlined? If not and I waste my time coming down there again we're done." I was there at 6, got my terms, was driving the car at 6:23, posted to IG.
  • ﴾ ﴿
    ﴾ ﴿ 2 місяці тому whooo mic drop woooow CRAZY... omfg cringeee
  • TRUMP 2020
    TRUMP 2020 2 місяці тому Omg i had ti come back n read that again funny AF
  • Ty Hedman
    Ty Hedman 2 місяці тому lmao good one.
  • sizlax
    sizlax 2 місяці тому In my experience, car sales people are some of the biggest Dbags, lol. So I've got no qualms about people being DB's to them. They're not necessarily bad people, but in order to be good at selling certain things (used cars, furnaces/AC's .etc), you've got to either have no morals/ethics, or be damn good at containing them. I do applaud the guy that made this video though for enlightening people to it. I tried selling furnaces/AC's door to door, and that shit is even more underhanded.. you've got to convince people that their five years old furnace could develop a small crack inside it that will leak harmful gasses into their homes that could kill their families. I didn't make it far in that job, cuz I just couldn't pull off being that much of a douche..
  • Tommy Coe
    Tommy Coe 2 місяці тому @Kevin Miller are you dumb?
  • Xenta Atnex
    Xenta Atnex 2 місяці тому Hey it's called shopping around. You got the money, you're the boss.
  • 77Tadams
    77Tadams 1 місяць тому @Michael M that is actually a good idea.
  • George Awad
    George Awad 1 місяць тому VCosh28 ya ok cool story bro
  • Ashley McLeod
    Ashley McLeod 1 місяць тому HA HA HA
  • zhuoxing huang
    zhuoxing huang 1 місяць тому When people say they buying a car when they walk in means they are not buying anything. The sales guy was just dumb or new
  • Cam Nob
    Cam Nob 1 місяць тому Ayyye🕺
  • Algodon Deazucar
    Algodon Deazucar 1 місяць тому 😂😂
  • [T]urboTax Support Phone Number
    [T]urboTax Support Phone Number 1 місяць тому very helpful..
  • Tony Sparks
    Tony Sparks 1 місяць тому VCosh28 😳..... DAMN! did you Drop your 🎤 mic after that comment ? lol 👏 💯
  • wisenber
    wisenber 1 місяць тому @Mathew Remlin "Car dealerships are now getting more aggressive with these “educated buyers” " Good way to lose sales. "People seem to thing a dealership isn’t a business but a charity centre" How does one "thing"?
  • wisenber
    wisenber 1 місяць тому @Mathew Remlin "Would you be prepared to leave a deposit today?" Who does that? Does the dealership offer me some sort of earnest deposit? "How are you not an asshole for wasting someone’s time" You might ask yourself that.
  • wisenber
    wisenber 1 місяць тому @Mathew Remlin " Are you trying to belittle me because I work in sales?" I'm sure there are ample more reasons for you to be belittled. Don't sell yourself short.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 1 місяць тому Mark Pikas No such thing as educated buyer. You are just a consumer. Buying a car and realising what’s affordable to you isn’t rocket science. The people who try to justify this type of behaviour as being an educated buyer when in reality all they are is poor assholes who are ungrateful for their lives and come in on their high horses and expecting me to succumb to their demands because they have graduated with a degree in how-to-talk-like-you-know-shit-but-don’t leave no choice but for me to play games. Just because you are a poor man you don’t need to broadcast your reasons for why you are trying to request something you can’t afford to be given to you. I’ll sell for a fair price to my pocket I’m not here to pay your bills I’m her to pay my own. Yes I will waste their time if they are stupid. For instance I had a customer who wanted a 100k car for 70k during a busy period. I had him sit down for the whole day telling him I was working on it. Sold 2 cars that day went back to him and told him how does it feel to have your time wasted? 😂 poor guy thought he was going to get worlds best deal. Where do you get off going into a business and telling them you know about their overheads and this and that to result in dealings? That’s like going to a girl and telling her you have a small Penis so she should charge you half price cause she isn’t going to suck you off. That scenario of yours sounds like something in the average day of a desperate/amateur car dealership. Not being able to “walk up the customer” term to sort of say get you in bed with the deal then calling again because being desperate for a deal and then getting the customer at the end of the day so you have lost money and stayed back 😑 amateurs. If that was me before you would have opened your mouth I would have just said “yep that’s a great story you got there but before you go on about telling me how I sat on the toilet this morning (I’ve really said that to some similar sounding fellow to you who supposedly knew everything - I followed it with a chuckle to bring the tension back down though because I did want his money and to get my point across) this car is 50k. What’s your budget? Oh 49,999? Sorry friend this isn’t the car for you then. Come take a look at the next model down. You don’t want to? You want the top model? Ok if I give you 49,999 are you ready to shake my hand or do you need to speak to your wife? Oh your the boss? Are you sure? I don’t want your wife phoning me up for a cancellation by the way sign this little bit here to say you waive cancellation rights cause you’re the boss. Take a seat and I’ll twist my boss’s arm for you.... ...Boss I got a dope at my desk sold on the 3 month old lunch runner that we double teamed that waitress from that Mexican place the other week can you just make it look like we are doing something maby come and ask him to pay for accessories so we can offset the ‘loss’ of the car. Otherwise he’ll think its to easy and start asking for more things. Shall we get Jen to open her cleavage and sell him a 3k car wash? Congratulations mr customer you drive a hard bargain. What now you want to have a cheap finance plan? How about we give you this new plan where you pay 0 interest? -not mentioning that there is $5k bonus available for finance and pocketing it for myself and that it’s 0 interest for the loan term but due at the end or the car will be repo’d. Great sign here here and here. On collection speaking to our vehicle cleaner where’s the blue car? Inventory man comes by ‘we never had a blue but I ordered a red and we’ve got it right there ‘fuck it... he’ll settle for it’.... No mr customer you said red! I never lie and have been doing this for years. You are the first to be like this. Sorry you’ve already signed for it. You can take it or leave it I’m sorry but I have looked after you this whole time and for you to now do this makes me disappointed. Forget about what the contract says it’s wrong. Trust me red is better then Blue. That’s right it does make you look smaller. I’ll tell you something, you look so good looking cunt under my breath - in the car.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 1 місяць тому wisenber I can guarantee you that every dealership globally will ask you this question in some way to relate to asking you to if you are planning to commit to a purchase of a/the car in that moment. You sound upset. Like some dealers just took you to town. I’m not the one seeking out the people. It’s people that come to us so they are on our time schedule.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 1 місяць тому wisenber sorry buddy not sure what you are trying to do by feeding me snippets of my messages I sent to others in a different context to try and rile me up. You’re just painting yourself as an asshole who can’t use your brain muscles to properly try and insult me because you’re mad someone like me probably took your mother for a test drive whilst she gave head in the car for a discount. oh I get it your mad cause I’m the reason your mother left your father 😮. Would you like to maby throw a your momma so dumb at me? Would that make you feel better hmmm?? Awwww will it? Did u want a clap for your well thought out insult?
  • mjrez
    mjrez 1 місяць тому VCosh28 either you let people dictate what type of car you buy, you were just wasting your own time, or you're simply a complete idiot!
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 1 місяць тому Link 101 FYI you are so wrong that it makes bad decisions worthwhile.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 1 місяць тому Romario R no thanks but I’ll gladly stick my tongue in your mother’s asshole, or if she’s older than 60 and you got a girlfriend/wife or sister I’ll take that instead.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 1 місяць тому Dee that’s pretty much the best way. You can always negotiate and get something within your budget, brand new, has warranty, never been used and clean. Beats owning someone’s replacement 10/10.
  • Mathew Remlin
    Mathew Remlin 1 місяць тому Robin Lillian Robin Lillian no one cares where you or any other asshole goes and buys a car or if you don’t want to be my best friend. But one thing I can say is if you walk in our doors where we are spending our time to earn our living you can bet we will always put ourselves first. It’s just stupid for you to think anyone in this world is here for your benefit. That’s just dumb. I’m ready for that unemployment life. Because I’ve been taking money from people for enough years now to be a 1/3 of your fathers age and financially ahead of him so that I can retire early. Enjoy working till your quarter to dead. Jealous loser.
  • Healthy Lifestyle
    Healthy Lifestyle 1 місяць тому lol............You must have hurt his feeling too. He got played
  • Dmitriy Chernoshey
    Dmitriy Chernoshey 1 місяць тому @ironmiketodd Well, that would be a problem if you are dumb enough to give out your personal information BEFORE you reach a deal.
  • Dmitriy Chernoshey
    Dmitriy Chernoshey 1 місяць тому Noticed a flame war going on here in the comments. Don't know why everyone is so upset. Car salespeople often use remarks like these to get you to feel guilty about them "wasting" their time on you. In my case, it was "I thought you were serious about buying a car today". By the way, for all you car salesmen out there, "wasting time" is PART OF A SALES JOB, because you can't expect to sell to every buyer. I sell insurance and financial products and I don't go "I thought you were serious about buying an annuity today". Can't take rejection? Quit. Especially if your cars are not hot stuff on backorder. Throwing snide shit like that at me cost him a sale. His deal and the second deal I got turned out to be equal and best overall among 4 dealerships, but the second dealer rep did not question my shopping. I decided not to throw back something snide like "yeah, but I was not planning on getting ripped off in the process", because I simply did not have enough information. Instead, I was polite and said that I am not done doing my due diligence, I am collecting pricing info at this point, will be back if they turn out to be the best. I got a call back from that first dealership and provided feedback on improper sales techniques. Speaking of "wasting time" complaints. I went to that first dealership based on a newspaper ad that claimed a particular sale price for the car I was looking for. I got to the dealer and it was an "extra fee" galore. Instead of the advertised "deal" I was getting "deal" + "shitload of extra fees and charges I had no idea even existed". Can you blame people for leaving? Haven't you wasted your buyer's time by placing false advertising of "deals" you can't really honor? One thing I'll say in defense of used car dealers. When you are an "informed" customer, that's great, but don't come in waiving that KBB printout in their face. KBB is not selling you the car. It's great for not getting completely ripped off, and providing negotiation leverage, but ultimately it's the car itself that will determine the price. KBB averages everything to provide the "best guess" estimate, but if you really like that car and get it checked out by a mechanic and he says it's in great condition, maybe it's worth the asking price. You know, if someone regularly drove it 5000 miles a year, in dry climate, with regular maintenance and kept it in a garage, the dealer will know and your KBB will not help much, but you will not regret buying it even if it looks overpriced.
  • Esketit Esketit
    Esketit Esketit 1 місяць тому Kevin Miller wtf why wouldn’t he go look around if he’s planning to buy a car? Stfu
  • Yuri Sierra
    Yuri Sierra 1 місяць тому nice
  • Jamaal Harmon
    Jamaal Harmon 1 місяць тому @Kevin Miller lol
  • BurglaaR Tv
    BurglaaR Tv 1 місяць тому @Kevin Miller Ah good thing America allows you to visit shops and look at their products without having to buy anything
  • Rudy Esco channel
    Rudy Esco channel 1 місяць тому Lol
  • LuxxyLux1
    LuxxyLux1 1 місяць тому @rich17279 what music was playing in your head when you wrote that comment.
  • LuxxyLux1
    LuxxyLux1 1 місяць тому @Kevin Miller Cope.
  • D Richmond-Perry-Kelly-Iverson
    D Richmond-Perry-Kelly-Iverson 1 місяць тому @TheMagache , 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • PainBlame
    PainBlame 1 місяць тому and then you ended up buying a car elsewhere and your ignorance actually made you pay more to the second dealership
  • Christopher
    Christopher 4 тижні тому Michael M yes because tax dollars equate shitty food. Dumb.
  • Kris Mathieu
    Kris Mathieu 3 тижні тому Mathew Remlin hahahahahaha says the kid who could never actually afford a new car
  • zzgeoergez Dane
    zzgeoergez Dane 3 тижні тому But, salesperson was likely didn"t buy a car that day.
  • digga27 one
    digga27 one 2 тижні тому ooh good one ...fucking loser
  • Jake Anderson
    Jake Anderson 2 тижні тому Did what you had to do.
  • Timothy L. Todd
    Timothy L. Todd 2 тижні тому VCosh28.
  • hellcatflip
    hellcatflip 2 тижні тому And then the car inventory clapped.... “Because that didn’t happen”.
  • Heather B
    Heather B 2 тижні тому Savage!!!
  • im12run2trouble
    im12run2trouble 2 тижні тому @Michael M Did any one call?
  • Michael M
    Michael M 1 тиждень тому @im12run2trouble I haven't tried that method myself, where you call multiple dealerships. But I did buy a Tesla In June- those prices are online and non-negotiable. Told them I'd buy a Model 3 that day if they could get me the base model at the rock bottom price they offered months before. (To do it, they had to sell me an upgraded version of the car and then back out the software upgrades I didn't want to drop the price $5K.) The dealer told me they had just sold the last one off the lot so I chalked it up to fate- wasn't meant to be. (I was trying to capture the $3,750 federal tax credit that was expiring the next week.) Then the dealer called me back 10 minutes later and said they were shipping one to me from another dealer, and I drove it home that night.
  • Dom King
    Dom King 1 тиждень тому Kevin Miller it’s called comparing prices nimrod.
  • Robert
    Robert 1 тиждень тому That is what the hell I’m talking about. Mic drop
  • danny wichita
    danny wichita 1 тиждень тому VCosh28 .. i garantee you the salesman alot smarter than you and they will since it that you aint buyinga car from them so you wont get the help your looking for. And plus your showing that buyers are liars.!! So dont blame the salesman to be who he is .. coz all buyers lie!!!!
  • Nick Chamberlin
    Nick Chamberlin 6 днів тому @Kevin Miller you were the salesman bahahaha
  • blondago56
    blondago56 2 дні тому @Mathew Remlin scumbag..go crawl back under your rock... Shame on You. 😒
  • Choas Theories
    Choas Theories 8 годин тому Lmfaoooo! You explaining this makes it even more funnier then getting ripped off
  • J Ashton
    J Ashton 1 місяць тому None of the dealerships I dealt with used the 4 square method....they used the all-the-numbers-mixed-up-in-a-single-column-so-I-couldn't-tell-what-was-going-on method. Equally effective.
  • Marko - WhiteBoard Finance
    Marko - WhiteBoard Finance 1 місяць тому LOL!
  • deus555
    deus555 1 місяць тому LMAO
  • Kevin Short
    Kevin Short 1 місяць тому J Ashton 😂😂😂
  • Annette Grasso
    Annette Grasso 1 місяць тому Same.
  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia 1 місяць тому J Ashton 😂💀
  • Kasim Nas
    Kasim Nas 1 місяць тому Damn new techniques !!
  • Rolando Aponte
    Rolando Aponte 1 місяць тому It's the concept what matters, not the literal graphic representation you pinhead!
  • David Pedden
    David Pedden 1 місяць тому Nailed it!
  • J Ashton
    J Ashton 1 місяць тому @Rolando Aponte Thank you for taking a minute out of your busy schedule to trample upon what is none other than a little lighthearted humour. Now run along.
  • spmil999
    spmil999 1 місяць тому Yeah hardly any use the 4 square anymore. It's considered outdated and old school. (worked in car sales just last year and early this year.)
  • Rolando Aponte
    Rolando Aponte 1 місяць тому @J Ashton Sorry I missed the humor!
  • Mark Grimshaw
    Mark Grimshaw 1 місяць тому @Rolando Aponte the concept that matters, not what matters. #shakeshead
  • Qi Huna
    Qi Huna 1 місяць тому You shouldve bring in a huge white sheet of paper than taped it on their wall and drawn your 4-square and input the numbers as it was spoken!!
  • chauncey hulbert
    chauncey hulbert 1 місяць тому I was shown into the office where I was presented with the 'throw you over the desk and have 10 inches of cock hurried in my ass method of salesmanship. Worked well.
  • D Richmond-Perry-Kelly-Iverson
    D Richmond-Perry-Kelly-Iverson 1 місяць тому @chauncey hulbert , 😨😱😖😫😫🤮🤮🤮🤮🗑️😷😷😷😷😷 🏃🏾‍♀️🚪🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️
  • chauncey hulbert
    chauncey hulbert 1 місяць тому @D Richmond-Perry-Kelly-Iverson my thoughts exactly. I wasn't literally raped. But it feels that way.
  • D Richmond-Perry-Kelly-Iverson
    D Richmond-Perry-Kelly-Iverson 1 місяць тому @chauncey hulbert , I understand! I've BEEN THERE, MYSELF! 😫😖🤮 I'M IN A 2005 VEHICLE, (that THE GOOD LORD, HIMSELF BLESSED me with IN "05)! NO CAR NOTES, AND FREE TITLE, THANK GOD!!! 🙌🏾
  • chauncey hulbert
    chauncey hulbert 1 місяць тому @D Richmond-Perry-Kelly-Iverson well Amen to that brother. Can't beat a deal like that.
  • bixby9797
    bixby9797 4 тижні тому They do but if you keep the 4 pieces in mind they can mix it any way they want and you will still be able to pick it apart. Don't be in a hurry and never buy a car the day you look at it. Always get out of the room, go home and think about it. Run the numbers by yourself and "cool off". You don't need to buy that car, they have to sell it to you
  • bixby9797
    bixby9797 4 тижні тому @chauncey hulbert Good God......The Attila The Hun method of sales. If Olga walks in with a leather collar and whip you know your in trouble
  • D Richmond-Perry-Kelly-Iverson
    D Richmond-Perry-Kelly-Iverson 4 тижні тому (змінено) @chauncey hulbert , Sister! I'm A WOMAN! 🤣🤣🤣😉👉🏾👩🏾😁 🤔💭 ACTUALLY, a SIST-A! 🤣🤣🤣 I'm a sista! ✊🏾😁😉😎
  • chauncey hulbert
    chauncey hulbert 4 тижні тому @bixby9797 that would actually be a better alternative.
