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How To Restore Headlights PERMANENTLY ( Better Than a BRAND NEW Headlight )

Published on Jan 17, 2019 4,844,940 views










Headlight restoration is all about choosing the right products and methods. In this video I show you How to Restore Headlights Permanently. In the first half of the video, i show you how to clean headlights. Cleaning the Oxidised, Yellowing, Fading or Discoloured layer of plastic is the first step. You can even use toothpaste, baking soda and even WD40 but such products are only good for very minor improvements. To get it done professionally with a brand new looks, you have to do a complete restoration like I show you in this video. Then in the second half of the video, i show you how to stop headlights from yellowing and getting hazy which requires you to follow up with a protective coating. What coating you should go with depends on your budget, how long you’re gonna keep the car for and therefore how long you want the coating to last for.

Here are the products I used.

Plastic polish
Headlight restoration kit
Sanding backing pad
Masking tape
Isopropyl alcohol

UV Hard coat
Cheap clear coat
2k Cleat coat
Headlight lens covers clear lens cover&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=ur2&linkId=924dbe5200d14a098df45b50a14018cf

Headlight protection film
Film installation kit

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  • Junky DIY guy
    Junky DIY guy 8 місяців тому (змінено) HI ALL, For those who like to go with my 4th option - You can use clear coat if you want, It is a cheap and a reasonable alternative option for the price. I was explaining the reason why car manufacturers don’t use clear coat, with a demonstration. That demonstration is only to explain how refraction works on clear coat due to its higher RI, like i showed with a water bucket and a pencil and two more examples. Because clear coats tend to have an orange peel effect, you can get a little distorted light output. Combined with the higher refractive index of clear coat, this can be intensified even more. That’s why @7.43 i mentioned to wet sand the lens to get rid of any orange peel so you can minimise any noticeable distortion of the light output. This video is about restoring headlights permanently. As this car is getting a heavy sun exposure which you can tell by the peeling factory clear coat on the bumper near the headlight, ( ) ( ) clear coat is clearly not a permanent solution for these headlights. Removing peeling clear coat is harder than removing a headlight coating when it comes to restore the lens again and clear coat is the only non optical grade product among the 5 options and it has the least clarity. And since clear coat doesn't get bonded onto a highly polished surface like a headlight lens as well as it does on a metal surface, in most cases, you have to roughen up the lens prior to apply cleat coat to stop the clear coat from peeling prematurely and this can further intensify the distortion of the light simply because a roughened up surface create a diffused refraction and this cannot be restored even if you wet sand the lens. That is why the clear coat is the worst option for me among those 5 options. So in this case, i prefer the protection film over the clear coat and all the other coatings because like i mentioned, it doesn't get bonded onto the lens like clear coat or any other coating so in a matter of few minutes i can easily remove and replace the film should the film goes bad in the future which it will and when that happens i won't have to restore the lens all over again, plus the film has the highest optical clarity right out of the box ( you know what i mean if you've ever seen a tinted car window ) and gives me superb chip protection as well. But if you want to use clear coat, you can use a good clear coat and it is completely up to you . That's why i showed you guys 5 common options. i picked mine so you have to pick yours depending on your budget, climate you live in, how long you gonna keep the car for, and what you gonna use the car for (Eg: headlights covers are ideal if you do a lot of road trips as you get good protection from rock chips) . And for those who're wondering why a genuine headlight is so expensive, check this out
  • Efren Saclolo
    Efren Saclolo 8 місяців тому I use compound and do it every 6 months or when l notice the haze .This works for me it last longer when you wax it after you polish it.
  • msmeg
    msmeg 7 місяців тому You are amazing :-)
  • RedondoBeach2
