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I Found a $400,000 Rolls Royce Cullinan at Salvage Auction! It should be SAVED!

Published on Sep 6, 2019 1,269,618 views










Check out to learn more about becoming a framer, and enter to win a Home Depot gift card and Estwing Pro Framing Hammer

I went to the Copart Salvage Auction with my Friend Alex Palmeri and we landed upon an incredible Tesla Model S, a Rolls Royce Cullinan, and a Mercedes CL65 AMG V12 Twin Turbo!

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  • 1st LAR 2147
    1st LAR 2147 1 місяць тому Price out the parts on that Rolls before you commit. Some of those parts will Bankrupt most people!
  • Alumnikiid
    Alumnikiid 1 місяць тому Honestly. Would probably have to get most if not all from dealer
  • Keye Haze
    Keye Haze 1 місяць тому Alumnikiid EXACTLY
  • Go Key Inspections
    Go Key Inspections 1 місяць тому @Keye Haze right now pretty much
  • nicholas b
    nicholas b 1 місяць тому @Go Key Inspections all if any at all. A ton of exotics get totalled by insurance for minor issues in earlier model years because parts are available for months after the fact
  • Steven C
    Steven C 1 місяць тому better off parting it out
  • SP
    SP 1 місяць тому @Steven C Or waiting for parts to show up on the market, but this could take up to a year.
  • MadWrappa
    MadWrappa 1 місяць тому The fact the Interior carpets got stolen backs up your statement dude.
  • Andrew Norris
    Andrew Norris 1 місяць тому @MadWrappa Probably lining the floor in some trailer park as we speak. Discerning trail park user.
  • mike fear
    mike fear 1 місяць тому Only problem is most parts will never sell, and those that do will take years. The rarer the car the less of a market there is for the parts, and with really expensive ones owners can afford to just take it to the main dealer and get it fixed with genuine parts.
  • Juris Blumfelds
    Juris Blumfelds 1 місяць тому SP Value dramatically goes down but with the right price you can buy anything.
  • Ronnie Burgess
    Ronnie Burgess 1 місяць тому 300k car I reckon
  • Gary Kapuscinski
    Gary Kapuscinski 1 місяць тому Bmw parts i series !
  • Raul Gonzalez
    Raul Gonzalez 1 місяць тому boot
  • Al Grayson
    Al Grayson 1 місяць тому @Alumnikiid - Naah. Lots of repro R-R parts made in Asia are available.
  • Malik Mehboob
    Malik Mehboob 3 тижні тому You will need government bailout package if you undertake the journey of fixing a luxury sports car.
  • beware gravity
    beware gravity 1 тиждень тому The car needs 60K in parts alone. That's not including the custom orange pin striping. Plus the wheel needs to be replaced and is also custom. I don't even think those can only be done in a set of 4. PLUS TIRES
  • alan levy
    alan levy 5 днів тому in France Parts of FORD PROBE are more expensive than RR
  • Steve Waller
    Steve Waller 1 місяць тому AMG merc, couple of vodka's and a hammer, Arthur would have it straight as a soviet missile.
  • T1971 C1971
    T1971 C1971 1 місяць тому A handy fixer upper for Arthur.
  • areasevenpro
    areasevenpro 1 місяць тому Arthur could probably fix it blindfolded.
  • TrekZero
    TrekZero 1 місяць тому Oh yes The Video Title would be "The Mercedes V12 Easy Fix"
  • areasevenpro
    areasevenpro 1 місяць тому @TrekZero And it would be 2 minutes long.
  • CG vLogs
    CG vLogs 3 тижні тому I read that in a Russian or Ukraine accent, lol
  • AL
    AL 3 тижні тому wat whos arthur
  • bigkification
    bigkification 2 тижні тому @AL
  • Eric Dillon
    Eric Dillon 1 тиждень тому On some of the older Rolls Royce, the hood ornament can run as high or higher than 7,000 dollars.
  • Adil Shah
    Adil Shah 1 тиждень тому That person doesn't have (hard fix) word in his dictionary
  • Chris Bautista
    Chris Bautista 1 місяць тому My guess is a tree fell on the AMG.
  • Aitor Bleda
    Aitor Bleda 1 місяць тому And somebody stole both the wheel and the cover.
  • Andi Goldberger
    Andi Goldberger 1 місяць тому Looks more like a pissed of wife with a golf club or baseball bat.