  • Monique Drummond
    Monique Drummond 3 тижні тому 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Jstud
    Jstud 3 тижні тому You win son!!! win 😂
  • PurpleMonster👿
    PurpleMonster👿 2 тижні тому @chauncey hulbert 😂🤣
  • rob roy
    rob roy 2 тижні тому LMAO
  • Cleveland Terry Bowens
    Cleveland Terry Bowens 1 тиждень тому spmil999 Ford literally tried it on me last night. I walked
  • Daniel Morales
    Daniel Morales 1 тиждень тому J Ashton hahaha that’s a good one.
  • djmcheme
    djmcheme 1 тиждень тому Scum dealers
  • Megan Cawley
    Megan Cawley 3 дні тому If hunters have learnt to shoot without missing, birds have learnt to fly without perching
  • M K
    M K 1 місяць тому I really dislike auto dealerships and the entire car buying process. It sucks.
  • Tyre Hester
    Tyre Hester 1 місяць тому M K this is why Carvanna and businesses like it are growing. People will by a car without seeing it or test driving to avoid going to a dealership.
  • Ibra Jimenez
    Ibra Jimenez 1 місяць тому Yup that's why I use public transit .... Done . Never been happier
  • ggqbc
    ggqbc 1 місяць тому You wonder why they are such scum bags.. this current model made the big 3 go broke yet they still use it.
  • hammerman7777
    hammerman7777 1 місяць тому Internet will level the playing field sooner than later.
  • Pot Head
    Pot Head 1 місяць тому Buy used cars from locals or individuals
  • Rolando Aponte
    Rolando Aponte 1 місяць тому Closing a mortgage and buying a car add a couple of wrinkles to your face instantaneously!
  • Pot Head
    Pot Head 1 місяць тому @Neil Caesar I'm guessing your a car salesman
  • Kevin Scott
    Kevin Scott 1 місяць тому @Tyre Hester and they end up paying way more at those places not sure why people hate this so much. Only business that can sell for a loss and still be said to rip people off
  • Andre Miller
    Andre Miller 1 місяць тому I just wrote 10 e-mails with my offer, got 4 replies half way to my amount of money, talked to 3 Dealers on the phone about terms of tires, warranty etc. and decided to buy the cheapest offer, second nearest. One week later I got 2 return calls from dealers before that now were willing to ask for realisitc price - too late.
  • David Perry
    David Perry 1 місяць тому When I buy a new car, I will buy a Tesla to skip the dealership experience altogether and enjoy the very cheap operating costs of an electric car.
  • Amariah Invictus
    Amariah Invictus 3 тижні тому That's why I always buy used
  • Markus Aurellius
    Markus Aurellius 3 тижні тому @ggqbc High union costs (pensions, healthcare and salaries) inferior quality, and loss of market share are why the Big 3 have struggled. Only Chrysler and GM declared Chapter 11 and Chrysler is now owned by Fiat.
  • Pocahontas
    Pocahontas 3 тижні тому I buy cars at auctions for really cheap. They can't several auctions open to the public. Alot of them are for salvage cars but not all are. If you're willing to tinker a salvage car isn't bad at all. Insanely cheap.
  • john smith
    john smith 1 тиждень тому I sold new/used car at honda dealership for 2 yrs back in the 90s, and I only buy car from private owners.
  • SinbliminalSinSation
    SinbliminalSinSation 1 тиждень тому @ggqbc Greed+overinvestments+overcharging=bankrupt
  • Georgio E
    Georgio E 1 місяць тому Why can’t we just buy a car at the factory where they’re made?
  • Marko - WhiteBoard Finance
    Marko - WhiteBoard Finance 1 місяць тому lobbyists
  • Zayyoungfaced 503
    Zayyoungfaced 503 1 місяць тому Its all about money money money
  • Vet Vel
    Vet Vel 1 місяць тому @Marko - WhiteBoard Finance in South Africa you just need to bribe some high up member of government and gain sole right to import some type of good. Boom, royalties on EVERY SINGLE items sold. Government, our past Jacob Zuma is equivalent Obama/Clinton etc. they all line their pockets the same way with no recourse. Just do a simple Obama before and after presidency google search...our dumb president who can't even read numbers just did exactly what the most powerful nation in the world's presidents do...stole money and left the country in more debt than when they took office.
  • PainBlame
    PainBlame 1 місяць тому Sure just need a Visa and a passport, and drive down to Mexico and Canada, or drive 1500 miles to Detroit. Didn't think that one out huh
  • Patrick J. Boening
    Patrick J. Boening 4 тижні тому You did not understand how capitalism works, it seems!
  • Mandeep Randhawa
    Mandeep Randhawa 4 тижні тому You can but you’ll have to pay shipping handling and other fees.
  • Steve Barnes
    Steve Barnes 4 тижні тому (змінено) "Why can’t we just buy a car at the factory where they’re made?" What are you, a socialist? Car dealerships have freedom too, the freedom to rip you off. We don't want no stinkin' regulations, we want our "freedom". And, anyway, who wants to go to Mexico to buy a car?
  • Steve Barnes
    Steve Barnes 4 тижні тому @Vet Vel "Just do a simple Obama before and after presidency google search...our dumb president who can't even read numbers" That damned Trump, lining his pockets again. How long before the country is bankrupt like most of trump's businesses.
  • Edward DeGuzman
    Edward DeGuzman 3 тижні тому Because not everyone can get away to Detroit/Tennessee/where ever the car is made, nor do we have 15K in cash to drop on a new car
  • Pocahontas
    Pocahontas 3 тижні тому (змінено) Buy a 2 year old car on Craigslist. It's way cheaper. Or if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside buy from a used dealer for a bit more. Or get a tesla.
  • zzgeoergez Dane
    zzgeoergez Dane 3 тижні тому (змінено) Cuz if u think the dealers dont care bout iu as a customer.....wait till u meet the manufacturers.
  • zzgeoergez Dane
    zzgeoergez Dane 3 тижні тому Just walk into a dealership w some negative equity on your trade and some iffy credit. These guys always get best deal on new car. Dealers can only make good pounds on someone w paid off trade, cash, or good credit .
  • zzgeoergez Dane
    zzgeoergez Dane 3 тижні тому U gotta have your planned 1st pencil, and a bogus bump or 2, to get to your desired paymnt as a customer...
  • FMChimera
    FMChimera 2 тижні тому @Steve Barnes Sad, stupid person. Trump's businesses have a 95% success rate (if bankruptcy is your definition of failure). That's sort of the opposite of "most", isn't it, you stupid leftist twit.
  • Hamed Shirazi
    Hamed Shirazi 2 тижні тому FMChimera 95% in my ass lol 😂 socialism paid farmer 27 billion because of his trade war.
  • babyduck34
    babyduck34 2 тижні тому Because you have a trade in And owe money The factory doesn’t want your trade or care about the money you borrow or owe or anything They just build them and ship them out
  • babyduck34
    babyduck34 2 тижні тому Because most people have trade ins and owe money The factory doesn’t want your trade Or your financial situations
  • rob roy
    rob roy 2 тижні тому Not allowed!!
  • rob roy
    rob roy 2 тижні тому @PainBlame No you can't buy from the factory.
  • rob roy
    rob roy 2 тижні тому @Vet Vel How I ready don't know where to start with you??? I'm guessing you say that you are religious? You love god and #DUMP Ill bet?
  • rob roy
    rob roy 2 тижні тому @Steve Barnes Bozo FACTORIES build cars dealerships sell cars!!! You don't go to the mill to buy lumber, as you don't go to a refinery to buy your gas dumbo!!!
  • rob roy
    rob roy 2 тижні тому @Steve Barnes 100% Steve. @Vat Vel seems to like SEXUAL PREDATORS??
  • J Magana
    J Magana 1 тиждень тому Georgio E 🤣 Ripping people off does not work that way. The manufacturer is in the business of selling cars not haggling. The at cost price of most $35,000 dollar cars is line $12,000 and most of that is because of unions demanding low skill workers get more money for doing less work! Even overseas I was told I could by a vehicle at cost and it would be waiting for me when I got home, it was still marked up by 10,000 but it was cheaper than any dealership...
  • J Magana
    J Magana 1 тиждень тому Steve Barnes You are a dumb fuck. Maybe we need to take your freedoms to speak, read, and write! How is that for irony!
  • J Magana
    J Magana 1 тиждень тому Steve Barnes Again dumbass...
  • FacepalmDaily
    FacepalmDaily 1 тиждень тому @PainBlame You do know there are factories all over the nation, right? Toyota Trucks are built in San Antonio. GM has factories 7 states. Ford in 6 states. None of that matters, though, because they won't sell you a vehicle at the factory.
  • hunnerdayEDT
    hunnerdayEDT 1 тиждень тому @FMChimera I think bankruptcy is EVERYONE'S definition of failure. Why are you so angry? No one was calling you a failure.
  • Yodhi Soemardjan
    Yodhi Soemardjan 1 тиждень тому YES YOU CAN! Tesla is the only carmaker that sells DIRECTLY to customers. No dealership. Buy a Tesla online through website. That is why dealerships hate Tesla and fighting hard to keep the law that prohibits direct sales in 48 states in USA. Plus, electric cars hardly need maintenance and servicing because the EV technology only uses much less moving parts and no oil change; hence no opportunities for dealers to make money from services.
  • Mike Ramirez
    Mike Ramirez 1 тиждень тому Because everybody gets their cut even they city you bought the car in.
  • FMChimera
    FMChimera 1 тиждень тому @hunnerdayEDT A small number of bankruptcies among hundreds of business ventures does not equal failure. More importantly, though, I was addressing his false claim "most of Trump's businesses are bankrupt". A blatant partisan lie repeated by stupid people.
  • FMChimera
    FMChimera 1 тиждень тому @Yodhi Soemardjan Electric cars need constant service and are full of moving parts (bearings, suspensions, hinges, windows, seats, linkages, drive motors...). If there is no dealer network who services them, which is why most states require dealerships.
  • hunnerdayEDT
    hunnerdayEDT 1 тиждень тому @FMChimera, ok, but still you seem awfully aggressive on the subject though.....
  • GDM Charlotte
    GDM Charlotte 1 тиждень тому Most people need to trade their car to get a new one. Many have negative equity too because new cars lose value so badly. It would not matter if you went to a factory or a dealer, it would still be a salesperson working you a deal.
  • GDM Charlotte
    GDM Charlotte 1 тиждень тому @Pocahontas Tesla has sales people just like everyone else.
  • FMChimera
    FMChimera 1 тиждень тому @hunnerdayEDT How many times can one hear/read the same demonstrably willingly ignorant claims and not eventually want to rend garments and gnash teeth?
  • Jason M
    Jason M 1 тиждень тому @Yodhi Soemardjan I'm a dealer, there are many used teslas out there, I can make money on a Tesla just as easily as any other car, sure it's a different animal, but it doesn't matter to me, the margin is the same
  • Dayron Films
    Dayron Films 1 тиждень тому 8.9k dislikes are from dealership owners
  • DJ Kinney
    DJ Kinney 1 тиждень тому @Edward DeGuzman what kind of shitbox do you drive that only costs $15k?
  • B-kabyle
    B-kabyle 1 тиждень тому Georgio E oh wow you wanna leave millions employees without job selfish
  • ozzie 305
    ozzie 305 6 днів тому Tesla
  • Frank Z. Revy
    Frank Z. Revy 3 дні тому My father would fly to Hungary (his home country) from USA, then drive with a buddy to the VW factory in Bavaria, buy a Beetle on the spot, drive it back to Budapest. Then when it was time to go back to USA, he would sell it. The profit would pay for his plane ticket home. Times have changed, eh?
  • Lynn Romesa
    Lynn Romesa 3 дні тому Steve Barnes irrelevant to the topic..
  • Lucky Number Gaming
    Lucky Number Gaming 2 дні тому @zzgeoergez Dane um no. They make the biggest killing off of interest on the loan.
  • Ndala Alex
    Ndala Alex 2 дні тому @Vet Vel is everything okay at home?
  • S Bramwell
    S Bramwell 1 місяць тому Just remember these dealership guys do this several times a day, but you probably only do it once every few years. They get a lot more practice than you do. Beware.
  • Marko - WhiteBoard Finance
    Marko - WhiteBoard Finance 3 тижні тому true
  • Jason Wenzel
    Jason Wenzel 3 тижні тому Kinda like a Vegas casino...
  • syousef
    syousef 1 тиждень тому Don't let them pressure you into signing same day. They'll be just as willing to sell you a car tomorrow and if they aren't you can go elsewhere.
  • a3300000
    a3300000 5 місяців тому Never walk into a dealership unless you’re willing to walk out.
  • 6string
    6string 5 місяців тому there instantly on you like sharks
  • Rammer Jammer
    Rammer Jammer 5 місяців тому We walk out every time and rarely trade a vehicle
  • Max Power
    Max Power 5 місяців тому I laugh at people who go to the dealership in an Uber. I was driving out of the dealership and had the manager chase me down one time because I was ready to walk away.
  • a3300000
    a3300000 5 місяців тому Max Power you know your shit!
  • Pfsif
    Pfsif 5 місяців тому Never buy unless the salesman and manager are screaming at you.
  • M Detlef
    M Detlef 5 місяців тому a3300000 SAVE up, then BUY a car. VERY simple.
  • M Detlef
    M Detlef 5 місяців тому 6string They’re, DUMBASS!!!
  • a3300000
    a3300000 5 місяців тому M Detlef , pure genius. Bet you paid sticker price.
  • thisizdub
    thisizdub 5 місяців тому When you're in a negotiation you have to shown you're willing to walk away. The best way to do that IS WALK AWAY
  • M Detlef
    M Detlef 5 місяців тому a3300000 IDIOTS pay interest.
  • Jason Cotellessa
    Jason Cotellessa 5 місяців тому @M Detlef I'm an idiot :) I do love my car though. It's like my girlfriend. I'm an idiot there too. Maybe that's why we give our cars girl's names. Lol they both cost us!
  • Dalton Michaels
    Dalton Michaels 5 місяців тому @M Detlef your not looking at the flip side , why would i spend 30-40k cash on a new car when i can make payments i typically can double a few thousand dollars every couple of months. if i were to spend that all on a car i would lose that pile im using to invest. that money is making me more on investments than the interest on a vehicle costs.
  • noControl
    noControl 5 місяців тому Always walk out. Even if you want the car. Especially if you want the car. They will keep calling you back with better deals. Use the time to shop around different dealers tell them the offer you got from the other one and give them a chance to swoop in. They love screwing other dealers even more than screwing you
  • Scott Pensyl
    Scott Pensyl 5 місяців тому And don't ever. Ever give them your keys to "value your trade"
  • M Detlef
    M Detlef 5 місяців тому Dalton Michaels Double every couple months??? You FUCKING LIAR!!!!
  • Brandon Adkins
    Brandon Adkins 5 місяців тому (змінено) @6string Car salesmen: They're cigarette-smoking douchebaggy vultures watching and waiting, perched outside the showroom...
  • 6string
    6string 5 місяців тому @M Detlef Sorry, I wasn't thinking while typing therefor creating an error in my response.
  • Brian D.
    Brian D. 5 місяців тому Not only be "willing" to walk out, but actually walk out on at least the first visit. Get them down as much as you can on the first visit w/o committing to anything. Then leave mildly annoyed at the pricing whether you thought it was a good deal or not. Give the salesman your number and tell him to call you when he's serious about selling you a car. Also, work with more than one dealership and also contact them by email, telling them exactly what you are looking for and what your are willing to pay. Using email, you can remain anonymous and get the better of two deals at the same dealership. Use all of this info to your advantage to get the dealerships competing for your business. And most of all, NEVER act like you love the car. You need to remove as much leverage from the salesman as possible.
  • Carlos P
    Carlos P 5 місяців тому @Scott Pensyl why?
  • Newzchspy
    Newzchspy 5 місяців тому M Detlef what if it's tax deductible interest??
  • Newzchspy
    Newzchspy 5 місяців тому Dalton Michaels cars are not investments, they are appliances. But, most need reliable transportation and any car fits the bill. Now. How you choose to buy it is up to you.
  • Ngansturr
    Ngansturr 5 місяців тому Basically
  • John Anthony
    John Anthony 5 місяців тому @M Detlef What? You mean only buy what you can afford? Live within your means? That's so cruel of you to say that! Don't you know I DESERVE a new car? You wouldn't be successful in congress, btw.
    BBB RRR 5 місяців тому @M Detlef I've made about 15% on a few mutual funds I hold. I can buy a car at 3% interest. I lose 12% a year paying cash.
  • bluecollartrader
    bluecollartrader 5 місяців тому @BBB RRR Only an idiot doesn't calculate risk into investing and financing. Ummm, that would be you.
  • Scott Pensyl
    Scott Pensyl 5 місяців тому @Carlos P if you do they can hold you hostage for hours. Many shady dealers will do this, too. They'll do it to wear you down and present a car purchase as an easy option to leave.