    RedondoBeach2 7 місяців тому (змінено) The reason you had refraction on the part of the headlight sprayed with clear coat is that you did not wet sand and polish the clear coat after it cured. The way to clear coat your headlights effectively is to spray several coats of clear coat. Wait at least a few hours between each layer of clear coat. Due to the need to wait for a good cure of each layer of clear coat, this turns into a project that can last 2 days. BTW, remember to protect your car's paint during this process if you spray the headlights while they're installed on the vehicle. Otherwise you will get overspray on your car's paint. After several coats of clear coat are applied and cured, you will notice the lens is heavily orange peeled, however you should not have any streaks if you sprayed the lens lightly each time. This is the desired result at this stage. Attempting to rush the job by applying thick coats, will cause streaking--you do not want this to happen. After the final layer of clear coat is applied and has cured, the orange peel should be lightly wet sanded and polished to a clear finish with a very fine sandpaper. Remember to use clear coat with UV protectant. Hardware stores sell this in an aerosol can. I find this method to preserve the headlights for roughly 18-24 months, longer if you apply a UV protectant wax to the headlights each time your car is washed.
  • iloveyou1434ever
    iloveyou1434ever 7 місяців тому Junky DIY guy all this bullshit for restoring a headlight, r u mad bro ??? Just get a new headlights it’s cheaper then all the shit you r doing I’m not going to spend money on that sand paper, Grinder, coating etc...
  • TY Tang
    TY Tang 7 місяців тому The second headlamp was buffed ONLY with compound. Isn't finishing off buffing with polish necessarily? Thanks for this great video.
  • Patagualian Mostly
    Patagualian Mostly 6 місяців тому @iloveyou1434ever Dipstick.
  • Gacha Fox
    Gacha Fox 6 місяців тому @iloveyou1434ever Did you see the bill for replacing those headlights? These units are several hundred each!!!!
  • TH3 C4SSIU5 3FF3CT
    TH3 C4SSIU5 3FF3CT 6 місяців тому Junky DIY guy SUPERB EDITING SIR!!!
  • Faceless
    Faceless 6 місяців тому Waaayyyy too much trouble. There's got to be an easier way.
  • TheEldestCastle
    TheEldestCastle 6 місяців тому Nice editing skills
  • First Last
    First Last 6 місяців тому @Faceless it's as easy or as hard as you want to make it. If it's really bad, you may need sanding. Mild, use compounds. Finish how you want but some are better than others that need to be reapplied yearly.
    K HUNTER 6 місяців тому @Faceless Of course there is. This video isn't it.
  • macoy321
    macoy321 6 місяців тому @ Junky DIY guy - how along ago didnyou do this? Do you onow how long it will last conpare to using clear coat spray paint?
  • Tammy Quattlebaum
    Tammy Quattlebaum 6 місяців тому I do the same steps you do and they always look great. But, i don't put anything back on the lens but polish once a month and after 3 years they still look like i just done them.
  • AnimateMJ
    AnimateMJ 6 місяців тому Okay students hand your essays
  • Alexwasthere
    Alexwasthere 6 місяців тому Way to long lmao
  • QuantumRift
    QuantumRift 5 місяців тому Clear coat? No way. I bought a new 2012 Genesis in Aug 2012 in Arizona. I installed Xpel clear plastic headlight protection - it's now 2019 and I've lived in OH for the past 4 years. The headlight protection is still working fine and the headlights look like they just came off the showroom but the clear skin is showing some darkening around the edges and could be replaced. I paid $50 for the kit back in 2012 and will buy another kit this summer. I have NO scratched, nicks, cracks, yellowing or hazing on headlights on my Genesis, and those pivoting headlight fixtures cost over $500 each. Hence my desire to keep them pristine.
  • Fritz Gerald
    Fritz Gerald 5 місяців тому Junky DIY guy, what if No Polish use and Compound only.. how long will it last?
  • Alexis Blake
    Alexis Blake 5 місяців тому Junky DIY guy hey where can I find these products?
  • Axle Martin
    Axle Martin 4 місяці тому Junky DIY guy why you mothers aluminum
  • Christopher James Rowland
    Christopher James Rowland 4 місяці тому Please add subtitles for English speaking audiences...
  • Mike Cuev
    Mike Cuev 4 місяці тому As I stated, you are very knowledgeable and thorough. Keep up the excellent videos!!!
  • Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500
    Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500 4 місяці тому I wish I could get my Headlights on my 98 Lincoln Mark VIII to look like that. They look bad and are really expensive to replace.