  • Keye Haze
    Keye Haze 1 місяць тому perhaps, but hood looks vandalized
  • spafro101
    spafro101 1 місяць тому @Andi Goldberger most likely
  • Go Key Inspections
    Go Key Inspections 1 місяць тому a big one
  • Warfighter Racing
    Warfighter Racing 1 місяць тому no the hood marks, that was a deer, hit the hood, bounced over top
  • ryan schwab
    ryan schwab 1 місяць тому @Andi Goldberger that's what I'm thinking, she probably sliced the tire too
  • murry001
    murry001 1 місяць тому my guess is Samcrac fell on the AMG
  • Hayden Morris
    Hayden Morris 1 місяць тому I think a woman hit it with a hammer and the boyfriend was also driving away from her
  • Chris Bautista
    Chris Bautista 1 місяць тому Warfighter Racing The front glass would have been damaged if you hit a deer or a person. The hood damage could be damage from branches.
  • Andrey Paliy
    Andrey Paliy 1 місяць тому Chris Bautista there is damage to the windshield
  • Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov 1 місяць тому This is a rollover damage
  • CUZC0M
    CUZC0M 1 місяць тому looks to me he parked it on the wrong street in the hood and they took a baseball bat to it
  • Ghvj Bgh
    Ghvj Bgh 1 місяць тому Or someone’s angry girlfriend with a baseball bat lol
  • Kurt Tappe
    Kurt Tappe 1 місяць тому Ghvj Bgh Not even Bryce Harper could swing a bat hard enough to displace the hood on the opposite side.
  • Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov 1 місяць тому It has gone in a ditch
  • Ayodeji Ogundiran
    Ayodeji Ogundiran 1 місяць тому @Andi Goldberger My thoughts exactly. A tree would have done way more damage.
    S. SESTRIC 1 місяць тому (змінено) Somebody beat on that Mercedes, possibly with an Estwing Pro Framing Hammer (angry redhead girlfriend?)
  • Area 51 Raid Team leader
    Area 51 Raid Team leader 1 місяць тому Chris Bautista i Think it was a crazy ex that took a sledge hammer to it
  • bitrexgm
    bitrexgm 1 місяць тому (змінено) @Ivan Ivanov Yep. the hood is bowed up and the left front wheel/suspension is knackered. Scrape marks from some brush, driver's mirror is gone, crushed. Car went off the road to the left into a ditch with some brush and crap and maybe tipped on its side. Branches didn't hit the car, the car hit the branches. Try staying on the flat black part next time, idiot!
  • bitrexgm
    bitrexgm 1 місяць тому @S. SESTRIC Guys who bought that car new don't have crazy ex-girlfriends they pay them off to go away. Yeah an Escalade or C class with hammer-damage, maybe.
  • x iDropKillz x
    x iDropKillz x 4 тижні тому At least that means the car wasn’t bent and twisted enough to mess up the roof
  • Turbo Mustang
    Turbo Mustang 3 тижні тому Definitely a tree.
  • mm 2018
    mm 2018 3 тижні тому Look like it went under a trailer
  • Turbo Mustang
    Turbo Mustang 3 тижні тому How many here actually do collision work? Can't be too many considering the crazy responses
  • bitrexgm
    bitrexgm 2 тижні тому (змінено) ​@Turbo Mustang there'd be a certain karmic justice to a tree falling on that AMG if it was the owner that was the one who just sheared the mufflers off it. but my guess is still that they wrecked it themselves, somehow. Maybe while trying to put the mufflers back on in a forest or rolling it into a large shrubbery. the act in itself doesn't exactly broadcast "responsible driver" lol
  • Jose  Rivera
    Jose Rivera 2 тижні тому Tree? Nope that was a bat or a steel pipe, look again i had to look twice
  • bitrexgm
    bitrexgm 2 тижні тому (змінено) @Jose Rivera dope fiends cutting the mufflers off to sell for scrap value and then smashing up the car out of spite is an angle I hadn't thought of. dent on the back by the trunk. Levering at the trunk and levering at the hood to try to get them open see if anything in there to steal. Took the crowbar to the car when they wouldn't budge
  • Bear's Workshop
    Bear's Workshop 1 місяць тому You need to start a chicken mansion channel. You can rebuild old neglected chicken coops. Copart will start selling them if you do.