  • Corey Ashley
    Corey Ashley 5 місяців тому YES! I traveled an over an hour by train to get my current vehicle, but I was more than willing to leave if I felt things were fishy.
  • Connecticut Dashcam
    Connecticut Dashcam 5 місяців тому Here’s a pointer. If you feel the need to “walk out” you shouldn’t be shopping there in the first place
  • David Smith
    David Smith 5 місяців тому Ive tried getting them to lower the price of the vehicle itself, but they avoided discussing that every single time.
  • a3300000
    a3300000 5 місяців тому Connecticut Dashcam , spoken like a true salesman.
  • Too Tools
    Too Tools 5 місяців тому Sometimes you have no choice. You need a car but not all the money is there in the bank.
  • ChordxClient
    ChordxClient 5 місяців тому M Detlef it’s not that hard. You shouldn’t ever want to go the full term on your auto loan
  • AlphaXeno1
    AlphaXeno1 5 місяців тому Exactly. Dad spent 4 hours looking and negotiating then walked out. They called the next day and gave him what he wanted. Let them waste a bunch of time with you and let them fall victim to the sunken cost fallacy.
  • Charles Leblanc
    Charles Leblanc 5 місяців тому I walked out of a motorcycle dealership one saying «thank but I really have to go, the St-John dealer closes at 9h00pm and I want to get there before it closes» The sales manager ran, passed me and managed to shut the door before I left. We struck a deal 5 minutes after ... the same deal I got from his saleman before he backed down from it.
  • Clearanceman2
    Clearanceman2 5 місяців тому Never walk into a dealer at all IMO.
  • Irish Mike Rachel
    Irish Mike Rachel 5 місяців тому Art of the’d think a smart salesman would read it
  • Robert Swift
    Robert Swift 5 місяців тому the reason dalton when you buy cash you own the car and not the bank,,,that alone will save you up a grand every year alone just on outrageous car insurance premiums @Dalton Michaels
  • Leo Garcia
    Leo Garcia 5 місяців тому facts
  • John Morningstar
    John Morningstar 5 місяців тому @Scott PensylBest way to deal with that is tell them it's okay, and that you'll take an Uber and they can drop it off at your home when the valuation is done or pay a tow fee. It gets out front real quick.
  • David Gill
    David Gill 5 місяців тому Dalton Michaels double your money every few months? You are so full of shit you must be a car salesman lol.
  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode 5 місяців тому Why does everyone negotiate at car dealerships but never when you go phone shopping groceries shopping ETC. Let the sales people make some money fucking mooches!!
  • Pedro Loureiro
    Pedro Loureiro 5 місяців тому Tesla all the way
  • Clearanceman2
    Clearanceman2 5 місяців тому @Robert Swift Interest, full coverage insurance, depreciation, taxes in some states. New cars are completely an emotional buying decision unless it's some special circumstance, ie for a company car, the government pays you to buy one like in CA with certain electric car leases, etc.
  • Dalton Michaels
    Dalton Michaels 5 місяців тому @Robert Swift i could pay 5 grand in interest a year on a car loan , and still make more money investing what i didn't spend buying the car out right for cash.
  • Mike Roerig
    Mike Roerig 5 місяців тому (змінено) Agreed. You must be willing to walk away, but do it in a pleasant manner so at the end of the month when their sales staff is considering bonuses or being fired, the two of you can continue negotiating. My favorite is to sigh and say "I guess vehicle just isn't going to work out for us today". Then I stand up as if I am going to say goodbye. At that point the salesman will either improve their offer or watch you walk away. If you walk away, the dealership will always follow up with a better offer later in the month. I negotiated away the $4600 required down payment, lowered the 36 month lease payment by $150 and had no trade-in. You're in control until you sign so it pays to keep things pleasant.
  • Christian
    Christian 5 місяців тому Great video.. I just had a Saleman say “Im done dealing with you I dont need this” after 1 week of negotiations. Two days later he called me back... I got the price I wanted and when I went in to sign he said wheres your tuck we talked about.. I said sorry Id be a idiot to trade that in, Im putting the cash down.. I’ve never seen a Tomato that red let alone a man’s face. Hahahaha
  • KRATOS junior 817
    KRATOS junior 817 5 місяців тому @Beast Mode Boy what?! Shut your simple ass up lmao wtf
  • Ultimate Zeno Russell
    Ultimate Zeno Russell 5 місяців тому That's why i buy cash low miles.
  • Benjamin Adams
    Benjamin Adams 5 місяців тому (змінено) i tell ya who’s really getting ripped off... idiots like us who watch bs click bait on youtube so guys like this can make easy money off ad revenue. damn you youtube! u got me again!!!
  • Don Duncan
    Don Duncan 5 місяців тому @M Detlef: No, not simple, very but very lucrative. There are no deals at a dealership. Read a book on it and save $thousands.
  • Steven Grant
    Steven Grant 5 місяців тому Let me see you go in best buy and negotiate on any appliance. Fools I say, fools. Blame the Federal Government for allowing the manufactures to profit vehicles so high. Or go in the grocery store and want a dollar off a case of eggs.
  • a3300000
    a3300000 5 місяців тому Steven Grant Apples to oranges? Stay focused please.
  • Don Duncan
    Don Duncan 5 місяців тому @Steven Grant No, blame the feds for only allowing monopolies to sell cars. Tesla is challenging this. The fed has a monopoly on the initiation of violence/threats so it uses that exemption from morality to profit itself and its crony capitalists (who are not capitalists, just businesspersons).
  • Terry Melvin
    Terry Melvin 5 місяців тому (змінено) rule #1 Never go there HAVING to buy a car...or rule #1a..don't let them know you have to buy a car!
  • David Kline
    David Kline 5 місяців тому @Carlos P B/C you will have a very difficult time getting them back, especially if you are trying to leave the dealership. They want to keep you there.
  • Tricky Bobby
    Tricky Bobby 5 місяців тому And the dealership will happily show you the door if you have idiotic unrealistic demands
  • Terry Waters
    Terry Waters 5 місяців тому Indeed! Done it for real several times. I don't need to buy it but they need to sell it. Good video
  • Tricky Bobby
    Tricky Bobby 5 місяців тому (змінено) Terry Waters wrong, they need to sell it at a profit. Make them a cornball offer where they’ll lose money and they’ll gladly tell you to kick rocks
  • Axis of_Peter
    Axis of_Peter 5 місяців тому @Beast Mode Umm..because dealers not only try to jack up the car prices but tack on sneaky fees. How often have you picked up groceries and then found a supermarket fee tacked on at the register?
  • Ziggi Mon
    Ziggi Mon 5 місяців тому Here is how I walk to the dealership. When they start closing the doors that's the time to enter. A rare dealership would turn down a paying customer. But they all want to go home, so negotiations speed up substantially. And if you did your research and know exactly what you want, you'll get it a fraction of the time you spend in normal hours.
  • Tricky Bobby
    Tricky Bobby 5 місяців тому (змінено) Axis of_Peter how do they jack up sale prices? The manufacturer sets the prices on the new vehicles and the used car manager sets used car prices based on every vehicles year, model, mileage and condition. As far as fees, some are mandatory and some are not. Documentation fees are BS. Refuse to pay that. Otherwise everything else should make sense. If you have a problem with fees, start bitching out hotels in Vegas for their BS resort fees
  • Martha D.moreno
    Martha D.moreno 5 місяців тому I wonder why these situation keeps happening over and over. For how long do we want pay debts ? I totally hate this system. Just few months ago i was going through this same situation. I felt hopeless because how do i explain all the debts accumulated? Damn it was frustrating owing $65000. However this ended the day my cousin told me about a hacker buddy whose mission is to distribute wealth and help people under financial duress to get over it. This great guy is heaven sent i must say because he helped me fill in the debts and i couldn't believe it. At first My husband was so skeptical about it until we gave it a trial and hereby recommend anyone to contact him. If you happen to have a good credit card or bank account that's a plus. Every debt on credit cards will be fixed. send a message to webghost< skype; webghost33 or text 470 231 5053> if you need more info about this. Can't disclose it here.
  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 5 місяців тому I’ve walked out over them not filling gas tank.... they called me 5 minutes after and said tank is full. It’s amazing how many cars I’ve test driven with gas light on.
  • Jojo Crazy Cat
    Jojo Crazy Cat 5 місяців тому I told that to a dealer once. I said, ether sell me a car, or don't. Stop bull shitting me. I can leave just as easy as i came in.
  • Graham Wilkins
    Graham Wilkins 5 місяців тому @M Detlef After owning my car for 7 years, I decided to treat myself to a dream car (high spec Audi S5). Yes, I put on a lease contract (4 years). I didn't trade my car, I sold it privately for a good amount. The $ I got for the sale paid the first year's lease payments. Because the car was used primarily for business, I got a very good tax refund on the interest and depreciation, which paid for the second year's lease payments. The tax refunds in the second and third years covered those payments also. I only actually paid out of my pocket, the final year's lease payments. Essentially, I got a $135,000 car for about $40,000 out of pocket, and I still get a tax deduction on it every year. Uneducated idiots pay interest. Learn how finance and taxes work, and then use someone else's money to acquire some very nice assets, at minimal cost to yourself.
  • Antony Santiago
    Antony Santiago 5 місяців тому so true
  • IcanHasCheezberger
    IcanHasCheezberger 5 місяців тому @Beast Mode Because the grocery store has an honest pricing model and doesn't add 3,000 in fees to pad their pockets.
  • M Detlef
    M Detlef 5 місяців тому Graham Wilkins Because you LIED. And CHEATED on the taxes/ deductions... on a PERSONAL car.
  • Jason Cotellessa
    Jason Cotellessa 5 місяців тому @buzzclick500 haha never!
  • Be careful Eye Know Who Eye Am
    Be careful Eye Know Who Eye Am 5 місяців тому That’s real shit!
  • Greg Simoes
    Greg Simoes 5 місяців тому @bluecollartrader You can get an FDIC insured CD right now at around 2.5 - 2.75%, Which is a reliable and safe return, if you get a $20,000 car at 3% interest, you'll pay approx $1315 over the course of a 4 year loan. If you invest that $20,000 in a CD at 2.5% compounding annually, you'll earn around $2075. So, in the end you'll lose about $750 paying cash up front. The variance is because generally loans have an amortization schedule so that the amount you're paying interest on declines over the life of the loan, OTOH with your investment, the principle INCREASES as the interest is given to you. The problem is that you need discipline to keep the money IN the investment vehicle rather than say "this isn't sunk in a car, so I've got 20 grand to blow on OTHER things. Like the car dealership is doing to you with the 4 boxes, it's all a matter of applying your assets in the optimal way. It also depends on what kind of rates you can get, as the spread between investment income and loan debt increases, the benefit declines or disappears entirely. If that loan rate rises to 5%, then 2.5% CD won't payoff on balance.
  • Great Lakes
    Great Lakes 5 місяців тому @Connecticut Dashcam as if every car dealership is honest and there for you. Be ready to walk out as a negotiating tatic
  • aljawisa
    aljawisa 5 місяців тому That's all I could do is but walk in.
  • D Vader
    D Vader 5 місяців тому @Max Power i was actually planning something exactly like glad i came across your post
  • Guen Doff
    Guen Doff 5 місяців тому @M Detlef True but your car depreciates too quickly, buy a reliable vehicle.
  • Holly Jaye
    Holly Jaye 5 місяців тому (змінено) I used to do this as a hobby with my 10 yr old show him 'the game'. They let me take vehicles home for the weekend, thought they had a stupid woman on their hands. A ton of fun.
  • Justin K
    Justin K 5 місяців тому Nice people get ripped off and walk out so happy
  • Graham Wilkins
    Graham Wilkins 5 місяців тому @M Detlef In our country chucklehead, we are required to prove our deductions. We are required to keep logbooks and justify all business use.The tax department targets salespeople and company cars every year so there's nowhere to hide. Face it mate, some people take the trouble to learn how to play the system, and some people just get played. You sound like a very bitter little man who's never won a battle in his life, so you want to take out on the rest of the world.
  • Graham Wilkins
    Graham Wilkins 5 місяців тому @M Detlef You really are a nasty little man aren't you?
  • Graham Wilkins
    Graham Wilkins 5 місяців тому @Newzchspy Don't ask Detlef difficult questions, you'll hurt his brain!
  • Guinness
    Guinness 5 місяців тому a3300000 only walk in with cash
  • Guinness
    Guinness 5 місяців тому Dalton Michaels what are you flipping, crack?
  • Mike Rolan
    Mike Rolan 5 місяців тому This is what you need, I've walked out of dealerships even when it was a decent deal 😂. A day later someone from the dealership calls you, boom you got a better deal.
  • BrianSellsHyundai B.
    BrianSellsHyundai B. 5 місяців тому You mean, Never walk into a dealership unless you’re willing to buy a vehicle...
  • karen l Smith
    karen l Smith 5 місяців тому (змінено) @6string I remember walking into a dealership and two salesmen put their arms around me and tried to guide me to the cars with big smiles on their faces. It was appalling. Another salesman said he sold the style car that I liked to his mother.
  • mydadcanwoopyourdad
    mydadcanwoopyourdad 5 місяців тому It's their job... And it is a very difficult job.
  • Jimmyredcab
    Jimmyredcab 5 місяців тому Tell that to Theresa May.
  • Rich Christman
    Rich Christman 5 місяців тому absolutely agree and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER< NEVER, NEVER pay their stupid, ridiculous admin fee.. that is all pure profit..... I have purchased several new vehicles and never paid more then $90 in paperwork fees.. if they don't buy it, walk out AND THEY WILL CALL YOU BACK and take the $90 bucks...
  • Rufus Coppertop
    Rufus Coppertop 5 місяців тому (змінено) @6string Not "there". "They're". "They're instantly on you".
  • David Armstrong
    David Armstrong 5 місяців тому When the stock market crashes, you will lose 20% on your mutual funds
  • Joel Fernandez
    Joel Fernandez 5 місяців тому Sales people are the only ones giving this video thumbs down
  • Phil John
    Phil John 5 місяців тому And know the times of year to shop - just before they close their yearly books. Walked away from a dealer playing games only to have him on the phone knocking $4k off the list price a few days later, all so they made sales figures for the year and got their per unit kickback for the next year.
  • Jill Frank
    Jill Frank 5 місяців тому CAR DEALERS have an obligation to make as much as they want. thats how they pay their overhead. PROFIT isn't a dirty word folks. everyone has a right to make an excellent living.
  • James Nunn
    James Nunn 5 місяців тому @Scott Pensyl I drove into a Ford dealer once and they asked for the keys. I gave them to 'em. They spent about 15 minutes of their time with a 'specialist' , "valuing the trade". I then informed them: 'oh that's a lease and it will be going back to Toyota."
  • Brandon R
    Brandon R 5 місяців тому @M Detlef lmfao you are such a low life cuck its hilarious. YOUR GRAMMAR IS WRONG AND I CALLED YOU OUT ON IT THEREFORE I AM SUPERIOR, DUMBASS! you grammar nazis are jokes.
  • Brian Farneth
    Brian Farneth 5 місяців тому M Detlef thank you. “Just save,” “idiots pay interest.” How did I not know that before? I’m going to run right out and get a job that allows me to save $500 a paycheck then get a car with no interest or money down and a payment I can afford that’ll be paid off in four years. It’ll be perfect! I couldn’t have done it without your comments. You think people don’t know that? You need to realize not everyone has the ability to simply “just do” these things. And before you get off your high horse you don’t get to lecture anyone on how they need to live. You don’t know everybody’s situations. So stop with the generalities and patronizing comments and let people who need help get it.
  • Phil John
    Phil John 5 місяців тому @Jill Frank and it's the consumers right to know how their business works and time their purchase accordingly ... and to walk away if the car dealer is trying to play dirty psychological tricks
    BIBLE BELIEVER KJV 5 місяців тому Morons buy new cars 40k... then u drive it off the lot its worth 24k... I don't know any1 who buys new cars, go to an auction, thats where i got my wrangler 06 14thousand miles, got my Malibu 8thousand miles, all for peanuts, if i went to a dealership i would have got screwed...
  • Twelve Eighteen Official
    Twelve Eighteen Official 5 місяців тому @coheher - It's more about turning the "a bad deal is better than no deal" around on the dealer. They've put effort into putting together a deal for you, you have shown them that you don't need the car as bad as they need to sell the car (and they do, they're under pressure from the manufacturer to sell cars), so they're going to come back and give you the deal you want in order to move the unit.
  • Twelve Eighteen Official
    Twelve Eighteen Official 5 місяців тому @Beast Mode - The sales guy makes NOTHING on a new car. He wants you to buy a two-year-old used car, because he gets fat commish on that.
  • Twelve Eighteen Official
    Twelve Eighteen Official 5 місяців тому @Dalton Michaels - some people don't understand the investment value of principal. Clearly Mr. Swift is one of those people.
  • Twelve Eighteen Official
    Twelve Eighteen Official 5 місяців тому @Mike Roerig - You signed up for a lease. The act of signing up for a lease made you the sucker, especially when the insurance bill came due.
  • Twelve Eighteen Official
    Twelve Eighteen Official 5 місяців тому @Tricky Bobby - You ever look at a new car sticker? They put all kinds of BS in there. I saw a dealer slap a fee on a car called "regional demand surcharge" - $1800 on an $18000 car. The MSRP is for a base model with no options. Dealers don't sell those. You have to order that. Everyone knows this, so no one expects to get a car at a dealership for MSRP. The dealer uses this as an opportunity to stick all kinds of FU fees in there to make more money.