  • Wills D
    Wills D 3 місяці тому @iloveyou1434ever Hilarious! What kinda car you drive "bro"? I got an estimate for replacing the headlight assembly on my 2001 Mercedes E320 wagon. Headlights are $350.00 each then $400.00 for labor. That's $1100.00 "bro".
  • Frank Spencer
    Frank Spencer 3 місяці тому @iloveyou1434everA headlight restoration kit, max £25/$40, costs a fraction of 2 new headlights, plus taking out the old headlights out means taking the front off of my car and breaking a load of plastic screws that hold it in place. I can keep the compound for other cars plus get the sanding/polishing discs real cheap, which also are useful for polishing paintwork, furniture and buffing windows with rainex on them. A lot of the extra stuff I wouldn't bother with, clearcoat isn't easy to get right even on paint and at a push I might go for some film that is only 3 Euro's on eBay or a sealant 5 Euro's upwards. However polish and compound once every 1/2 years does the job.
  • iloveyou1434ever
    iloveyou1434ever 3 місяці тому Gacha Fox D head, u sons of bi check on eBay.. for old shits it’s gonna be way cheaper like both front headlights for under £50 brand new one ( why on Earth u need to restore headlights lights ? Unless you are driving old shits ) Or get a freaking second hand one, there are so many sellers on eBay, or around your areas who break cars for parts I drive Honda Civic 2010 my head lights looks Cristal clear 9 years already past My head lights cost under £80 for Both U need to restore your brain
  • iloveyou1434ever
    iloveyou1434ever 3 місяці тому Wills D damn, About your freakin Mercedes get a second one.. there is always someone breaking their car for parts! if u drive a Hyundai,Fiat,Toyota,Kia, renault etc zzzzz restoring a headlights it’s not worth it .. get new one .. on eBay u can get it for under £70 or go for second hand one If u own a BMW, Mercedes or any other expensive cars then u must afford a Brand new head lights ! Freakin so many poor fcuk ers who wanna look cool When ever I go to my friends garage I always see one person like u .. driving a Mercedes but going to the small garage zzzz
  • I Frenchy
    I Frenchy 3 місяці тому Junky DIY guy What you mean. Is Clear Coat For Plastic.
  • I Frenchy
    I Frenchy 3 місяці тому Hi Clear Coat For Plastic. It's not to exspencive. you can get it at Wal-Mart
  • slasher
    slasher 3 місяці тому Stupid. Just use vinegar
  • Chopin 9
    Chopin 9 3 місяці тому @slasher Really?
  • Jay D
    Jay D 3 місяці тому iloveyou1434ever 20$ meguires kit will make em look brand new no sand paper drills n bs my headlights were worse. Headlights were 150$ a piece.
  • Dave Fore
    Dave Fore 3 місяці тому @iloveyou1434ever New headlights are $200+ and on my Mazda you have to remove the front bumper which takes quite a bit of effort just to get to the actual headlight mounts making it as much of a pain in the ass as sanding. Sanding and clear coating is going to cost $30. You're going to get dirty either way and spend the same amount of time either way.
  • Stever Uptagrafft
    Stever Uptagrafft 3 місяці тому sex oddities
  • WHRA 21
    WHRA 21 2 місяці тому Great job😎
  • Joey Korsmit
    Joey Korsmit 2 місяці тому Your awesome I did this and it worked super well
  • Michael Buckingham
    Michael Buckingham 2 місяці тому Junky DIY guy Vibrators for teens
  • Borivoje Travica
    Borivoje Travica 2 місяці тому Way car manufacturers dont put uv film in first place than we change now and then?
  • YesYesYoureRight
    YesYesYoureRight 2 місяці тому Next time, do paragraphs and indent. Have A Nice Day.
    CHRIS SANKEY 1 місяць тому Brilliant!
  • Ped Clarke
    Ped Clarke 1 місяць тому (змінено) iloveyou1434ever May I ask why you would watch and comment on this video if you are against the very principle of the video (clear in the title).... and then suggesting others have their brains restored. Also eBay headlamps are cheap copies. ..... aaaand if u drive a 9 year old banger perhaps you are not best placed to offer life advice to others? ..... also you quote pounds so you live in Crown territory where the sun rarely shows its face.... rain does not spoil the lens!!!
  • Ped Clarke
    Ped Clarke 1 місяць тому Jay D this guy is a troll.... why watch this video and make that comment? Zero value to his input and he is in UK where the UV level is negligible 350 days of the year!
  • Ped Clarke
    Ped Clarke 1 місяць тому Chopin 9 no! Vinegar may remove dirt / road tar. It is not an abrasive compound and will not take the haze out of the lens.
  • Ped Clarke