  • CarGuy
    CarGuy 1 місяць тому I hope he did a video of building it.
  • jfindlay813
    jfindlay813 1 місяць тому I would subscribe
  • Samcrac
    Samcrac 1 місяць тому I would buy them first from COOPart and then I would rebuild them
  • Bear's Workshop
    Bear's Workshop 1 місяць тому @Samcrac Very cheesy. But I wish I said it first.
  • Toby the Glen
    Toby the Glen 1 місяць тому great idea, i cant wait for the i evitable 'walk around ' and 'might buy' videos?
  • ro63rto
    ro63rto 1 місяць тому Just don't get it confused with The Chicken Ranch
  • YOUNG _GAMER_2019
    YOUNG _GAMER_2019 1 місяць тому @Samcrac what made you want to rebuild cars
    PROD. MCMXCIX 1 місяць тому Actually that framing ad was pretty helpful holy shit lol
  • André Ranch
    André Ranch 1 місяць тому PROD. MCMXCIX wont go broke in the trades. Good luck man :)
  • 1975lap
    1975lap 1 місяць тому @André Ranch Unless you are the exception to the norm, not going broke is about all you can expect. Good luck man. Get an education your chances of success will greatly increase.
  • Durham Holtmeier
    Durham Holtmeier 1 місяць тому Now if they'll support woodworker whos industry was gutted by big box guys...
  • Jacob Kudrowich
    Jacob Kudrowich 1 місяць тому @1975lap an education used to equal a guaranteed income , but it doesn't today. People often get into debt going to school and end up doing something Unrelated to their years of study
  • 1975lap
    1975lap 1 місяць тому @Jacob Kudrowich you will find an example of anything you wish to find. I am talking about on average. On average more education equals more money. A population of educated people will make more money than those without. There will be individual exceptions no doubt, but I am not taking about individual anecdotes.
  • JackSwatman
    JackSwatman 1 місяць тому Ikr, go to Cali, get a sick tan
  • John Weithman
    John Weithman 1 місяць тому I wonder if the Rolls was owned by a Bears player. Alex's video hinted about the color choices (paint / stitching). The video screen showed 'Welcome DT 59'. Maybe Danny Trevathan - #59.
  • Jeremy Fowler
    Jeremy Fowler 1 місяць тому Yep 100/%
  • Jamil Buie
    Jamil Buie 1 місяць тому Just dropped the same comment before scrolling down
  • Maz
    Maz 1 місяць тому It does belong to him. Bears org helping Danny cover something up 🤔
  • CTB TV
    CTB TV 1 місяць тому His account is now private
  • totecommons
    totecommons 1 місяць тому no news about it!
  • Team Driven
    Team Driven 1 місяць тому totecommons maybe drinking and driving? 🤔
  • David Melnik
    David Melnik 1 місяць тому Video of him in it.
  • Andreas
    Andreas 1 місяць тому David Melnik that video is from a g wagon, not a cullinan
  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 1 місяць тому I knew someone would know..
  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 1 місяць тому David Melnik the irony of this being his Cullinan and he then driving around in G wagon on Instagram. New Money.
  • vondahe
    vondahe 1 місяць тому My first thought was that the owner was some little good tooth rapper. I wasn’t that far off.
  • Francis Herrera
    Francis Herrera 1 місяць тому @vondahe huhhoe you put a d rapper and a professional player in the same lot.. No, that's a stereotypical overreach bruh. Both are not the same
  • Roger Hudson
    Roger Hudson 3 тижні тому I assume the carpets were taken and destroyed due to incriminating 'stains'.
  • Ryan
    Ryan 3 тижні тому @Jeremy Fowler I wonder if he hit Davante Adams
  • lee nevin
    lee nevin 3 тижні тому David Melnik what a typical bellend. No wonder he crashed it
  • Shimeih
    Shimeih 3 тижні тому Something sounds fishy.. even google has nothing on the accident..
  • Colby Gray
  • M. Yuan
    M. Yuan 2 тижні тому The guy had an accident. There's nothing fishy about it lol can happen to anyone. Doesnt even seem to be too bad of an accident
  • I S
    I S 2 тижні тому Francis Herrera because vondahe is a racist!