  • Twelve Eighteen Official
    Twelve Eighteen Official 5 місяців тому @BIBLE BELIEVER KJV - When you get to be my age, with my physical conditions, warranties are something you like to have, because working on your own car isn't an option anymore. So new vehicles are attractive because if anything goes wrong, it's the dealer's problem, and if it keeps happening, there are lemon laws. What I like about Hyundai, Kia, and Volkswagen - they all have B2B warranties for at least 5 years, so I never have to worry about gap insurance when I trade them in.
  • Mike Roerig
    Mike Roerig 5 місяців тому @Twelve Eighteen Official I think it's safe to say we approach car buying differently. I find 2 or 3 new cars that meet my needs and then let the dealers try to offer a monthly lease payment that compels me to choose their vehicle. I put nothing down, trade in nothing, always lease for 36 months, and always buy at the end of the month. Every 36 months I get a new car, it is always in warranty, I get 30% lower monthly payments when compared to buying, I never buy new tires, and I get to change vehicle type as my needs change. A nice new leased car costs about $13 per day (under $400 per month). That is affordable and provides a quality of living that I enjoy. I am likely going to break that trend with my next vehicle. I have one more year to go on my current lease and my current tentative plan is to purchase, not lease, a Tesla long range model 3. The Tesla car buying experience does not include negotiating price but does include quality of life consideration. I will have to see where the price, features, and functionality are at in a year.
  • sameh sars
    sameh sars 5 місяців тому Better yet " Don't walk into a dealership unless you're ready to buy " . Other than that Go fishing
  • Twelve Eighteen Official
    Twelve Eighteen Official 5 місяців тому @Mike Roerig - If you're okay with paying triple insurance on a leased vehicle, then I guess that model works for you. Personally, I'm a fan of buying a car with a B2B warranty that lasts at least the term of the loan and trading in. Sure, I might have to do a tire change, but odds are good I won't. Granted, you're dealing in vehicles that don't offer much of anything in terms of a B2B warranty, and they're certainly much nicer than what I'm getting, but I don't commute to work, never mind using my vehicle for work, so having something functional to run errands is plenty for me. I keep an entirely different vehicle for long journeys. It's paid off, and I maintain it immaculately. A lease would not meet my bang-for-buck expectations.
  • Craig Johnson
    Craig Johnson 5 місяців тому Great advice with a simple correlation.
  • Gary Johansen
    Gary Johansen 5 місяців тому Nice video, Having sold cars on and off for 4 or 5 years a long time ago there are a few more things to watch for. The pointer pen, used to take control of the buyers focus. Using your 4 square sheet of paper each of the items are pointed to (with the pointer pen) to direct their eyes as you explain them quickly. The Payment highball “what were you thinking you would like your payments to $625?”. The trade in lowball “I’d like to get you buckets of gold for your trade in - but our used car manager is kind of hard to get along with sometimes so don’t be surprised if he offers you (somewhere around a 1/3 of what you" were hoping for but as a $ amount) but don’t let that throw you the new car manager can help us out” Line em and sign em (initials). Selling cars is the equivalent of a college education in sales in less than a year (if you are paying attention). Most of the lessons I learned selling cars close to 50 years ago still serve me well today. A warning on LAHA is probably in order too. Surprisingly I like to be sold (worked) by someone with finesse. I like the back and forth the parry and counter exchanges. One different way I work the salesperson when I work on my own purchase is to initially accept their lowball on my trade in until everything else is set, then just before signing I give a weak effort to raise their lowball with something like “are you sure you can’t give me a little more on my trade?” By then the deal is pretty set in stone and they will stand up to me in which case I’ll waffle a little bit and counter with I’ll just bring the cash instead and sell my trade myself. It works for me. Now before those pesky truth in advertising rules - it would go something like this Welcome to our dealership we appreciate you stopping by. What are you looking at today new cars or used? (Find out what they are looking for - If new) We have a great selection of new cars, lets go take a look, have you had a chance to sit in one yet? Then leaning into them, Oh there’s something I’m not supposed to tell you but you should know that the owner is running a contest between the new car manager and the used car manager. The one that sells the most cars will get a free trip all expenses paid for their family to Disneyland. The reason this is meaningful to you is today is the last day of the contest and the new car manager is down by one. I know they are working on another new car sale so if we find something you something you like you can probably work the best deal on a new car you will ever get in your life. Don’t get me wrong we always value your business and will give you a good deal whenever you come in – but tonight if you can get even close to what the new car manager can accept I know he will bend over backwards to put a deal together. Go find them a car, write it up and just as I’m leaving to present their offer, turn back with a thoughtful look and say this is a really low offer and I really want you to get your car – give me a minute to talk to my manager to see if he has some thoughts on how I can better present this for you. Return with a closer, folks this is my manager Don and he’s offered to give me a hand with this one. I make an excuse to leave and as I’m leaving I’ll hear Don almost whisper “I don’t know if Gary told you but there is a contest between the new car manager and … College sales ed in a short time
  • James Roberts
    James Roberts 5 місяців тому @Dalton Michaels go eff yourself mr perfect
  • James Roberts
    James Roberts 5 місяців тому @buzzclick500 jason cota-wopa cant get over it. He is a foriegner ruled by his emotions
  • James Roberts
    James Roberts 5 місяців тому @Martha D.moreno cant dosclose it here? Sounds like a sales pitch from meheeko
  • Rob Mill
    Rob Mill 5 місяців тому Yep! Plus never go needing a Car, always be willing to walk away,If they want your business They will give you time to think and Honor the price worked out or time to shop around..
  • kevin ruiters
    kevin ruiters 5 місяців тому @buzzclick500 There are NO decent ones!
  • kevin ruiters
    kevin ruiters 5 місяців тому @karen l Smith Sounds like sexual harassment...
  • kevin ruiters
    kevin ruiters 5 місяців тому @Dalton Michaels Depends on the interest rate of course. If it's running at 25% per annum it's going to be hard to beat that on the stock market.
  • kevin ruiters
    kevin ruiters 5 місяців тому @Dalton Michaels Maybe you should make a lot of videos teaching others how to avoid the cash payment trap...?
  • kevin ruiters
    kevin ruiters 5 місяців тому @David Armstrong Then if you wait a little while, it bounces back again....
  • kevin ruiters
    kevin ruiters 5 місяців тому @Martha D.moreno THIS IS A SCAM!
  • kevin ruiters
    kevin ruiters 5 місяців тому @sameh sars Given this video, I think a lot of people SHOULD go into a dealership JUST to practice walking OUT after talking up a "deal"!
  • Tricky Bobby
    Tricky Bobby 5 місяців тому (змінено) @Twelve Eighteen Official That didn't exist where I worked. It's cold here in the winter so new cars had MSRP, freight and PDI, block heater, locking wheel nuts (so people don't snipe your rims) and then taxes. That's it. There was no BS.
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 5 місяців тому @noControl I won't call you back...see ya loser!
  • Michelle Searcy
    Michelle Searcy 5 місяців тому @AlphaXeno1 After 2 hours of negotiation, they would not come down to me wanting to pay just the sticker price and they eat the taxes and fees, lost a sale that day. They even did the old, well we got 4 more people looking at the car this week... haha. I said good, maybe your bullshit will work on them. Oh, and the best part, when they asked how I intended to pay for it, I said... well with my card. They replied with, well we can't take more then 2k on credit. I said, no, my debit card, I"m gonna pay for the whole car. I had to explain it to her and her manager like 3 times that I just had the money for the entire car. They seemed to not know how things like, debit cards and credit cards work.
  • Paul Ogie
    Paul Ogie 5 місяців тому @Martha D.moreno OMG...that's hilarious. Talking about a scam and you promote a scam. Priceless. I hope one of these idiots falls for it, lmao.
  • JONNYY 5
    JONNYY 5 5 місяців тому 🏃... ...... .. ........🚶 Don't let this man bulshit you he meant unless you're prepared to run out laughing
  • Dalton Michaels
    Dalton Michaels 5 місяців тому @kevin ruiters i have bought 2 new cars and both cars were around 5% . But that may come with being a good negotiator and having good credit ext ext.
  • Trick Tracks
    Trick Tracks 5 місяців тому @BBB RRR you made that on paper. Until you sell them you haven't made anything. Also, you made that on paper in one year. Over many years, you may lose or never make your claimed 15%. If you bought in 2006 you had to wait many years before your broke even. Same with a house - people always say "wow, I've made some many dollars appreciation on my house (or stocks or whatever). BS - you haven't made squat until you have the cash in your hand from the sale, after commissions, realtor fees, taxes, etc.
    BBB RRR 5 місяців тому (змінено) @Trick Tracks S&P has returned almost 10% on average for the past 90 years. Some years less, some more. A car is always going to lose me money, especially the cars I buy (regular honda, or nissans). $25K compounded over 5 years becomes $40k, meanwhile a $25K honda over 5 years becomes $15k at best.
  • Coiled Steel
    Coiled Steel 5 місяців тому @Jason Cotellessa You seriously need to go on MGTOW sites, before your great "THIRST" for women destroys you, like it did me, and many other men!
  • Jason Cotellessa
    Jason Cotellessa 5 місяців тому @Coiled Steel lmao I have! I'm trying man! This is a process I can't do it overnight! Lol My girl trying to get me to move in now hard core. I've been doing good for years n trying not to cave brother!
  • Beach Life
    Beach Life 5 місяців тому @Holly Jaye I've done that. If you bring it back and say,"I just didn;t like it" they will back off
  • FireFishMike
    FireFishMike 5 місяців тому a3300000 that’s the #1 rule people don’t get
  • Big Sugar
    Big Sugar 5 місяців тому @Pfsif i bought an 06 Kia a few years ago and the salesman was fuckin furious with me after all the time I wasted with him
  • vachief
    vachief 5 місяців тому All trades play games to make a living, if you you don't like the price or the terms, thank them and go elsewhere.
  • Chasin' Seashells
    Chasin' Seashells 5 місяців тому @Pfsif enlighten me please. Nearly a year ago, I took my brother with me to check out any mechanical & body issues. The chic that rode with us during the test drive didn't even bother putting on her seat belt for approximately a 5 mile round trip, then she bounced from one seat to another. Then back at the dealership, she argued with me because I wouldn't give her my social security number, because I wanted more info before the purchase. She got mad & went & got her boss. Then he commenced to arguing with me over the same issue. I refuse to give my info 1) til I know for sure what I'm buying & want. 2) if the dealership acts like that. Professionalism & safety go a long way.
    RONNY EITAN 5 місяців тому Max Power u were driving out but they were chasing u cuz u were ready to walk away? I don’t get it, we’re u driving or walking? And where the fuck does the Uber come into play?
    RONNY EITAN 5 місяців тому Dalton Michaels u have no investments who r u kidding. U take payment plans cuz u don’t have the $ to buy what u want
  • Daniel Shaysevand
    Daniel Shaysevand 5 місяців тому Car stealership XD
  • Emanuel
    Emanuel 5 місяців тому @Graham Wilkins um... maxed out 2019 RS5 with dynamic plus package and every option is just over $101k. You're either embellishing a little bit or you got taken.
  • Graham Wilkins
    Graham Wilkins 5 місяців тому @Emanuel Not in Australia son. We get ripped for everything. I was in New York a few years ago admiring a Ferrari 599 parked in Manhattan. A man stopped with me and stated, "$225,000 is a lot of money for a car!". I said, come to Australia, these are $800,000 at home. We pay tax on tax here on cars. The current S5 is advertised at $105,000, then you add $8,000 government stamp duty and $25,000 luxury car tax. The luxury car tax was introduced many years ago to protect the local car industry from imports. Despite the fact we no longer have a local car industry, we still have the tax. During my many visits to the US I've often fantasized about what great cars I could own if I lived there, with your prices and our wages.
  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore 5 місяців тому @M Detlef - No. Smart people get the dealership to offer 0% interest on last years model that the dealer is desperate to move off the lot. Free money. Keep your cash in an investment earning you interest.
  • b Ward
    b Ward 5 місяців тому (змінено) @Pfsif LMAO, I had an SM play the "Bad Cop" game with me once. So I said " look I know you don't like working here it's gotta be tough, Home Depot is advertising for it's manager training program".
  • S Vin
    S Vin 5 місяців тому @Rammer Jammer Seems like you like wasting your time and the dealers...
  • S Vin
    S Vin 5 місяців тому @Scott Pensyl LOL... what? How do you expect them to handle your trade then genius?
  • Rammer Jammer
    Rammer Jammer 5 місяців тому S Vin nope. They call back and we always get the car we want. Just got to be patient.
  • Cassandra Schmidt
    Cassandra Schmidt 5 місяців тому The main negotiation should begin with the price of the vehicle! Never tell them how much you want to pay per month!
  • y t
    y t 5 місяців тому Don't buy a car.
  • patbtwo
    patbtwo 5 місяців тому @M Detlef Save up 40K? What are you smokin?
  • Robert Dulany
    Robert Dulany 5 місяців тому @Max Power The last new car I bought, I took a bus (grey hound) to a city about 80 miles away. There was no way I was going to leave without buying the car. I thought I was chancing it, but frankly, it all worked out fine. I got a great deal on the price. I didn't get taken on a trade-in, because I had none. I didn't get taken on financing, because I didn't use any. Also, I didn't know it then, but that car I bought new, I put 140,000 mile on it, before giving it to my daughter, she still drives it today..... The last car I bought, wasn't new, it was used. I like buying new, but I did take a chance on a used car (same brand), and so far so good.....
  • The Battle Lion
    The Battle Lion 5 місяців тому a3300000 never walk into a dealership unless your willing to buy
  • Donnie Harris
    Donnie Harris 5 місяців тому I didn't know dealerships were 501c3 non-profit businesses. I hope people negotiate everything else in life. If you think dealerships "knock your head off/ ripped off," you should see the "margin" on a lot of things you buy....
  • Mark Pasinski
    Mark Pasinski 5 місяців тому John Anthony Who says his money is not in investments until he buys? Geesh!
  • Money Growth Academy
    Money Growth Academy 5 місяців тому Great video, I can't say for sure the experience he has as a dealer but with 17 years of experience, I thought it would be worth it to make a response to his video. Hope you enjoy some of the points we made 👍🏽
  • diesaltrading
    diesaltrading 5 місяців тому @M Detlef not true why pay for a 20k car all at once if you can finance it for 2.% and make more every year in investments on the same money than you would buying the car.
  • Mark Berenger
    Mark Berenger 5 місяців тому @Charles Leblanc yeah cool story..
  • Mark Berenger
    Mark Berenger 5 місяців тому lmao you think they dont see you coming a mile away? You dont think they have a price set up so that you can 'negotiate' a kick ass deal for yourself and let you walk away with your chest all puffed out at how clever you are? If you buy a new car, you're making a stupid purchase period. End of discussion. If you claim a victory at that low price you paid at the dealer, you're a cuck lol. P.S. All my future cars will be electric, namely Tesla because those cars are light years ahead of any cars made by the Biggest automakers and I wont be part of that middle eastern oil tit anymore.
  • Peter Pontrelli
    Peter Pontrelli 5 місяців тому Thanks for sharing , Its all about the dollar and screwing people im sick of it man.
  • M Detlef
    M Detlef 5 місяців тому diesaltrading Um.. you LEFT OUT the REQUIREMENT of collision insurance on ANY financed car.
  • Justin Robertson
    Justin Robertson 4 місяці тому My dad and mom told me the same thing. if the deal is out of ur budget walk away!
  • Gmar80
    Gmar80 4 місяці тому Scott Pensyl I learned that when it took 30min to get my keys back because I wouldn’t sign their bullshit deal. Oh your 2001 Ford Explorer is on “the lift”. Yeah 👌. Give me my keys before I report my car stolen
  • kaffien
    kaffien 4 місяці тому and NEVER buy on your first visit. They get hungrier and hungrier each visit.
  • omid anush
    omid anush 4 місяці тому It’s very sad to see people like you making the dealers look like thieves. Dealerships just like ANY other businesses in the whole WORLD are operated by turning a profit. So you’re telling me that’s a bad thing? And if you service your car at a dealership, “you might as well get your rear end services! Because they make profit from you”. That’s such an idiotic and ridicules statement. In that case, I believe you do not buy anything from the grocery store and you own a farm. Wait... you buy from the grocery store? You’re AN IDIOT!!!! They’re making a profit of that broccoli you just bought? Oh hold on!!!!! You’re using a marker to write on a whiteboard!!????? Jesus Christ man..... they made a profit of off you!!!!! You GOT RIPPED OFF!! That’s how stupid your statement is. Yes, there are dealers that do take advance of the process and people, but for you to come and make a video and generalize everything for monetization on YouTube is a very cheap move. You have worked in the car business and you were probably fired after a week because you thought you and your 4 year degree are way too much to settle for selling cars.... Well honey, I’m sorry for your loss on the opportunity. Can’t wait to see another one of your stupid videos! Just because businesses turn a profit, it doesn’t make them crooks. You’re the crook to wanting to mess with peoples minds and make everyone feel like buying a car is worse getting robbed.
  • Greyman Reb
    Greyman Reb 4 місяці тому @Ziggi Mon Gimmie a break. You pop into any dealership I've worked at, at closing, and you'll be told to come back tomorrow when there's time to get something done.
