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Rebuilding Gas Monkey Garage Wrecked 1976 Chevy C10 Part 2

Published on Sep 11, 2019 840,348 views










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  • SelectCircle
    SelectCircle 1 місяць тому You could sell the hood and fender as wall-hangers - certified Gasmonkey artifacts.
  • TheObsessivePainter !
    TheObsessivePainter ! 1 місяць тому I knew that truck looked familiar to me!
  • SelectCircle
    SelectCircle 1 місяць тому +Mike The accident happened on an episode that aired a few weeks ago.
  • eni xhafa
    eni xhafa 1 місяць тому @SelectCircle link?
  • Nikita Ivanov
    Nikita Ivanov 1 місяць тому That`s actually a great idea!
  • Bernard
    Bernard 1 місяць тому @TheObsessivePainter ! come on dude! The video title!😆😆
  • Matt G
    Matt G 1 місяць тому That's what I thought, Ebay the wrecked body parts and try to get some money back
  • Chris Ryan music
    Chris Ryan music 1 місяць тому I would love to have a part off that truck. That was one of my favorite truck builds.
  • Brandy Lawson
    Brandy Lawson 1 місяць тому I was thinking to cut it down in little sections & Have the Grease Moneys sign them & sell them & raise money for a charity
  • Brad Bozarth
    Brad Bozarth 1 місяць тому SelectCircle seriously! That’s not a bad idea!
  • Ogre Dad
    Ogre Dad 1 місяць тому (змінено) 😂 that garage is a joke
  • SelectCircle
    SelectCircle 1 місяць тому +eni I actually tried to track down the exact episode - but couldn't. Maybe if you leave a comment - some better fan of the show than I am will remember which episode it's in. And then you can watch that show online.
  • Brad Bozarth
    Brad Bozarth 1 місяць тому Ogre Dad agreed, but it is famous.
  • TheObsessivePainter !
    TheObsessivePainter ! 1 місяць тому @Bernard i was being sarcastic
  • Travis Turnmire
    Travis Turnmire 3 тижні тому @SelectCircle Season 7 Episodes 3 and 4
  • Travis Turnmire
    Travis Turnmire 3 тижні тому This truck was build in Season 7 Episodes 3 and 4 if you want to go back and watch everything they showed that they done it.
  • SelectCircle
    SelectCircle 3 тижні тому +Travis Boom! I knew it was one of the earlier episodes. Good work.
  • Diecast collector 303
    Diecast collector 303 2 тижні тому Good kid with a good head on his shoulders, I am definitely proud of young men like this who are out doing positive things👍
  • jim machen
    jim machen 1 тиждень тому i agree
  • Mike Wiebers
    Mike Wiebers 1 тиждень тому On the first episode haters were all over him and of course haters love to hate. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. personally find these videos entertaining. Keep up the videos 😎.
  • Joe Zuelch
    Joe Zuelch 1 місяць тому Best Harbor Freight endorsement ever...."If you want tools that will last a few times..."
  • Andrew
    Andrew 1 місяць тому Lol. Harbor freight tools "Good tools that last....a few times"
  • Scooter George
    Scooter George 3 тижні тому @Andrew - If anyone puts Snapon out of business it will be HFT.
  • Andrew
    Andrew 3 тижні тому @Scooter George where do you think snap-on gets their tools? 😜
  • rcandminilover
    rcandminilover 2 тижні тому @Andrew YEAH,what he said.I've,got their cheapest Sawzall.
  • Ride4Dime
    Ride4Dime 2 тижні тому "If you want some tools, that will last you a few times.." lmao
  • Boo Boo
    Boo Boo 2 дні тому EVERY show car has a "skim coat" of bondo over 100% of EVERY painted sheetmetal surface. Its normal
  • Jeremy Watson
    Jeremy Watson 1 місяць тому Order a frame. Should be cheap. Squarebody frames are plentiful in the south.
  • baggedmazda666
    baggedmazda666 1 місяць тому To do it correctly like it was it’s a completely custom frame and an easy 10k bill complete
  • S Wylie
    S Wylie 1 місяць тому Already notched for the Air Ride suspension?
  • Qulin Taylor
    Qulin Taylor 1 місяць тому Porterbilt suspensions bolt to factory frame rails
  • Matt G
    Matt G 1 місяць тому @baggedmazda666 it's a stock frame with porter built parts. Some components will have to be completely replaced though
  • accobra
    accobra 1 місяць тому @baggedmazda666 That was just a bone stock frame that was badly modified for the steering rack to go through. When you do something like that you never use square tubing because it creates a weak point in the frame. They should have used round tubing and it would have been stronger than the square tubing that they used.
  • Wyatt Ellsworth
    Wyatt Ellsworth 1 місяць тому That frame failed at the notch for the rack and pinion. That's custom.... ouch! Your going to have to do a complete custom frame. It looks like it's also bent farther back. (Cab and body space) Its going to be interesting to see how much custom work was done on the old frame and will have to be done on the new one to make it the same. With the bed done the way it is theres alot of work back there also
  • vaeagle1
    vaeagle1 1 місяць тому you could tell from the start it need a new frame , the cab was touching the bed on the side that wasn't hit
  • Da_Last _Don
    Da_Last _Don 1 місяць тому Phat phabz frame screw the hassle. Get it built and ready to install.
  • ClintE55
    ClintE55 1 місяць тому It's true I just sold a parts truck for 300 bucks
  • Alex Elrod
    Alex Elrod 1 місяць тому I vote gsi fabrication frame
  • Danny Newton
    Danny Newton 1 місяць тому He needs a RoadsterShop frame
  • Derek Phillips
    Derek Phillips 1 місяць тому What if he just gets a stock rolling chassis and do a mild static drop?