  • mryeah420
    mryeah420 1 тиждень тому I S is he racist I’m black I thought it was a rappers too. I mean that’s really who buys this shit
  • JohnStax
    JohnStax 1 місяць тому (змінено) Rich Rebuilds would have outbid and overpaid anyways 😅
  • Fady Mikhail
    Fady Mikhail 1 місяць тому JohnStax at least Sam crack he always buy car from copart not like you just going through copart.
  • The Champs
    The Champs 1 місяць тому Bro u need a rolls
  • Alans Snack
    Alans Snack 4 дні тому its just a volkswagen
  • Yohan Babin
    Yohan Babin 1 місяць тому Oh man that rolls royce, too bad the parts are so expensive.
  • Brian M
    Brian M 1 місяць тому Sam Crack says 'Hold my beer'
  • Wc_ares Wc_ares
    Wc_ares Wc_ares 1 місяць тому Exactly that’s why it was totaled,I wouldn’t want to see that parts bill.
  • MrCarGuy20
    MrCarGuy20 1 місяць тому Too bad it's one of the worst SUV designs in history.
  • Juris Blumfelds
    Juris Blumfelds 1 місяць тому MrCarGuy20 It's literally the New Phantom on the New x7 platform, could be worse
  • achiepalaago
    achiepalaago 1 місяць тому Dude forget the parts, you most likely won't be able to afford the auction price as it is. LOL
  • Stephen Leskow
    Stephen Leskow 1 місяць тому achiepalaago let alone the insurance lol
  • hussein hamad
    hussein hamad 1 тиждень тому @Brian M عروسك I'm بيروت
  • rtorbs
    rtorbs 3 дні тому @MrCarGuy20 Money never could buy style
  • Phlaked Corn
    Phlaked Corn 1 місяць тому The Mercedes almost looks like it got attacked by an angry EX...
  • bitrexgm
    bitrexgm 1 місяць тому (змінено) You think a guy who bought that car new only has one girlfriend who gets mad that he's banging some other girl? He has four girlfriends who are all pretty happy about the situation I'd expect. raging exes are for fake ballas like the guy with the type R or 5 y/o C class. but that is not a fake-balla car that is a b-b-b-b-b-b-balla! car.
  • Archibald Tuttle
    Archibald Tuttle 4 тижні тому Looks perfectly fine to me. A bit of detailing and off you go!
  • rob lee
    rob lee 4 тижні тому That rolls has got to be the ugliest car they ever made
  • 68air
    68air 4 тижні тому Agree-that was an act of passion AND it was all drivers side. I am willing to bet the carbon fiber cover is in the trunk though.
  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright 1 тиждень тому Quickly
  • craiggrewar
    craiggrewar 1 день тому Thats insane. That is my AMG. I don’t believe it. That was a crazy night when that Sasquatch jumped on my roof............🤪
  • dannyfresh
    dannyfresh 1 місяць тому 3:30 That's angry ex-girlfriend with a bat damage if I ever saw
  • n0rth
    n0rth 1 місяць тому And cut the front tire.
  • SpankBuda
    SpankBuda 1 місяць тому Yeah, either that or a insurance job! And Sam was talking about a "tree" fell on it. Ha!
  • Keye Haze
    Keye Haze 1 місяць тому lol Yes that car looks definitely vandalized
    FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE 1 місяць тому Angry babymomma exactly or dude was gettin side pussy
  • Yasuzed
    Yasuzed 1 місяць тому Nah it’s gangsters from the hood
  • Lassi Kinnunen
    Lassi Kinnunen 1 місяць тому Its some black pro sport players car so yea..
  • Shawn Paradox
    Shawn Paradox 1 місяць тому Was looking to see who thought the same...
  • Mister Hand
    Mister Hand 1 місяць тому Tiger Woods' pissed off nordic bitch fucked up his car and savaged his mojo. Had he kept his dick in his pants, he'd be the GOAT!
  • theshipissinking no
    theshipissinking no 1 тиждень тому 14:15 if youre just here for the cull.
  • Nation Decay
    Nation Decay 1 місяць тому Jokes on you I caught on to your scheme. You want us to become a framer so we are slaves to build your chicken mansion
  • Ryan Gee
    Ryan Gee 1 місяць тому Actually jokes on you because if you actually became a framer , it would be beneficial to your life in every way. You can build your own house, rebuild a lambo or ferrari .. any car. build a farm etc anything you wanted, you can also become rich from doing it all at a low price for yourself flip it rinse repeat. so technically your not a slave if you're rich.