  • Greyman Reb
    Greyman Reb 4 місяці тому @Jojo Crazy Cat Most vets would tell you not to let the door hit you on the way out bud.
  • Greyman Reb
    Greyman Reb 4 місяці тому @Great Lakes Yeah because customers never lie. Lol
  • Greyman Reb
    Greyman Reb 4 місяці тому @Mike Rolan And yet you are amazed salespeople do the same thing to you?
  • Ziggi Mon
    Ziggi Mon 4 місяці тому @Greyman Reb -- nobody cares about stinking dealerships you worked. I know how decent dealerships work.
  • Great Lakes
    Great Lakes 4 місяці тому @Greyman Reb right
  • every buddy
    every buddy 4 місяці тому @Steven Grant You can negotiate at stores. It's not all that common, but you can. You go into a store. You see a TV you like to have on clearance. Why would you think you can't ask for an additional 5% off. Or maybe a sale ended the day before. Who says you can't ask about getting the it at the sale price. Granted the sales person might not be able to give the discounts but the dept manager or store manager can.
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 4 місяці тому @6string Yeah and if they don't wait on you, you're complaining that "no one waited on me". It's a no-win for salespeople.
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 4 місяці тому @Pfsif You sound like a joy to work with...I wouldn't scream at you. I'd just walk away and leave you by yourself.
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 4 місяці тому @noControl Just don't walk in...I deal with idiots like you every day. Doubtful I'd waste the time to call you back. Have too many reasonable customers that I'd rather work with. I will give those people a great deal and great service.
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 4 місяці тому @Brandon Adkins You sound like a wimpy little geek who's never sold a thing in their life. Postman?
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 4 місяці тому @Brian D. How many cars have you bought in your life, Brian? I sell more automobiles in a month than you will ever buy. Buying a car is not this huge deal that all you chest-thumpers are making it out to be. Get a life...
  • noControl
    noControl 4 місяці тому @David Sparling I can understand why you would rather work with idiots you can rip off.
  • Smokin' Joe
    Smokin' Joe 4 місяці тому @M Detlef Not really, 2% interest rate for 6 years is a steal.
  • Subaru Racer
    Subaru Racer 4 місяці тому @M Detlef Not unless the money you would have spent on the car you can put into the stock market and make a higher rate of return instead.
  • Subaru Racer
    Subaru Racer 4 місяці тому @Scott Pensyl Why don't I give them the keys?
  • pete ziriaah
    pete ziriaah 4 місяці тому I don't buy cars at a dealership. I'd rather swim with hungry sharks. Those pricks that own those things should do time in jail,
  • Nancy Robards
    Nancy Robards 4 місяці тому @a3300000 sure he did not most folks with money don't, they pay less because they are not in a hurry. how you think they got to a place to pay cash?
  • PPS076 Reviews
    PPS076 Reviews 4 місяці тому Walked into a car dealership when I was waiting for mine to be fixed. Saw a car that I liked and they were asking 20% above the dealer book value and was only offering 20% less than bottom book value for mine
  • Dan Strayer
    Dan Strayer 4 місяці тому Stay away from dealers, period. They wanted $425 to replace front brake pads for my elderly dad. Pads were $22, I did it in 1/2 hour. They need to make $800 an hour? really? From a 90 year old WWII veteran? Fuck dealers.
  • Dan Strayer
    Dan Strayer 4 місяці тому that's why they invented CraigsList
  • Darth News
    Darth News 4 місяці тому First of all I sell cars and let me tell you.. I absolutely hate and despise pushy salespeople. If you dont want the car, I honestly couldn't give 2 fucks. I'll beat any price you bring me. Period. No tricks, no bullshit, only full transparency. Videos like this are what make us HONEST people in the car business so pissed off. You're only taking money out of the pockets of hard working Americans that have mouths to feed, and you say a lot of bullshit that simply is not true. (I'll make a separate comment for all of that) Obviously we are all aware of the stigma that surrounds car dealers, and its not entirely wrong. But companies are taking notice to the issue and are hiring fresh faces who aren't agressive and who aren't going to act like oldschool sharks that take advantage of you. Its also nearly impossible for a dealership to screw anyone over anymore, because doing market research is at our fingertips and everything is online. Wish I could end this comment on a positive note, but....... Go fuck yourself 👍
  • Jimmy Nich
    Jimmy Nich 4 місяці тому @ChordxClient It's best to get the finance from a bank loan like he says in the video, not just because it will be cheaper but you can still sell the car whenever you want. Getting stuck to the term of the dealer's finance isn't good, also I found out when I was younger when I had the money to pay off the last couple of years the saving was next to nothing paying it off in a lump sum even though there was still quite a bit of time left on the finance.
  • Jimmy Nich
    Jimmy Nich 4 місяці тому @Dalton Michaels Then why not save money from investing, buy a car at a good price and the money saved invest more?
  • Dalton Michaels
    Dalton Michaels 4 місяці тому its all relative. whats a good price? investing takes time. it could take years to earn enough to save up enough to buy the car with cash , meanwhile you still have to get around , so now your going to buy a car and presumably lose money on it later when you go to sell it after you have saved up to buy the new one. So the losses you take selling the car you drove in the meantime could have just been the interest you were paying while having the new car on a loan. either way its money out the window , might as well have the new car.
  • Jimmy Nich
    Jimmy Nich 4 місяці тому @Graham Wilkins What's Australian dollars to U.S. dollars? I think it's about 3 to 1 GBP.
  • Steve
    Steve 4 місяці тому @Jason Cotellessa Your car? The banks car. Bum
  • Jason Cotellessa
    Jason Cotellessa 4 місяці тому @Steve it'll be paid off in a few months lol bum. Idiot.
  • Steve
    Steve 4 місяці тому @Jason Cotellessa Shoulda never been financed in the first place.
  • Jason Cotellessa
    Jason Cotellessa 4 місяці тому @Steve I paid about maybe 800 in interest. It was my first brand new car n my credit just ok. Paying off in under 2 years. I will never finance again.
  • Steve
    Steve 4 місяці тому @Jason Cotellessa Yea, you never should finance anything again.
  • Jason Cotellessa
    Jason Cotellessa 4 місяці тому @Steve I do agree with you there. Never again.
  • Graham Wilkins
    Graham Wilkins 4 місяці тому @Jimmy Nich At the moment $1.50 Aussie buys $1 US. Pretty sad - we've visited the US many times and always had a roughly 1 for 1 conversion. Getting expensive now?
  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
    CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation 4 місяці тому In that case I really need to find my ass anywhere but a car dealership cause I am always there just spectating the inventory like I can actually afford any of it 😂
  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
    CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation 4 місяці тому Rob Mill but at the same time that is how the business could be lost if I just let the person get away that easy it’s not as easy as it seems and I mean I am no salesman pitcher but I think I have enough sense to see why it happens the way it does cause at the end of the day it’s business
  • Jimmy Nich
    Jimmy Nich 4 місяці тому @CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation Yeah and you're always gonna lose money on cars so it's just a cost to get around. Even if you don't have a car you'll lose money by not having one and getting one later on because your insurance will be sky high. Then there's the cost of fuel, you will never win. Electric is the way to go but they are very expensive at the moment and the technology isn't quite there yet if you ever need to go on a long journey. I agree with what the guy in the video is saying, if you buy from a dealer get your finance sorted first and don't trade in your old car, at least that way you can sell your car anytime you want, if you have the dealer's finance you can't.
  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
    CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation 4 місяці тому sameh sars in that case I should have really kept telling myself that cause I have a thing for walking the dealership like I own the place 😂
  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
    CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation 4 місяці тому James Roberts mr perfect possibly was the same one who got himself into his own perfect scenario with buying a car so I think he did that too himself don’t need to tell him
  • Steve
    Steve 4 місяці тому @Jason Cotellessa Glad you agree!
  • Greyman Reb
    Greyman Reb 4 місяці тому @Ziggi Mon Lol... sure you do bud.
  • John Nelson
    John Nelson 4 місяці тому I go in and toy with the Salesman’s head. By the time I’m done with them they are ready to drink a fifth of Jack
  • Jones senoJ
    Jones senoJ 4 місяці тому @6string not if its raining and you go to a fist dealership in the evening !!!
  • dean barker
    dean barker 4 місяці тому @M Detlef How did you come to this conclusion ??? Do you always pay cash for your cars ? If you do then your the idiot my friend. But let me explain why. You save your hard earned cash to buy that vehicle in the showroom or on the forecourt. You keep it for a few years and then decide you want a different car ? You go to trade it in and find that its depreciated and you've lost quite a bit from the initial price paid right ???? Cars from new depreciate by near 50% after 3 years with average mileage and reasonable condition. And so lets look at the finance customer whom may pay interest on the deal if its not on 0% finance. Yes they pay interest on the loan but lets say they get a 60 month deal and wish to change after 36 months. They won't have paid out a huge amount of cash unlike the cash customer who bought it out right from day one. Therefore the finance customer isnt concerned about depreciation too much as theyve probably not paid enough to cover the intital retail price of the car on day one. The dealer will value the car and then clear any outstanding finance before starting a new agreement for the customer on another car. Meanwhile the cash customer has to save fortunes each month if he or she wish to change frequently going forward. Finance customer may pay $300 p/mth over 36 mths for their car where as the cash customer has to save $600 p/mth to be able to afford another car in 3 yrs time........ Whose the fool here ????
  • Barry K
    Barry K 4 місяці тому @Connecticut Dashcam that's wrong way to think about it. The point of walking out is to play mind games with them to get a better deal, even if you do actually trust them
  • AngeloR674
    AngeloR674 4 місяці тому a3300000 agreed! Did that tonight!
  • Chris Corbett
    Chris Corbett 4 місяці тому Clearanceman2 how do you buy cars then?
  • VSZERO3 Marco
    VSZERO3 Marco 4 місяці тому I walk in the dealership and ask them where is your nearest toilet? Prank
  • Mr. Andrade
    Mr. Andrade 4 місяці тому John Anthony You’re last statement is SO true!😂
  • Nicholas Dahlman
    Nicholas Dahlman 4 місяці тому I am! I agree though. He means we don’t want to walk in unless your willing to walk out and get ripped.
  • Nicholas Dahlman
    Nicholas Dahlman 4 місяці тому a3300000 I just subscribed to your YouTube channel make more videos and then more subscribers will do the same thing. I have 2 on mine tap my picture. Please. And press subscribe. I want subscribers you can advertise mine on your channel for more subscribers. We can play a game of press the subscribe button and get subscribers.
  • c5 relampago
    c5 relampago 4 місяці тому @noControl exactly same thing i posted earlier walked in an alfa romeo dealership sales were really slow so i asked test drove the car then told em i was going to lotus see what they had to offer and i have them my phone number they kept calling me like crazy sending car pics until i got the 4c for a ridiculous price
  • googly moogly
    googly moogly 4 місяці тому @6string I just walk around the dealer when I'm getting my free oil changes and get swarmed by super nice guys, then tell then I'm getting my car serviced. They either change personality real quick and walk away, or are dumb enough to convince me to trade in my 4 year old car lol
  • W Runfaster
    W Runfaster 4 місяці тому Brandon Adkins wife and I call it walking into the spider web and tickling the web like a caught fly, pretty soon the spider comes out of their lair and pounces on
  • stanmorgan258
    stanmorgan258 4 місяці тому The manager agreed to my out-the-door price one day. When I returned he said he couldn't sell the used car at that price. I walked out!
  • SubliminallyObvious1
    SubliminallyObvious1 4 місяці тому That's the Trump strategy!
  • Don  Mackie
    Don Mackie 4 місяці тому Wise words dude!
  • ALFredo Cuomo
    ALFredo Cuomo 3 місяці тому My credit sucks so NO PROBLEM HERE! 😂
  • Dougie Quick
    Dougie Quick 3 місяці тому Better than that PLAN to walk out ....PLAN on them pressuring "today only ....last one like this wont be here tomorrow"...I love to piss em off and say "I have a list of dealerships and all the time in the world ....BEFORE I buy I am going to EACH dealership and make an offer and if they dont take it hear their best counter offer ...and if I still have not made a deal? I'll be back here and I'll bump up the offer and start all over again" Because statistically they KNOW if you walk out ? You are not coming back ...they feel like they got one shot at you...I have had salesman actually pretend like they were angry and offended for wasting their THAT is gonna work! I have had them gang up on me with other salesmen trying to make me feel bad! It must work on some i guess? Me? I just said "I will now NEVER EVER EVER do ANY business with this dealership! EVER!"....Personally I HATE having to deal with a "salesman" ....I do my OWN research picking out a vehicle! I ALWAYS know MORE about the model than the sales guy does offends me he / she making a commision on "selling" something I already decided I wanted! I want to walk up to a cash register and just buy the car I want....with rock bottom prices already on the stores selling everything else....WHY do cars have to be "sold" to you???
  • kattmaz
    kattmaz 3 місяці тому Scott Pensyl why?!?
  • Oldschool Dude
    Oldschool Dude 3 місяці тому a3300000 Great advice.
  • Oldschool Dude
    Oldschool Dude 3 місяці тому @M Detlef Not everyone makes great money to avoid it. It's just part of life. Idiots settle for terrible APR :)
  • Oldschool Dude
    Oldschool Dude 3 місяці тому @noControl You got it :)
  • oceantracks
    oceantracks 3 місяці тому @M Detlef Do you pay interest on your house or did you just happen to have a couple hundred grand in cash under the bed? LOL
  • M Detlef
    M Detlef 3 місяці тому oceantracks Save up FIRST. Then just BUY.
  • Brian notafan
    Brian notafan 3 місяці тому some idiots sign anything to get a new car there on the road to getting repoed hope they didnt sell thre 10 speed
  • oceantracks
    oceantracks 3 місяці тому @M Detlef Most people can't afford to save up that much money. But they can afford a reasonable payment monthly. Your idea works for a 4000.00 used car, not for a typical new car today.
  • Steve Young
    Steve Young 3 місяці тому Also, NEVER walk in with only 1 set of keys. It's amazing how they always misplace your keys when you're ready to leave.
  • Master Yo
    Master Yo 3 місяці тому @a3300000 I always pay cash and have never paid sticker price. Why call the other guy an idiot?
  • L Simon
    L Simon 3 місяці тому @Rammer Jammer Does this mean you've never actually bought a car at a dealership?
  • Edvin Mandzukic
    Edvin Mandzukic 3 місяці тому Fucking facts. My father in law walked into a dealership riding his bike. I told him immediately that he was a fucking idiot because that just shows that he is desperate as hell to get any car they have.
  • Rammer Jammer
    Rammer Jammer 3 місяці тому L Simon always buy from a dealer but never on the first visit and often not from the first dealer we visit. We shop. We negotiate. And if it isn’t what we want, we walk out. If they need to sell us the car, they’ll call us. We never go in desperate.
  • Methodical2
    Methodical2 3 місяці тому (змінено) My 1st ever new purchase, I walked out of the 1st dealership (Sheehy Ford). I saw that 95 Cobra and told the salesman that's what I want. He sarcastically said, let me see what your credits like as most people can't buy a loaf of bread on credit; I already knew i had excellent credit and financing. I told him just bring the keys back when you're finish, so I can test drive the car. He came back with the keys all happy. The price negotiation did not go well though. After some back and forth, the sales manager comes out and throws a piece of paper on the table with a price, I looked at it and threw it back - not acceptable. I told them if I leave I wont' be back. They both said I would not get the price I wanted anywhere. I told them have a good day. Before I could get down the street, they were calling me, but I reiterated what I'd stated earlier about not coming back. I found exactly what I wanted for less - 95 Cobra - Black on Black at another dealership. I got another call from them and I told them I had already purchased a car and got the price I wanted. Peace. Be willing to walk and keep a poker face; show no excitement or any signs that you are pressed. Everything is negotiable.
  • John O Brien
    John O Brien 3 місяці тому (змінено) You go there to look ...try make a deal or not ...No big deal..Do not waste your time or there time either..It a good idea not to purchase on the day of viewing ...Think it over ..
  • Chris Stubbs
    Chris Stubbs 3 місяці тому Better yet just don't come back ever
  • John O Brien
    John O Brien 3 місяці тому @Chris Stubbs tire kickers should be shot on site
  • Jj Ss
    Jj Ss 3 місяці тому Never walk into a dealership unless you actually have money you're willing to spend 🙄😂
  • Tony Day
    Tony Day 3 місяці тому All ur doing is pissing the dealer off and they will crush you. If u fall for the "acting like their mad cuz u got too good of a deal" then you got taken lol
    AMERICAN LEE 3 місяці тому @Beast Mode they're already making money you little bootlicker nazi. They are greedy and want to make a killing. They buy wholesale and sell retail.
  • Neil King
    Neil King 3 місяці тому You should ALWAYS walk out. That's when you know what kind of deal you got.
  • Bill Wilson
    Bill Wilson 3 місяці тому Brilliant!
  • BiggCliff Foster
    BiggCliff Foster 2 місяці тому @Brian D. Isnt using your email to negotiate-not anonymous?
  • Wrath Decay
    Wrath Decay 2 місяці тому @6string and when not approached, customer says, no one wants to help me, lol.
  • Wrath Decay
    Wrath Decay 2 місяці тому @Rammer Jammer good for you.
  • Wrath Decay
    Wrath Decay 2 місяці тому @Pfsif why would they scream at you?
  • Duc Do
    Duc Do 2 місяці тому a3300000, best comment though
  • Ray Bates
    Ray Bates 1 місяць тому Best advice ever. If you ever fall in love with a particular vehicle, you're screwed!