  • joseph ramirez
    joseph ramirez 1 місяць тому Jeremy Watson not anymore that trucks trash he’s got a lot of nice parts for a new truck build though
  • Jeremy Strickland
    Jeremy Strickland 4 тижні тому put it on a frame machine and pull it out
  • Bobbywolf64
    Bobbywolf64 3 тижні тому I'm not convinced it would be feasible to replace the whole frame. The back end is likely very modified to allow the truck to sit so low. He may be better off getting the current frame pulled. I didn't see any kinks, which are generally the deal breaker. Even if it was, he should be able to splice in the front half of another frame, and leave the back half alone.
  • awyseguy
    awyseguy 3 тижні тому @Bobbywolf64, I agree entirely. With the extent of frame modifications that were done, a new frame would have be completed reworked to replace it. The cab is likely shifted on its mounts.
  • Kevin Bourke
    Kevin Bourke 3 тижні тому I have seen worse wheels fixed. Look for a company that can weld and remachine it
  • rcandminilover
    rcandminilover 2 тижні тому STOCKTON Wheel Co.Can,probably fix it.
  • Brandon Junge
    Brandon Junge 2 тижні тому I HAVE 2 OEM front fenders new in the box been in the shop for years
  • Staredown Games
    Staredown Games 1 місяць тому 2:10 "...nope!" - Dog, 2019
  • Scott Schering
    Scott Schering 1 місяць тому I'd bet a wheel repair service could fix that rim.
  • Keith_Kustom_Cars
    Keith_Kustom_Cars 1 місяць тому That wheel can be repaired easily! Find a rim shop near you and I’m pretty sure they could direct you to place to get it repaired
  • Heath Parker
    Heath Parker 1 місяць тому He could call the place that made them when I had a messed up Boyd Coddington wheel i called to order another & they fixed the one I had
  • Robin Moody
    Robin Moody 1 місяць тому Agreed... 100% repairable
  • scott violette
    scott violette 1 місяць тому Wheelhouse Rim, Greenville, SC +1 (864) 255-5100. used them several times.
  • Robert Mcgee
    Robert Mcgee 1 місяць тому I think a wheel is the least of his problems ! In be calling frame shops.
  • Shawn Czerwinski
    Shawn Czerwinski 1 місяць тому Yes it can. I've saw worse repaired.
  • Noel Rodriguez
    Noel Rodriguez 1 місяць тому True
  • justin gray
    justin gray 3 тижні тому wait a minute... your youtube channel has way more build info than any episode of fast and loud. Nice!
  • Ryan Reichardt
    Ryan Reichardt 1 місяць тому There is no shame in bondo or glaze coat as long as it is thin. Those old panels were never flawless from the factory. I had a 73 C10 that was all OE sheet metal and it was a little wavy looking. I agree with the other commenters about the tube chassis, if that is in the rebuild budget it is going to be your best option especially if that LS is making some power. The 350 that likely came in that truck probably made 210hp on it's best day. I bet that LS makes enough to start twisting that OE frame under torque load.
  • tobin baker
    tobin baker 2 тижні тому The frame was heavily modified and boxed. It's far from an OE frame now. Lol
  • spaceranger 12r
    spaceranger 12r 2 дні тому When money is no option
  • RoadWorthy
    RoadWorthy 1 місяць тому 2019 - 1976 = 43 not 50
  • Curtis Mcquiston
    Curtis Mcquiston 1 місяць тому You can probably just get the wheel rehooped and it will be fine
  • 6325358
    6325358 1 місяць тому Curtis Mcquiston If not the wheels are made buy a company called Intro and they are based out of California and the wheel model is called rally.
  • Richard Bruner
    Richard Bruner 1 місяць тому Either rehoop it or call Jimmy Wheelfixer Broyles in Oklahoma.
  • Joe Richards
    Joe Richards 1 місяць тому There is a company local to me in WV called Bent Wheel Solutions that could fix that. That would be a great video all by itself!
  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones 1 місяць тому Here in Dallas, 200.00 - 250.00 gets that rim fixed. 🤕
  • Vurox
    Vurox 1 місяць тому $80 and you get it fixed
    MECHA SLIME 1 місяць тому Yeah that wheel is easily fixed, any competent wheels shop should really be able to fix it.
  • Clint Peterson
    Clint Peterson 1 місяць тому Curtis Mcquiston rim pros Charlotte nc
  • austin evans
    austin evans 1 місяць тому @Richard Bruner hey girl how you doin lol
    HOMIES JDMNATION 1 місяць тому Curtis Mcquiston agreed 👌🏻
  • Charles Cearley
    Charles Cearley 1 місяць тому Send that wheel back to Intro they should be able to repair or rehoop it.
  • . Scout
    . Scout 3 тижні тому They dont "rehoop" these wheels, you're an idiot. Re barrel maybe, but since you cant even call it by the correct term you are probably pretty stupid
  • olikat8
    olikat8 3 тижні тому Hey Alex, was great to hear you on "Hot Rods & Happy Hour" with Rob Pitts. Two good car guys right there!
  • catogtp
    catogtp 1 місяць тому Already my favorite project of yours. I saw this truck on TV and said "That is one of the first builds they have done that I would consider buying". Can't wait to see it finished.
  • the clubhouse
    the clubhouse 1 місяць тому 1976-2019 = 43 yrs old.
  • Russell Woodward
    Russell Woodward 1 тиждень тому factory hood I have one ended up swapping the whole front clip to a 85 model