  • techCUISINE
    techCUISINE 4 тижні тому Ryan Gee it was a joke fam...
  • Ryan Gee
    Ryan Gee 4 тижні тому @techCUISINE how do you know?
  • red Rum
    red Rum 1 місяць тому If ya get the rolls I'll come help you work on it. Would love to have it as a Uber or Lyft driver.
  • Jay Gildersleeve
    Jay Gildersleeve 1 місяць тому I'm liking that green Model A street rod next to the Lambo.
    STUART GOODWIN CAPTAIN STU SPARROW 1 місяць тому well spotted
  • Leonardo Valladares
    Leonardo Valladares 1 місяць тому samcrac is lame to not look at that model a next to that destroyed lambo
  • Shakespeare_Hall
    Shakespeare_Hall 1 місяць тому Hahaha this place is full of classic Muscle cars and hot rods and this guy is jerking his stick over the Tesla !!! Hahaha Millenials !
  • Casey Dugan
    Casey Dugan 1 місяць тому I’m trying to get the lot number off the windshield. Lmao
  • Casey Dugan
    Casey Dugan 1 місяць тому It is sitting at a 500 dollar bid yup going on the watch list. Lol
  • RANDOM Games
    RANDOM Games 3 дні тому (змінено) 0:41 i Got a shock cuz I thought he was gonna smash the car with a hammer lol 😂
  • LegitStreetCars
    LegitStreetCars 1 місяць тому How do you say Leroy in German? That CL65 looks like a good candidate.
  • Dipty Choudhury
    Dipty Choudhury 1 місяць тому 19:38 a vintage car at the background
  • Ryan Coldiron
    Ryan Coldiron 1 місяць тому That's a model a ford
  • Gamedestroyers
    Gamedestroyers 1 місяць тому Your looking for something different to rebuild how about that lovely green Rod in the background of your outro.
  • Kjetil Trondsen
    Kjetil Trondsen 1 місяць тому Samcrac has rebuilt a lot of different cars, and that's what I like. Now everybody seems to rebuild Lamborghinis..... I think the green car would be perfect!
  • CR7659
    CR7659 1 місяць тому It's a 30-31 Model A looks like with a Chevy engine. If the frame's straight it's an easy rebuild, I can't even see what's damaged but maybe the axle is bent a little.
  • AICNMurderMostFowl
    AICNMurderMostFowl 1 місяць тому the copart lot# is 39101297 If anyone wants a better look. There are a couple of other model As listed as well, thought this the only street/hot rod
  • CR7659
    CR7659 1 місяць тому @AICNMurderMostFowl I found it just browsing. Bid to $5600, getting close to where if it needs a frame swap you're not going to profit much from it.
  • Gamedestroyers
    Gamedestroyers 1 місяць тому (змінено) @CR7659 Taking a look at the pictures to me frame looks good. Of course that just going by pictures. The support strut that runs from further back on the car to the front tire definitely needs some work. But to me looks like the caught the wheel on something or something hit the wheel. Lol Interior on it also needs some love. Oh and just noticed the bit of body work damage on the other side. But doesnt look to severe
  • joseph migliore
    joseph migliore 1 місяць тому Gamedestroyers You're*
  • Lucky Lefty
    Lucky Lefty 1 місяць тому Seeing that old damaged Ford T in the background in the end, really breaks my heart ... Also, you need that Rolls
  • Andrew Hunt
    Andrew Hunt 1 місяць тому How the hell is that in a salvage yard? I'm guessing some rich person bought a restored car and then crashed it. Almost anyone with an old car like that would just rebuild it.
  • CR7659
    CR7659 1 місяць тому 30-31 Model A
  • TheRobman
    TheRobman 1 місяць тому I found the listing, 1930 Model A:
  • Russell Hltn
    Russell Hltn 1 місяць тому @Andrew Hunt Depends on the age, fitness and housing situation of the prior owner. He may not be able to do the work it needs.
  • Kyle Warner
    Kyle Warner 1 місяць тому at $5600 this thing is a fricken steal. Doesn't look like there's any real damage to it. Sure, you'll need new front tires, but it doesn't even look like the rim is damaged.
  • TheRobman
    TheRobman 1 місяць тому @Kyle Warner the $5,600 is just a pre-auction bid, the real action happens in the live auction