  • Qi Huna
    Qi Huna 1 місяць тому BINGO!!!!! Practice WuWei
  • Vegas X
    Vegas X 3 дні тому Never fall for the KEY trick. They ask you for the keys for your trade and they disappear with them. They know you can't leave.
  • R. A.
    R. A. 2 години тому Fell for that once, a few cars ago. All it did was get me aggravated enough to vow I would never buy a car at this dealership.
  • Ethzega
    Ethzega 1 місяць тому Funny story I went to dealer and they gave me 8% of interest and I left them and go to my bank they gave 1.74%.
  • buklao
    buklao 1 місяць тому Wow such a badass
  • sergio gentili
    sergio gentili 1 місяць тому That means the dealership doesn't work with your bank.
  • marty blue
    marty blue 1 місяць тому sergio gentili o
  • marty blue
    marty blue 1 місяць тому sergio gentili ooo
  • Surroundrive Show
    Surroundrive Show 1 місяць тому That makes no sense. If the dealer does in-house financing, then that's different. Dealerships don't make final decisions...the banks do.
  • Tyre Hester
    Tyre Hester 1 місяць тому Surroundrive Show Car manufacturers have their own banks: GM finance, Toyota finance....the dealership finances through them, not a local bank.
  • Stevorn Richards
    Stevorn Richards 1 місяць тому @Tyre Hester they do local banks to like some credit unions and also big banks like cap one, chase, BOA.
  • Ray Nash
    Ray Nash 1 місяць тому (змінено) @sergio gentili It means that the dealer was going to make money off him by giving a higher interest rate than his credit score indicated that he qualified for.
  • Ethzega
    Ethzega 1 місяць тому @Ray Nash so true, actually my FICO score was 812 at the time. The dealer almost always they put additional percentage on the top of bank rates.
  • Tee Lee
    Tee Lee 1 місяць тому Jewel.
  • Sebastian Zielinski
    Sebastian Zielinski 1 місяць тому 1.74% what bank? Was it your family member?
  • Jerry Moody
    Jerry Moody 1 місяць тому credit unions here offer crazy low rates like that.
  • Ethzega
    Ethzega 1 місяць тому @Sebastian Zielinski Actually that was from Bank of
  • Sebastian Zielinski
    Sebastian Zielinski 1 місяць тому @Ethzega lol I work with Bank of America and they never had 1.74% rate on anything for the last 20 years.
  • Михаил Емельченко
    Михаил Емельченко 1 місяць тому No way)
  • Sebastian Zielinski
    Sebastian Zielinski 1 місяць тому @Ethzega Banks let dealers to add between 1 to 2% max of the rates they offer to a dealer, so 6% add-on is fake news, lol
  • Phil Brown
    Phil Brown 1 місяць тому that means you didn't seek an actual approval. the dealership commonly use 8% when figuring out payments. That way once in the finance office there is a better chance of you getting a good surprise (lower payment) instead of us telling you a real nice payment using 1% and then you get approved at 5% or something. Also the 1.74% was a personal loan not a car loan. but like the person who made this video, if you don't understand something just claim the dealership is trying to pull a fast one. dealerships have control over interest rates it is based on your credit. even when a dealerhship offers 0% it is still based on your credit if you can get 0%
  • Tim O'Connell
    Tim O'Connell 1 місяць тому omg ..... 8% are they insane?!
  • Douglas Quade
    Douglas Quade 1 місяць тому you are so full of shit
  • PainBlame
    PainBlame 1 місяць тому (змінено) Are you Trump? Because the average interest rate in 2019 is 4.5% for a Brand new car. I've seen a person with 870 credit score only get 3.1%.
  • David Chan
    David Chan 4 тижні тому Car Dealerships are always very expensive & most of all thieves. That includes auto mechanics, etc.
  • PainBlame
    PainBlame 4 тижні тому Dealership tells you 8% because they dont know what it will be after you get approved. So instead of them telling you that your credit is so good you will get 2%, and then when no bank approves 2%, but only 3%, naturally you go yell at the dealership for lieing, false statements etc.. It's better to be told the worse thing and then have it turn out good, then to be told the good thing and have it turn out bad.
  • PainBlame
    PainBlame 4 тижні тому (змінено) @David Chan Theives steal you property and give you nothing. Dealerships are only trying to make a fair profit. They take risk for all the cars being traded in and all the new cars coming in and possibly not selling them because they dont get enough people in their store. You have no idea how much stakes are at dealerships if they dont hit their sale quota, or if you drive off.
  • Pocahontas
    Pocahontas 3 тижні тому @David Chan they aren't thieves. People willingly give them their money. They can help that most people are idiots.
  • bravado7
    bravado7 2 тижні тому @sergio gentili No, the dealership can work with any bank. The key is that dealerships are legally allowed to apply for a loan on your behalf then mark up the APR and keep the APR difference as pure profit. So with very few exceptions don't finance at the dealership
  • Michael M
    Michael M 1 тиждень тому (змінено) What if you bargain for a reduced price but with jacked up financing, then the next day go refinance at your bank at the better rate? Is that doable? I have heard the salesmen will allow something like this- they just have to get the sale and they can't control what happens after that.
  • Huyle18
    Huyle18 1 тиждень тому Or you know get a new car with 0% interest
  • Husam Salem
    Husam Salem 1 тиждень тому What’s so funny about that
  • Jason Mayes
    Jason Mayes 1 тиждень тому Ethzega buyers are liars 😳
  • Aaron Humphrey
    Aaron Humphrey 5 днів тому Ethzega I work at a dealership, and we don’t decide your finance rates. That’s all from the bank. We would love to get everyone at a low rate.
  • Korn Dawggy
    Korn Dawggy 4 дні тому @sergio gentili that's because the finance guy at the dealer adds his own percentage too.
  • Mette Frederiksen
    Mette Frederiksen 12 годин тому Sebastian Zielinski I live in Denmark, and it’s 2,7% through Toyota.
  • Maurice Clark
    Maurice Clark 1 тиждень тому 8.9K dislikes are from dealership agents
  • Atif Husain
    Atif Husain 1 тиждень тому The fancier the car dealership, the more you end up paying. My experience has been to buy cars that are 3 to 5 yrs older with relatively low mileage and in decent consition, but from private/used car dealers, whom you have heard good things about, Word of Mouth advertising. Once you find the ONE, stick with them for life. Same goes for mechanics.
  • Jeff Flowers
    Jeff Flowers 3 місяці тому You have 6.7K dislikes. That’s how many car dealers have watched the video.
  • Marko - WhiteBoard Finance
    Marko - WhiteBoard Finance 3 місяці тому 100%
  • Fred Jackson
    Fred Jackson 3 місяці тому Haha
  • stefan babic
    stefan babic 3 місяці тому no, that is how many people common sense
  • Jeff Flowers
    Jeff Flowers 3 місяці тому stefan babic which dealership do you work for?
  • Jeff Flowers
    Jeff Flowers 3 місяці тому Scott Southpark Canada we can argue whether he’s a moral guy that wanted out or a crook that was forced out. I’ve heard his and similar stories through the years.
  • stefan babic
    stefan babic 3 місяці тому @Jeff Flowers at "NoCheepsAllowed"
  • Paul Weston
    Paul Weston 3 місяці тому It's so funny seeing the replies from the people who've been duped. All they can say is "not true" "he's wrong" "he's misinformed" with absolutely nothing to argue or reason why his well explained and factual account of how car dealerships make their money. I bought a new car at a dealership but I'm also a skeptic and a realist so I had my gaurd up. They are not my friends Im not here to make friends nor am I here to be Joe Schmo. Bought my car for a reasonable price and didn't pay for any of the packages they try and sell after you've agreed on the car. That was my only unpleasant experience I guess. The guy who showed me four packages and asked "which one is best for you?" I politely glanced at the paper and said none. He went into wanting to show how he could lower my payments if I got the package, walks away and gets me under 400 a month, and I say "well that's for six years, my original number which is higher is for four years. He lowered my payment but in the end which is the big picture I would've paid 5200 dollars more by extending two years. I can think of a lot to do with 5200. He was not happy at all and didn't say thank you when I handed him a check for 6000 down. He just said okay that it. Who cares that I didn't make him happy. And I could care less that his attitude toward me changed. True colors. I don't want my ass kissed for an hour. I'd rather spend 5200.
  • MrKoKoTee
    MrKoKoTee 3 місяці тому LOL!!!!
  • Superior Carpet & Paint, LLC
    Superior Carpet & Paint, LLC 3 місяці тому @Paul Weston sounds like a real dealership experience, Paul. I have never bought a car with less than 20,000 miles on it, (I really dont like that new car smell) but I have walked out of dealerships thinking that I wanted a new car, only to realize that a factory cd player costs more than a paint job on my trade-in would have cost. I've been pretty lucky in never having $400 payments, in fact I've never used dealer arranged finance, I have always takin out signature loans, the payments have always been what I wanted and the vehicle was never attached as collateral.
  • Paul Weston
    Paul Weston 3 місяці тому @Superior Carpet & Paint, LLC That's pretty smart. This was the first time I bought a new car. I had only ever owned used cars and let's face it, somebody else's problems. I wanted to have a car that I knew nobody else had fudged with, so if something went wrong, it was either manufacturing or my fault. I bought it in 2006 and realized after looking at each payment what goes to principle (my car) and what goes to interest (money down the drain to pay for having a loan) I started throwing a large sum onto a payment now and then when I could. Figured if I pay hypothetically (200 principle 200 interest= 400) and I decide to pay 600 that month (400 principle 200 interest=600) I essentially just paid next months principle which I would of paid 200 interest on and now get to keep. This works best when you first start paying back the loan and the interest payments are the highest. Now, I still have to pay next months car payment but if you are a numbers person, that 200 still is yours. I paid off my car in two years instead of four. I still have the same car, I take good care of it, and it runs great. Haven't paid a car payment in 11 years. Shortly after I paid off the car I knocked off the necessary insurance coverage you must have while financing and saved even more money. You say you didn't want your car attached as collateral. I guess mine was. Something has to be. I never thought about it I guess. You'd have to stop paying your loan for that to be a problem. I wouldn't want to do that. In the long run, people who default on their loans pay more and their quality of living goes way down because of terrible credit. It's a catch 22, if you cant afford your loan, you get a higher interest rate which you really can't afford. I swear out of all the useless shit you learn and forget in high school, why the hell don't they have a class that teaches you about stuff like this, something that applies to real world situations, that young adults know nothing about, so they are set up with success.
  • Matt Matt
    Matt Matt 3 місяці тому @Paul Weston What's even funnier is that the dealership model is doomed. One day, we'll buy our cars on Amazon. LMFAO.
  • Paul Weston
    Paul Weston 3 місяці тому @Matt Matt I hope so man. Free 2 day delivery with prime too. Can't beat it. Bahahaha.
  • Saved By_Grace
    Saved By_Grace 3 місяці тому @Paul Weston Lol! Good one.
  • Jeffrey Mason
    Jeffrey Mason 3 місяці тому @Paul Weston If you could care less, then why didn't you ;-)
  • Paul Weston
    Paul Weston 3 місяці тому @Jeffrey Mason I was describing the situation as if I was answering the question my friend had asked me when he wanted to know how it went. I told him how the salespersons demeanor had changed and he said he would've been pissed off and why didn't you tell him to shove it a and walk out. I told him I could care less how he acted. I'm not there to make him happy, I'm there to buy a car without taking it in the rear. I understand what your saying though. How is your gardening experiment going? I tried growing some basil but the sun scorched it.
  • Superior Carpet & Paint, LLC
    Superior Carpet & Paint, LLC 3 місяці тому @Paul Weston I agree about the stuff taught in school, they load your brain with useless information and breeze over the important parts of real life, perhaps it is that those that can't teach! I spent 3 yrs learning UCC on my own... I hear your point and I am sure everyone has felt that way about buying a new cas over a used one, but after you own that car and have made all of those payments, at some point something will need to be repaire/replaced. In New Mexico we have a lemon law that protects most used car buyers from buying someone elses problems, I always buy from auctions or private sales, so I'm not protected, but I have no problem taking my vehicles to a mechanic, I'd rather pay a local shop or in my case trade work for work with a mechanic, my company has 6 vans, 2 box trucks and 2 pickups, plus my 2003 saturn vue that I have dropped a new (rebuilt) engine in for under $1000 parts and labor! New car sales are just a scam, some people just like supporting salespeople and some would rather support mechanics ( your going to need that mechanic, no matter whether you bought new or used, they all need repair at some point ).
  • yopotico
    yopotico 3 місяці тому Paul Weston carvana
  • JerodMayo51
    JerodMayo51 3 місяці тому literally every negative or bitter comment is someone who works in sales lololol... They don't like educated consumers, because then they don't get to lie, cheat and steal from them, fleecing them for every hard earned dollar they have... I hate salesman
  • Burt
    Burt 3 місяці тому Right!. I get it there has to be proffit in any business model, but car salesman seem more greasy than most...
  • T Shaf
    T Shaf 3 місяці тому @stefan babic explain champ.
  • Paco Leech
    Paco Leech 3 місяці тому @Superior Carpet & Paint, LLCAre you saying "new" car salesman are scam artists, but used car salesman hold a higher standard?
  • Superior Carpet & Paint, LLC
    Superior Carpet & Paint, LLC 3 місяці тому @Paco Leech No... Salespeople are trying to earn a living in a corrupt industry. Not all car dealers are out to scam people either, most are only successful if they sell something, at some point they need to make profits, it's just business and not an ethics debate, you can take up ethics with the bar assn., car dealers are held to a lower standard for a reason, afterall you don't get that sort of reputation if your industry were the preisthood...hmm, or do you? Lighten up, face it car dealers are all shisters!
  • Paco Leech
    Paco Leech 3 місяці тому @Superior Carpet & Paint, LLC Oh I thought you meant don't buy from "new" car salespeople cause its a scam, which would imply you buy from used car salespeople because they're not. Unless you meant just buy a bike cause ya gotta buy it from somewhere. I agree that its a shady business though. Just was curious where to buy a car then.
  • donnie darko
    donnie darko 2 місяці тому And how many people got fooled into buying an overpriced car 😂
  • max webster
    max webster 2 місяці тому car dealers are just doing their jobs like the cell phone scum bags, cable companies, Jehovah's, banks and anybody who solicits. Your local supermarket is fucking you far worse. Sweat Equity is by far the finest satisfaction. A used car dealer is just an uneducated fucktard that can't make it shooting up Botox legally. People need to own up to reality and accept responsibility for their actions and not blame others.
  • Mart Arbenflart
    Mart Arbenflart 2 місяці тому also people who just walk into stealerships get played and think it was a nice experience.....reality is painful for them.
  • Paul Weston
    Paul Weston 2 місяці тому @stefan babic In order for this comment to make sense, you have to add "with" or "without". Don't forget to use a capital at the beginning of a sentence and... your name. Also, perhaps a period at the end of your sentence. I mean you did a good job with the comma. Don't stop there. Yay you.
  • diesel1740
    diesel1740 2 місяці тому Jeffrey Mason I see what you did there 😉
  • Lynnel W
    Lynnel W 2 місяці тому LOL!
  • Paul Weston
    Paul Weston 2 місяці тому @diesel1740 I understood what he was saying so I clarified myself right beneath his comment. ☺
  • skYcunian
    skYcunian 2 місяці тому Don’t buy a car, a camper van is half the price to run and insurence is peanuts.
  • Wrath Decay
    Wrath Decay 2 місяці тому @JerodMayo51 The more educated the customer is the easier my job. If they have their own financing that's ok too. All I have to do is help find the least expensive vehicle that best fits their needs.
  • Don Young
    Don Young 2 місяці тому On a used car don't tell them you have a trade in, are paying cash or if you have other financing. Just negotiate the price and the monthly payment gamewith them. When it's low enough and you like the price lock it in and either you cut the check of your prearranged financing will cut them the check. It still doesn't hurt to check online for prices of the car you are looking at and make sure the price you pay and the teadein value of you car are in a reasonable ball park. Why limit your knowledge to just 2 of the four corners and always be ready to walk out the more time they spend with you the more they want to make it payoff with a sale.
  • Gary Heaton
    Gary Heaton 2 місяці тому @Paul Weston , Well Paul teachers can't teach what happens in the "real world" because no one has ever lived in it!! Of ALL the stupid people I EVER met, teachers are by far the dumbest!! know what they say Paul.. those that can, DO and they do very well. Those that can't..they teach! ( And those that can't teach..teach gym! ) I love that last line..but all are true!!
  • Gary Heaton
    Gary Heaton 2 місяці тому @Matt Matt and just wait until you have to ship that bitch back to get it fixed!! They will have it back to you in a month!! IF their Droid can carry it anyway!! LMFAO!!
  • Paul Weston
    Paul Weston 2 місяці тому @Gary Heaton lol. I hate to admit it but you're right. I think back to when I went to school and teachers seemed superior. Then I entered the real world. They spend all that money to go to college and get paid crap. I wait on them at my restaurant and they piss and moan if they are "tardy" for happy hour and think they have the right to demand it. They treat me like I'm one of their miserable students if I take too long to split and process all 14 of their separate checks. You'd think they could do math. I had this one lady straight up give me the stink eye because she ordered her personal pizza after happy hour ended and it wasn't discounted. Glared at me without saying a word after I told her like my grade depended on it. Well my tip surely did, thanks for hanging in my section for 3 hours with that $2 tip on $20. I guess its better than the $0 dollar tip you crossed out because I killed you with kindness for the next 30 minutes after you paid.
