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FOUND JAGUAR MK2 Classic Car Underwater in River at Boat Ramp!

Published on Sep 6, 2019 2,802,491 views










Jaguar Mark 2 Classic Car Found in River While Scuba Diving... 🚘💦
Can you believe we pulled 9 cars out of the river now?

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On this episode of Adventures with Purpose, we head back into the Willamette River to recover a 1960's Jaguar Mark II underwater.


But we have no idea how long the car has been in the river.

Good news is that we succeeded in pulling the sunken Jaguar car out of the river at the boat ramp.

What's our next underwater treasure hunting adventure going to find?


Lift Bags Donated by Patty Mayo!..

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  • Nick Ing dazed & confused
    Nick Ing dazed & confused 1 місяць тому If this was the UK a body in the car would be a high probability as in the 60's they were the go to car for armed robbery getaway car, big enough for four big guys guns and swag, especially the 3.8, later the Ford Zephyr Consuls and Zodiacs, Later the Ford Granda and Consul the Granad was the Sweeney favourite of which I went through three beforre going over to the XJ6 XJ6 Coupe and Daimler double 6 V12, pass anything but a gas station max I ever got was 11 to the gallon.
  • Adventures with Purpose
    Adventures with Purpose 1 місяць тому You know a lot about the gangster robber cars. With a name like Nick, I'm thinking you have a few stories of your time in the mob.. 😂😬
  • The Officer
    The Officer 4 тижні тому (змінено) Do you think the carpets were ruined, bit of water, surely not, bit of shake n vac, good to go 🤔🤔🤣🤣
  • Johnny John
    Johnny John 1 місяць тому we need a will it run vid
  • Adventures with Purpose
    Adventures with Purpose 1 місяць тому Need someone to take lead. You in? 😉
  • Valdir Mariano
    Valdir Mariano 2 тижні тому Esquerda não ,Macre melhor pra Argentina 👁️👏🇧🇷🇦🇷🇺🇾🇺🇸
  • Francisco Xavier Simon Jacques
    Francisco Xavier Simon Jacques 3 тижні тому That was a beautiful car Had it been kept on the ground would have made some money for the owners
  • Gassy Irishman
    Gassy Irishman 1 тиждень тому (змінено) "I gotta go, I broke my foot!" least caring voice possible "Oh, no!"
  • Adventures with Purpose
    Adventures with Purpose 1 тиждень тому Who here hasn't worked through a broken toe or foot before? 😉
  • lenny108
    lenny108 1 тиждень тому Amazing, this car was there for fifty years and nobody noticed.
  • teamidris
    teamidris 1 місяць тому Don’t worry, it was that rusty when it drove in there :D (jag rot box)
  • Sleepy Cat Pictures
    Sleepy Cat Pictures 3 тижні тому Mk 2 Jag's were always used by villians. I've done my homework on this by watching 'The Sweeney', Robbery with Stanley Baker and 'Minder' !
  • Philip Barrett
    Philip Barrett 2 тижні тому They never crashed the Granda but the moment you saw a Jag you knew it would be goner by the end of the episode
  • Leroy Adriane
    Leroy Adriane 2 тижні тому Old car
  • Jeff Walker
    Jeff Walker 2 тижні тому If it was a white Jag it would go off a cliff - they used that shot in many shows.
  • 2wattsout
    2wattsout 1 місяць тому Well one thing is for sure on that Jag, the Lucas electrics failed before it ever hit the water. Glad it wasn't a mid sixties XKE, I would have to look away. Had a friend a long time ago with a 283 Chevy stuffed into one of these MK2's. Loved it. Jag You Are class with American V8 rumble!
  • Gryf Ketcherside
    Gryf Ketcherside 1 місяць тому Sure hurt to see that. The Mk2 is one of my favorite classic Jaguars. Do you know the story behind this car? Stolen, etc.?
  • Adventures with Purpose
    Adventures with Purpose 1 місяць тому We unfortunately don't know the story. Even in this state... it's still beautiful
  • Reginaldo Martins
    Reginaldo Martins 4 тижні тому Uma judiação ver uma raridade desta no fundo do rio por um longo tempo.
  • CubCadetMan 71
    CubCadetMan 71 1 тиждень тому In the condition it is in some collector would love that. Cars like that make for great stories.
  • Mochi Jiral
    Mochi Jiral 2 тижні тому Maybe this car someone died in it 😱
  • I love Dogs
    I love Dogs 1 місяць тому Most interesting video so far. As a car guy it about killed me to watch you use that pry bar on the trunk 😬
  • Adventures with Purpose
    Adventures with Purpose 1 місяць тому Yeah, sorry for the trunk. 😂😬
  • nick janssens
    nick janssens 1 місяць тому A restorer will have it up and running in no time, although they will ask “who was the idiot that hit it with a crowbar”.
  • LoganKAR
    LoganKAR 1 місяць тому I feel ya this hurt bad
  • Rumrunner
    Rumrunner 1 місяць тому As a fellow car guy who bleeds 30 weight I always thought that there should be such a thing as vehicle abuse.
  • rafat Alhalaby
    rafat Alhalaby 1 місяць тому 👍🌹
  • *Wonka*
    *Wonka* 3 тижні тому Ikr ..pure stupidity ruining the trunk like hes cracking a wooden treasure box open..must be a jerk in reallife..
  • mp shot at twice
    mp shot at twice 3 тижні тому @*Wonka* Local police require that they check the car ,or trunk for bodies before it goes on the tow truck. Do you have a better solution ?
  • *Wonka*
    *Wonka* 2 тижні тому Thats a crock of bullshit ..the local police didnt require them to pry it open with a prybar you have lost your fkn mind snowflake
  • mp shot at twice
    mp shot at twice 2 тижні тому (змінено) @*Wonka* Do you have a better solution , cussing ,and calling people names is not a solution . If you think you can do a better job , then make your self available each time they pull cars out of the water.Then maybe you can be responsible , for the car .
  • Tony T
    Tony T 1 місяць тому that old jag looks like with work it could be restored
  • Hughe
    Hughe 4 тижні тому (змінено) some unattractive wife in revenge for her husband looking at hotter chicks sunk his Jug
  • Adventures with Purpose
    Adventures with Purpose 4 тижні тому 😂🤣
  • Dacriz
    Dacriz 2 тижні тому You might not be wrong!
  • Jesse JAY
    Jesse JAY 3 тижні тому Abused and definitely put away wet !
  • BC5391
    BC5391 1 місяць тому And I wanted to buy that trunk lid
  • Balboa Baggins
    Balboa Baggins 1 місяць тому I wanted to see it got towed away.. great job man 👍