  • Nope Hey
    Nope Hey 2 місяці тому 7.6k now
  • Jeff Flowers
    Jeff Flowers 2 місяці тому Nope Hey yep. Haters gonna hate.
  • Dade Murphy
    Dade Murphy 2 місяці тому @Jeff Flowers he works at "NoLubeAsIScrewYou" auto dealership. Lol
  • Rolando Renteria
    Rolando Renteria 2 місяці тому Ha ha. That's the truth.
  • MetalHeadZ
    MetalHeadZ 1 місяць тому True 1000%
  • A G
    A G 1 місяць тому @Paul Weston The reason they don't teach these things is school is because the whole system is designed by the elite to take advantage of the general populace from cradle to grave!
  • Paul Weston
    Paul Weston 1 місяць тому @A G I have similar thoughts about that. You know finance companies are not interested in informing people of how it works. Thats how they make their money.
  • BHuygens77
    BHuygens77 1 місяць тому It’s a great thing he’s doing all these videos out of the goodness & kindness of his heart. Oh no.. wait, he’s doing it to make money on here, what a f....... hypocrite!
  • Starstruck 15
    Starstruck 15 1 місяць тому @Jeff Flowers who cares! It's good advice nonetheless.
  • April Duckworth
    April Duckworth 1 місяць тому 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🤣🤣😂😂😂😩😩😩😩
  • Theo JT
    Theo JT 1 місяць тому LOL
  • Ken Peterman Sr
    Ken Peterman Sr 1 місяць тому That's funny but could be the truth. Just here in Akron Ohio there's a new/used lot on every other corner, so x thousands of U.S cities. WOWZERS, do salesman/sleezebags have enough time to surf the YouTubes ??
  • Henry Enrique
    Henry Enrique 1 місяць тому That's true. All those dislikes comes from the car dealerships...!!
  • DrSid42
    DrSid42 1 місяць тому I disliked it and I don't work on dealership. It's just incoherent blabbing.
  • Jeff Flowers
    Jeff Flowers 1 місяць тому DrSid42 it’s only babbling to an idiot
  • Kasim Nas
    Kasim Nas 1 місяць тому Never trust stealerships. You will live happily ever after
  • Erik Grey
    Erik Grey 1 місяць тому i think the guy that made this video is a total scheister. Its your job as a salesman to educate the buyer, not pull the wool over their eyes like this guy proposes. An absolute disgrace to the business. He's the crook.
  • John Knelange
    John Knelange 1 місяць тому @stefan babic Disliking this video means you have common sense? What are you smoking? Because I want some.
  • Richard Speranza
    Richard Speranza 1 місяць тому max webster you got caught stealing at a supermarket or something? The margins at supermarkets are the lowest of most. Don’t be hatin’
  • cra2 cra2
    cra2 cra2 1 місяць тому No, I disliked because there wasn't much explained and almost no math demonstrated to show what the impacts of moving numbers around the four squares means in the long run. Anyone could do the math themselves, but if they were doing that, they wouldn't need the video. So, I disliked because there was a lot of description of how the dealer operates (which is old news and in many videos) but no math for the people who won't understand why a little bump in payment is SO much worse than a seemingly small bump in down payment or trade-in.
  • Oswaldo Castillo
    Oswaldo Castillo 1 місяць тому Or guy selling at dealer ship 😂😂
  • Mi Da
    Mi Da 1 місяць тому (змінено) I worked as a car salesman and it's actually one of the main reasons I will NEVER buy a car at a stealership or ever work in one. Fuck that noise!
  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson 3 тижні тому @Paul Weston you didn't do well at school did you.
  • Paul Weston
    Paul Weston 3 тижні тому @Mike Thompson High school not really. I'd go to school from 7:30am til 3:00 and rush over to my job, change in the bathroom and start work by 3:30 and clock out at 11:30. KFC fast food and fast paced. Not very glamorous. Not enough time inbetween classes to try and bust out homework. I was able to pass but barely. I didn't go to college straight from high school. Messed around for a few years. College I stupidly did not try to get any assistance and paid for it completely out of pocket. That's the only thing I regret about college. I did finish with a 4.0 gpa though. When you're paying hundreds of dollars for classes, you tend to appreciate it more I think. did you do well at school. I mean... Did you do well at school? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Jason Wenzel
    Jason Wenzel 3 тижні тому HAHAHA. Fuck them.
  • Paul Weston
    Paul Weston 3 тижні тому @Erik Grey In this video, he is educating the buyer (you) of how salesmen pull the wool over your eyes. He's educating you on some of the tactics they use from first hand experience so you have a little insight as to how some salespeople do business. Did you recently get taken to the cleaners by a salesperson and need someone to blame? Because your comment makes no sense.
  • rob roy
    rob roy 2 тижні тому @Paul Weston So true!!!
  • rob roy
    rob roy 2 тижні тому @Superior Carpet & Paint, LLC And you have paid those dealerships 10's of thousands more than if you had bought new at 0% or.09%. As he said USED CARS is where the real money is at????
  • rob roy
    rob roy 2 тижні тому ​@Paul Weston Paul are you buying a house?? 200 dollars a month in interest????Things aren't adding up and this must be right at the start, first 3 months? Now in 2006 Chryslers was offering 0% financing so why wouldn't you just take that??
  • Paul Weston
    Paul Weston 2 тижні тому @rob roy Yes, over 200 dollars amonth is what I was paying for interest when I stared making payments. The interest paid is directly proportional to the amount owed not the amount of your car payment. Tjhat is why every month your principal to interest ratio goes up but your payment is fixed. I have a Chevy and not a Chrylsler that is probably why they didn't offer the 0% you are talking about. Went to all that trouble to research what the interest rate was for a car company 13 years ago and got the car wrong, eh?
  • Superior Carpet & Paint, LLC
    Superior Carpet & Paint, LLC 2 тижні тому (змінено) @rob roy Not me, I dont buy from dealererships EVER! I buy from Mannhiems auto auction or All car dealers or carpet and paint sales for that mater, have a 100% or more markup, some have over 300% markup on selected products. Sherwin Williams is an easy example, as a contractor I get a 50 % discount on most paint and a 35% discount on supplies when they run the sale. I know that SW counts on contractor sales to stay open, so they must have at least a 100% markup on top of the sale price I get. Dealerships that sell used or new cars, can sell them for whatever they want, but they will never sell to me!
  • robinkhaira1
    robinkhaira1 1 місяць тому and one golden rule, if something doesn't feel right, dont be afraid to walk away. Remember, they need you more than you need them. you as a customer have the power.
  • Marko - WhiteBoard Finance
    Marko - WhiteBoard Finance 1 місяць тому agreed
  • mBabe
    mBabe 1 місяць тому But your power is limited because they are cartel. The next dealership you walk into will have the same tricks as the last one.
  • robinkhaira1
    robinkhaira1 1 місяць тому @mBabe as long as you know their tricks, you can beat this game. here are few tips: 1. Never tell them that you want a specific car. always make it look like you don't care what you buy as long as you have reliable car. even if you are a car enthusiast. that keeps them on the edge because they are thinking that you can change your mind. 2. Always tell them you are only here for quote because you are going to check out another couple of cars from a different manufacturer and you ll make you decision based on that. Then they know you will walk away to look at the car and once you are outta that door they have no control over the situation, so they ll bend backwards to keep you in their store. ( this is the best one because i have used it many times when i went to negotiate with my friends). 3.always arrange your own finance before you go in, but don't tell them that you already have it sorted. because otherwise they ll start to adjust to that straight away. listen to their offer and if you feel like you are ok with the vehicle price, then just tell them you have your own finance. 4. Be friendly, but keep some barrier between the salesman, because they ll try to act like they are your friends, make them work hard for your "trust" question anything if you need to. remember they need "You" to spend your money so they can get their Fat paycheck.
  • robinkhaira1
    robinkhaira1 1 місяць тому @mBabe Also try to see if you can get a good 2nd hand car privately, because a new car is always going to lose money. i have been changing and upgrading my cars almost every year. its my 9th car in 11 years and i always get a 2nd hand car below market value form someone wanting to sell it quickly. it could be that they are moving away or they have other various reasons. so if you can get a car lower than the average price privately, you can potentially upgrade your car every couple of years and still sell yours on a good price since you brought is cheaper to start it. it is a bit of work and requires hunting. but with time and patience it works. just cut dealers out of equation all together
  • Bella Bijou
    Bella Bijou 1 день тому Talk about interest rate. I refuse to leave with a car unless I pat ZERO interest. Also, I act like I’m taking the car then I’ll change my mind at the last minute and kinda act like I don’t want it and soon they’re practically giving you the car.
  • Esteban Garita
    Esteban Garita 1 тиждень тому You are literally explaining play by play what happened to me a few days ago when I went to buy a car at a Chevy dealer LOL, I wanted to buy a used car that was advertised for $7,500 , they wanted to keep my old car for $500 and my $4000 down payment and I would still owe them $10,000... now you may be wondering how $7,500 turned into $12,000 , I know I did, so I asked the dealer and he had the balls to tell me, "oh well after fees and tax its $10,000", and I told him "it's not $10,000 , You are keeping my $4000, so its really $12,000" and he looked me dead in the eyes and smiled, and I even told him "You sell the same car brand new for $13,000, so why would I buy a used one for 12?", then he asked me "what do we need to do to get you into this car and be comfortable?", so I said "sell it to me for the $7,500 + 8.6% sales tax", and he started talking about the fees and paper work and blah blah blah and I said "all I need is for you to hand me the title and I'll figure out the rest, I got no other paper work to worry about", so he started to get very annoyed and went off about the financing paper work for the rest of the money and again with the paper work talk, so I told him "oh so you want to charge me to figure out if I qualify for financing that I will end up paying almost double for by the end of it all?, anything else you'd like to charge me for?"... then he had about enough of me and called his manager, who was a bigger schmuck and literally told me the same crap, while he was repeating everything again, I looked on offer up, found the same exact car with only 9,000 more miles on it and for only $4000 cash, so I got up, told him "never mind guys, just found the same car for $4000 so I got to go", and the manager asked me "yeah but do they give you a 100,000 mile warranty too?", and I looked at him and told him "no, but neither will you" and he said "the car comes with a 100,000 mile warranty", and I said "the car already has 32,000 miles on it, so those don't count?" and he said "well yeah, they do, but you still have almost 70,000 miles left"... at that point I just told him "I'm done wasting my time, you guys keep trying to rip me off, I'm leaving"... and the dude was still following me out of the lobby asking how we could make the deal work LOL. oh yeah, and the entire time I was there, there was this lady and her husband not 15 feet from us, talking to another sales guy, trying to give back the car and complaining about how after she left with the car she started feeling like she got talked into buying something she didn't want, that she felt like she got ripped off and the slimy sales guy kept pretty much blaming her for buying something she couldn't afford.
  • King Silverback
    King Silverback 4 дні тому LMAO Good on you bro! That's crazy how they really tried to get you like that
    APACHE NATIVE TRIBE WE LIVE !! 3 дні тому Is that all ?
  • [BonzaiChildren]
    [BonzaiChildren] 3 дні тому glad you got out of that situation
    BIGMANMUSIK 1 місяць тому The whole world is a survival scam! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️😳
  • neonhell
    neonhell 1 місяць тому BIGMANMUSIK I’m just waiting for the apocalypse
    BIGMANMUSIK 1 місяць тому neonhell I understand 🙏🏻
  • Eric Hovatt
    Eric Hovatt 1 місяць тому Straight up, the banks enslave the working class.
    BIGMANMUSIK 1 місяць тому Eric Hovatt Facts! 👊🏻
  • Space’sFake
    Space’sFake 1 місяць тому cause everyone wants to leach of the poor
  • Trust Valentino
    Trust Valentino 3 тижні тому No it's not. People have adopted a consumer mentality and the only way to sustain it is to get into debt for shit you can't really afford. The banks and business' are simply providing the service that you all flock to because of your "I've got to have it" mentality.
    BIGMANMUSIK 2 тижні тому Trust Valentino Again all a Scam.🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Trust Valentino
    Trust Valentino 1 тиждень тому @BIGMANMUSIK how so? I invite you to back up your claim. I'm interested to hear it.
    BIGMANMUSIK 1 тиждень тому @Trust Valentino Maybe another day. Im too busy getting scammed 😂
  • Trust Valentino
    Trust Valentino 1 тиждень тому BIGMANMUSIK you love to play the victim, that's your problem. I can totally see your passive aggressiveness and how that shapes your opinion. Good luck with that! The world won't change for you. Stop being the victim and you will see the world differently.
    BIGMANMUSIK 1 тиждень тому Trust Valentino How about eat a dick and go back to work. You have too much time to play games. Remember play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.
  • gninja92
    gninja92 1 день тому just capitalism. In "evil-i-tnever-works-socialism" you don't have sales agents. Becasue you sell at cost. the only "profit" is the amount the state needs to pay the engineers/factory workers" and every mechanic knows how to fix your car, cars are sold to last as long as possible, not to reopen a lease as often as possible.
  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown 4 місяці тому The more you shop for a car, the more you like what you're already driving.
  • Rui Nunes
    Rui Nunes 4 місяці тому Steve Brown agree with you unless what you are already driving is a piece of junk. 😃
  • Mr.F
    Mr.F 4 місяці тому @Rui Nunes brother you know how true this is !!!!
  • Rui Nunes
    Rui Nunes 4 місяці тому Mr.F I know man. I’m looking for a car to replace my old tired civic, but the more I read about new cars the more I want to keep my old one.
  • Mr.F
    Mr.F 4 місяці тому @Rui Nunes im in a 2012 GTI but looking for a 2000 civic EK lol
  • Rui Nunes
    Rui Nunes 4 місяці тому Mr.F Nice. Go for it.
  • BriStackx
    BriStackx 4 місяці тому I'm feeling the same way! Like whatever I'll keep my sonata, fuck.
  • Jimmy Nich
    Jimmy Nich 4 місяці тому @Mr.F One of my friends had a civic for donkey's years, never needed any repairs just general maintenance. I had a low mileage Nissan that was always in the garage but the Mondeo I sold to buy it the guy who bought it only had the engine flushed in 4 years, I'd happily have an old Mondeo again.
  • Chet Loves America!
    Chet Loves America! 4 місяці тому Lol,--true Dat!☆☆☆
  • Chet Loves America!
    Chet Loves America! 4 місяці тому (змінено) Great advice!-.--no trade is what you tell them,, & the DEALERSHIP will come up with a monthly note and a BIG DOWNPAYMENT AMOUNT,,without a credit check.." TODAY ,I was asked out on a date by a young Beautiful (carsales woman),, if I buy the car --,I said ok,,,butt you take me out first !!-(she said ok ,lol.-♡),,,I'm single but not desperate,but luv a free meal-!,,,lol☆ ,ps.I consult large dealerships"& other large corporations (30+years),,this video has my approval-!,,,
  • Karabo raleting
    Karabo raleting 4 місяці тому @Rui Nunes nope.. Drove a 97 Rolla 1.6.. Had to get rid of it. Driving a 13 Rio Sedan and I'm much happier. The old Rolla was starting to break apart too much and I already spent tons on the one I had before. It depends I guess.. And m sure to get a newer one sooner rather than later cos the monthly payments aren't far apart at all.
  • paul rogers
    paul rogers 4 місяці тому The cheapest car to drive is the one you already own :-)
  • petayV8
    petayV8 4 місяці тому Haha so true
  • Dylan Cramer
    Dylan Cramer 4 місяці тому @Mr.F guyqq
  • Abdullah Al-Shimri
    Abdullah Al-Shimri 3 місяці тому I bought a brand new Ram 1500 in 2017. I’m keeping this truck till the wheels fall off.
  • Marco Alvarado
    Marco Alvarado 3 місяці тому Facts 😂
  • TheKeithelliott
    TheKeithelliott 3 місяці тому @Mr.F My 96 Corolla died so I replaced it with a 2008 Toyota Auris. I prefer the 1996 - it actually felt like a car rather than a smart phone.
  • Mr.F
    Mr.F 3 місяці тому @TheKeithelliott Yeah gone are the good ol days . Cars are driving itself now adays taking the fun out of life.
  • Methodical2
    Methodical2 3 місяці тому (змінено) Especially if it's paid for. I love my Toyota.
  • Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Rui Nunes . .. The car you're driving today (tired Honda Civic) is money in the bank! .. Cha-ching !!
  • Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Abdullah Al-Shimri .. Hey, that's my line .. "Until the wheels fall off" .. So true! .. Purchase, spec. the vehicle you'll want to drive for 10 years. .. Money in the bank as the metrics are in your favor. E.g., The yearly insurance cost paid drops exponentially...
  • Rui Nunes
    Rui Nunes 3 місяці тому (змінено) Michael Schneider I really understand what you are saying. I own 2 civics both 6gen or mark 6 as some people call them. They are really reliable. One of them is getting tired and I thought to look into something else but ended up not too convinced. For now I just put it off the road and I will use it most possibly as a donor car for my other civic. Scrap yards offer next to nothing for them and then they make a killing selling it for parts. In this case, I will make my own profit. In many cases you are better off buying a donor car to fix the one you already have.
  • FunnyAtTimes I
    FunnyAtTimes I 3 місяці тому Now that is very true,i once test drove a 100k+ BMW,and couldn't wait to get back in my 17 old car and have some real fun driving-'02 Pathfinder SE 5 speed manual,they just don't make them like that anymore.😁
  • Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider 3 місяці тому @paul rogers . .. +1. .. Never truer words were spoken. " The cheapest car to drive is the car you already own" - Paul Rogers 2019
  • Joe Boxer
    Joe Boxer 3 місяці тому @Michael Schneider It's only true till you have a major expense on a beater car, like a transmission, engine or frame problem. I have a 2000 ranger I paid $300 for and drove it 1.5 year till the clutch is out. It served me well with minor repairs but now clutch and cumulative problems make more sense to buy a $1000 decent car than put more than that in it.
  • The Won That loss
    The Won That loss 3 місяці тому @Joe Boxer I replaced my clutch, it was in a Honda accord but the kit itself was a little over 100 bucks and the labor was 300. 400+ brake fluid and other stuff was around 450. Much cheaper than 1k
  • Joe Boxer
    Joe Boxer 3 місяці тому @The Won That loss the question would be what was in your kit, mine had clutch disc, pressure plate, throwout bearing, pilot bearing and slave cylinder set, about $400, because you don't want to take it apart again for a part that goes bad later. Also a prebled slave and master are must have as very hard clutch to bleed, so $800 into a beater that has other issues makes no sense.
  • jose de alva
    jose de alva 3 місяці тому as with everything.
  • Superior Carpet & Paint, LLC
    Superior Carpet & Paint, LLC 3 місяці тому Aint that the truth! Most used cars are beat or 10 yrs old and asking $10,000. I go through SUVs quick, pulling trailers, I just blew up a 2004 saturn vue, great on gas, needs a new engine since I threw a piston rod and tore up the cylinder liner...Bought an 06 Montana at auction to replace the saturn, it has a leak in the trans oil cooler, engine is strong, but the trans may need rebuilt, driving my 2015 box van as a daily gas gusler, it is getting around 12 mpg down hill and about 8 up hill, my other bix van is a 1981, it has never let me down, it sits for 2 yrs starts up and drives like a daily driver, didn't even change the gas runs perfect on 3 yr old gas just fine, filled the tanks 3 yrs ago and only used it for a couple of deliveries then parked it.
  • badtama07
    badtama07 3 місяці тому Man if that ain't the truth I don't know what is !!!!!
  • Jason Baron
    Jason Baron 3 місяці тому You are correct. Unless your A/C goes out in the middle of summer and fixing it is going to cost almost $1k. Then you are highly motivated!
  • cloud flores
    cloud flores 3 місяці тому 😭😂 true that
  • Shawn John
    Shawn John 3 місяці тому U not lying there I felt the pain man.. It's the same way when u tryin to get married too
  • T Shaf
    T Shaf 3 місяці тому Absolutely:)
  • Trey Young
    Trey Young 2 місяці тому (змінено) Couldn’t be more True. Had a 2015 Civic Si, $352+$218+premium gas, no bueno. I totaled it, then with the insurance notes, I purchased a 2002 Toyota Camry & 2005 Cadillac Deville Northstar. Both were $2000. The Toyota is my daily now (after a junkyard tranny swap) and is running beautifully barring a small leak and the window won’t function reliably. I’m planning on selling the Caddy for around $4000-$4500 and have already gotten offers. Always buy based on reliability for moderate profit and nostalgia for large profit because there’s always a market for those.
  • Nicole
    Nicole 2 місяці тому Steve Brown went to a Lexus saw them for 18k estimate at many other dealerships . One of the dealers was asking for 28 k lmfaooo I was like I’ll think about it and never went back again
  • Nicole
    Nicole 2 місяці тому Steve Brown same I look at them and hear there prices and I’m a young girl in my 20s and I just let them talk . They really think I’m that stupid lol I declined every deal. Way overpriced vehicles what a ripoff
  • Ilene Smith
    Ilene Smith 2 місяці тому Chet Loves America! "
  • Disco Bean
    Disco Bean 2 місяці тому I have honda civic 2012, car is a beast, just put petrol and drive. Although it's not fun to drive, doesn't even have lumbar support, but maintaining is literally 0 with only one visit to service per year for regular maintenance.
  • Nick Astrup
    Nick Astrup 2 місяці тому I'm riding a bicycle, bro.
  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith 2 місяці тому Your right I'm frustrated but I can't stop I'm trying to get out of my %18 interest rate
  • Robsbrd99
    Robsbrd99 2 місяці тому I think the best bet is to do your homework before you go in. Know what your trade is worth, what interest rate you qualify for and what the car you want should cost. Knowledge is power.
  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith 2 місяці тому Robsbrd99 I have a 2012 pathfinder at 18% interest rate. What do you think I should do? Continue to pay it off or trade it in?
  • Sean
    Sean 2 місяці тому Chet Loves America! Your use of punctuation needs a bit of improvement. I think you’ve created your own punctuation system that nobody else knows!
  • Robsbrd99
    Robsbrd99 2 місяці тому @Shawn Smith Interesting thought. I might find out what my credit rating is first. After that, I would try and refinance the loan to see if I could get a better rate and pay off what I'm driving now before going deeper in debt with an upgrade.
  • Robsbrd99
    Robsbrd99 2 місяці тому @Shawn Smith 18% is QUITE high and I hope you are joking.😂 Typical auto rates are less than 8% with good credit.
  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith 2 місяці тому Robsbrd99 I really wish I was brother. In 2015 i cosigned with my dad on a car and he wasn't making payments on time and they repo the car. This gravely hit my credit score then when I got into the fire academy I needed a car asap so I got this and there I found out at the worse possible time why my credit was what it was but fast forward a year later my credit has greatly improved so I'm ready to try something else. What I mean by a upgrade is to get into something modern for the price range of what I owe left on the car nothing brand new
  • Robsbrd99
    Robsbrd99 1 місяць тому @Shawn SmithI am so sorry that you got taken advantage of. By a parent too. I hear ya, something a bit newer, just not brand new. Well, I think I would communicate with the local banking facilities and prequalify myself for X dollars in a loan at a reduced rate. Then, I would go shopping and see if a dealer would trade for the loan value and your existing vehicle. Since rates are quite low now and your credit has improved, A good source to check your rating is Credit Karma. It's totally free. There is a good chance you could come out much better for about the same payment. Good luck to you Sir and keep in touch.
  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith 1 місяць тому Robsbrd99 Thank you brother and trust me I'm obsessed with credit karma and I'm grateful I got myself to better credit standings (753) as of today but I'm gonna take your advice and see how much I get approved for my goal is to not have a car payment and while I do enjoy my 2012 pathfinder it's 2019 and value is king but I want to hold on to a car for 5-10 years I want to live under my means
  • Robsbrd99
    Robsbrd99 1 місяць тому @Shawn Smith Could I recommend a 4runner or around a 2015 Tacoma? A bit more expensive but, the 4.0 engine is HARD to beat.
  • Robsbrd99
    Robsbrd99 1 місяць тому @Shawn Smith 753 should get ya a much better rate!
  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith 1 місяць тому Robsbrd99 wish me luck because ive been looking for weeks and doing research
  • Robsbrd99
    Robsbrd99 1 місяць тому @Shawn Smith I wish you all the best!
  • A G
    A G 1 місяць тому @Mr.F Cars driving you, rather than you driving the car = MORE AND GREATER CORPORATE/GOVERNMENT CONTROL OVER YOUR FREEDOM OF TRAVEL & PRIVACY!
  • A G
    A G 1 місяць тому Love my paid for Tacoma (2007) and wife's Hyundai Santa Fe (2010). No debt nor interest/principle payments.
  • A G
    A G 1 місяць тому (змінено) @Michael Schneider I've been driving my Tacoma since I bought it new in 2007. Just hate having it serviced at dealer-- don't know who to trust for services these days! Don't have the facilities nor skill to do my own work on the vehicle, especially all of the electronic garbage. I used to work on my own 1987 Toyota PU until I got rid of it in 2006-- Boy, I miss that little pickup! The Tacoma is nice, but don't have what I consider the "luxury" of doing my own repairs! So many dishonest mechanics these days-- they like making more than doctors for jobs that take less than an hour @ the dealership in their facilities.
  • A G
    A G 1 місяць тому If you must buy new.... save the money for it upfront, finance with a credit union if you can. We financed with the dealership with the highest payment we knew we could make the first month; when the dealer finance office sent us our payment book, we called and paid the Santa Fe off in full to avoid collective interest beyond the first month. We had negotiated for the lowest interest rate and no early payoff penalty. They had no idea we were planning on paying it off in the first month! We didn't offer a trade-in (my wife's well-serviced '98 RAV4 was sold to a Craigslist buyer, getting more than blue book value), and our down payment was intentionally high in order to negotiate a lower interest rate and a lower price on the vehicle. They don't tend to budge much on MSRP; if they do, they give very little room for negotiation there-- so know the value of the vehicle before going to the dealer so you don't accept an inflated price due to silly extras. For instance, Toyota in 2006, sold me my Tacoma with $200 floor mats (I could pick up a set at Costco for $18 at the time) they insisted they come with the vehicle, wouldn't negotiate on it; I accepted despite repeated attempts to refuse them. Within the first year, Toyota initiated a recall of the floor mats with no solution other than to remove them because they were interfering with the brake pedal. They didn't compensate for the loss of a manufacturer solution which was simply a suggestion that their problematically designed floor mats be removed. So don't let them nickel and dime you on options when you purchase the vehicle! Stand firm-- EVERYTHING is negotiable as well as refusable when it comes to options, but don't let them tell that some things come standard which they can easily remove and put in another vehicle. For instance the cheap and crappy emergency kit-- you can put your own together with tools of your own choosing with better quality at a price which suits you best, $X.00 spent on crap is money wasted. Don't accept crap which you can equip yourself with better quality items. Hopefully, people will share more about their car buying experiences here and in other forums to get back at those damn DISHONEST AND GREEDY BASTARDS at the dealership.
  • Joe Boxer
    Joe Boxer 1 місяць тому @Superior Carpet & Paint, LLC So if your81 works so good, WHY aren't you driving it
  • Joe Boxer
    Joe Boxer 1 місяць тому @Trey Young Way to play it smart Trey
  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith 1 місяць тому Robsbrd99 thank you bro!
  • Jonathan Gonzalez
    Jonathan Gonzalez 1 місяць тому Well said
  • Jon Jones
    Jon Jones 1 місяць тому I usually shop for a car for months maybe 6 months before I buy it. I ain’t gonna lie, waiting 6 months for my Toyota Supra. I would say I loved that car way more than anything before that or anything I was currently driving.
  • Brian Barg
    Brian Barg 1 місяць тому Steve, you are 100% correct. I was looking to trade in my 2010 Lexus. I compared my vehicle with about 30+ other vehicles. My lexus, according to JD Power, rated higher than all of them. These comparisons are 2016-2018 vehicles. I'm keeping my lexus until my next home is paid off.
  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith 1 місяць тому Robsbrd99 you know what I'm gonna drive my car until the wheels fall off. Its a hard pill to swallow but you know what my car isn't cursing me out it isn't breaking down and I have free oil changes, tire pressure and many other things for free from my dealership
  • Garett Smith
    Garett Smith 1 місяць тому So true
  • Agreeable Dragon
    Agreeable Dragon 1 місяць тому and its most likely paid off
  • Ken Peterman Sr
    Ken Peterman Sr 1 місяць тому Good point.
  • Ken Peterman Sr
    Ken Peterman Sr 1 місяць тому @Abdullah Al-Shimri Sorry for your bad luck. Chrysler/Fiat spells very low quality. Keep it oil sprayed if you live in the rust belt or in a couple years you'll be watching rusty pieces fall off as you drive down the poorly maintained roads.
  • Ken Peterman Sr
    Ken Peterman Sr 1 місяць тому @TheKeithelliott LOL.....I think Iknow how you feel. I'm leasing a 2018 Sonata, that has a ride like a skateboard with steel wheels. I wish my 93 Olds 88 hadn't rusted out cause it rode like a cloud !! Sigh !
  • Ken Peterman Sr
    Ken Peterman Sr 1 місяць тому @Nick Astrup Put an electric conversion on it and you'll love your bicycle.
  • Ken Peterman Sr
    Ken Peterman Sr 1 місяць тому @Shawn Smith Tough love would have saved you much grief. Moral of the story is......never......ever cosign for ANY...ONE....EV..ER !!!!!
  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith 1 місяць тому Ken Peterman Sr that it would and living under their roof and them always complaining saying I'm ungrateful. It was financially poisonous living with them, but as of this past June 15th I'm living on my own carefree taking care of me and mines and doing my best to live underneath my means. I have so much more peace and quiet in my new place
  • Slave2PaperWithInkOn
    Slave2PaperWithInkOn 1 місяць тому ''Welcome 2 INV£NT£D / man-made INCH£$, MIL£$.... '' $lavery ? Why not YouTube = Berkshares, Ithaca Hours, The Bristol Pound ? Tooo many moo$ick vids to watch ? [Dropkick Murphys - worker's song... ?]
  • ali ali
    ali ali 1 місяць тому Rui Nunes like that shit
    TRONA BORON 1 місяць тому I say that every time driving my 32 year old Toyota!
  • Dani
    Dani 1 місяць тому Nailed it! I feel happy every single time I drive my 10 year old car (which is in very ok shape) and realizing how much tens of thousands of dollars I save. People say they want the new stuff. Well I like the new stuff to. I only just lay 10 years behind but experience the same pleasure of getting new things on my ''new car'' only 10 years later than other people. In the mean while I have saved tons of cash which makes me even much more happy. Mind you, you should have some slight knowledge of cars to be driving a 10 year old car and not get screwed by a garage..
  • Ken Peterman Sr
    Ken Peterman Sr 1 місяць тому @Mr.F As you probably already know, many older cars that have been well cared for are much more reliable then the crap they're pauning off on us today. I used be able to identify every make and model immediately on sight, but now I sit on my porch watching the beer cans roll by wondering which make was that ugly blob.
  • Analysta654
    Analysta654 1 місяць тому This is so true. Was thinking about trading in my 9 year old 200K miles car (which still runs great) over the summer, but after spending about 2 weeks looking at used cars, etc. I just decided to drive my car until the engine seizes or something.
  • BurglaaR Tv
    BurglaaR Tv 1 місяць тому Yeah because being indecisive of which car you want and being in a different car than what you currently own is discouraging
  • Chino J Martinez
    Chino J Martinez 1 місяць тому I went to check out like 8 cars already from private sellers and they had fucking issues lmaoo
  • Joezer D
    Joezer D 1 місяць тому Best comment so far..👍
  • mining ponys
    mining ponys 1 місяць тому Mr.Fyu
  • DJ_RueBoi
    DJ_RueBoi 4 тижні тому True story
  • Tan Tran
    Tan Tran 3 тижні тому Unfortunately the one I am driving is leaking oil ,leaking antifreeze everywhere !
  • Pocahontas
    Pocahontas 3 тижні тому Everyone I know immediately gets another car as soon as they pay off their current car.
  • Clash with Moi
    Clash with Moi 1 тиждень тому you are right. i really like my feet
  • Bella Bijou
    Bella Bijou 1 день тому The most amazing beautiful car I ever owned was my 5 year old car I just paid off.
  • S Justice
    S Justice 4 дні тому Chevy dealership here in Killeen,TX tried to give me $4000 on my 2015 Jeep Patriot trade which is in outstanding condition with 40100 miles for a 2019 Equinox.. He took my key but never got inside or drove it then offered me 4k. WTF! I did my research and the same vehicle,miles,condition etc trade in value was $9000,then selling them for 11k-14k. I got that off of Edmunds ,KBB and even their own damn website,so these guys got some serious balls. After i produced the documents they agreed to give me the $9000 after i nearly offered to rearrange the place.. What a bunch of scum to try that shit right in front of me. 50 year old combat veteran with PTSD. These guys do belong in Hollywood though. good acting skills with zero conscious.
    YPEFFLE 2 дні тому Why not just keep the Jeep?? Why do you need a new car?
  • Paul Myres
    Paul Myres 19 годин тому (змінено) The #1 negotiating tactic any person has in their arsenal related to new vehicle purchase .... is to walk away... Always walk away from the offer the dealership makes on the car ... never purchase a new vehicle on your first trip ..... Never! ..... EVER!!. Leave them your phone number or e-mail and walk out before signing anything...... Use the old .... I need to think about this over night.... tell them thanks and walk away...... 99% of the time..... the salesperson will call you back within 24 hours... then you have the upper hand .... make the deal you desire over the phone or through e-mail... Have them e-mail or fax the paper work of your agreements and mark off anything they add which you did not discuss...... back and forth until you acquire the deal you desire ...... Remember you can always rent or short term leas a car to drive until you can buy the new one...... Their story is always .... that vehicle may be gone by the time you return .... which is complete BS .... the Manufacturers have made 10 more just like it during the time you were in the dealership..... Don't take their crap ..... Walk away... its the most powerful tool you have... always make them come to you .... if they don't move on to the next dealership..... Its also a good tactic to pit one dealer against another, showing them what you have negotiated up until that point.... it takes longer but its a tactic that will vastly reduce the cost of any new vehicle.....
  • Horseman
    Horseman 3 тижні тому That's why everyone just buys cars off of each other now.
  • Fitness MeatHeads
    Fitness MeatHeads 6 годин тому and later find out that the car has problems so you spend more money on repairs.