    Ped Clarke 1 місяць тому Christopher James Rowland troll
  • Ped Clarke
    Ped Clarke 1 місяць тому Fritz Gerald depends on UV and road salt. Furniture polish is better than nothing- can be used on clean car paint too. (Avoid scented brands).
  • Ped Clarke
    Ped Clarke 1 місяць тому Tammy Quattlebaum so..... 36 applications of polish sounds pretty Labour intensive!! You just contradicted the video then proved him right!!
  • Corrales Racing
    Corrales Racing 1 місяць тому Esto es verdad?? Tengo que probar para mis seguidores
  • Hodar
    Hodar 3 тижні тому @iloveyou1434ever Depends on the vehicle. My 2011 Lexus RX350 headlamps, OEM replacments run $1,100 - 550 each for the Xeon lamps. I can do an awful lot of coating for $1-2K.
  • irwan shah
    irwan shah 3 тижні тому can you do step by step guide for headlights adjustment?
  • Terry Dou
    Terry Dou 6 місяців тому Started watching: "urgh, this guy is going to be like all the rest with useless 'hacks' " Watched: "...... Well shit, that was actually really informative...."
  • Valdarious
    Valdarious 6 місяців тому I thought the same thing.
  • Don't Read My Profile Picture
    Don't Read My Profile Picture 6 місяців тому Haha you read the words in my mind
  • ꧁༺꧂ Nate Higgers ꧁༻꧂
    ꧁༺꧂ Nate Higgers ꧁༻꧂ 4 місяці тому I tried doing the DIY Self Circumcision. It didn't worked.
  • Mark Condrey
    Mark Condrey 4 місяці тому I was like you, but the more I watched the more I liked his methods and his logical thinking. He nailed this video.
  • SteeVeeDee
    SteeVeeDee 4 місяці тому (змінено) Not only did he show you how to do a really cool hack he didn't waste time with loads of graphics/ unnesessary footage/ loud music.
  • Jonathan Quiroz
    Jonathan Quiroz 4 місяці тому Same though. I was impressed by this so much.
  • Paul Stoyko
    Paul Stoyko 4 місяці тому I have tried the head light fix on my Corvette and it works
  • Carlos De Almeida
    Carlos De Almeida 4 місяці тому Same here...
  • Moharis Mohammad
    Moharis Mohammad 4 місяці тому [[
  • Jozsef Izsak
    Jozsef Izsak 3 місяці тому Absolutely right, this was a very pleasant surprise after so many disappointments from others dealing with the same subject. It's a pleasure to see a man who understands science.
  • Halo Effect
    Halo Effect 3 місяці тому Lol, same here...
  • Imran Ali
    Imran Ali 2 місяці тому @Paul Stoyko can i go for it ??? is it work or just waste of time and money...??
  • Enrique Soto
    Enrique Soto 2 місяці тому exactly!
  • Buz Off
    Buz Off 2 місяці тому @Imran Ali I dreaded the thought of all that sanding (mess up, and you can wreck the lens). So I scrubbed/buffed them with a mix of baking soda and coconut oil, $2 at Dollar Tree. This took just about all of the haze and stuck on crude off the lenses. A guy could probably get a extremely high polish by buffing it more than I did. I'll think about his recommendation, the skins over the lenses, but for now, looks MUCH better. $2, nothing to lose.
  • Imran Ali
    Imran Ali 2 місяці тому @Buz Off sounds good but i still have a question what ever we do can we get the same result as thay show us in the video....??
  • Nicholas Bolton
    Nicholas Bolton 1 місяць тому Totally agree
  • Ped Clarke
    Ped Clarke 1 місяць тому (змінено) Imran Ali yes, you can use compound by hand without electric buffer... use circular motion. Always use a wax/ polish after to protect from more UV damage and road salts etc... toothpaste can be used as compound (add water).
  • Imran Ali
    Imran Ali 1 місяць тому @Ped Clarke thanks i will try....👍👍😊😊
  • Ped Clarke
    Ped Clarke 1 місяць тому Imran Ali did you have any success Imran?
  • Daniel Cleary
    Daniel Cleary 1 місяць тому @Imran Ali yes
  • Imran Ali
    Imran Ali 1 місяць тому @Ped Clarke sorry busy with rutine life when i do i let you know what about you do you have any success.....??
  • Ped Clarke
    Ped Clarke 1 місяць тому @Imran Ali I have restored car paint many times and cleaned headlights only a few times- the author of this video gives very good advice. "Sorry" is not necessary... I was curious to find out if you tried out the toothpaste as it is "compound" polish for teeth- exact same principle with paint or headlights. Good Luck to you and comment if / when you get the time to try it out.
  • Imran Ali
    Imran Ali 1 місяць тому @Ped Clarke definatlly i will let you know untill than be positive
  • MuzzleFitness
    MuzzleFitness 1 місяць тому I saw his previous "strut & shocks vid" and 1 min in, I wanted to buy a blue hoodie and orange gloves.😆 This was the next vid so I watched to give him another view and thumbs up. He's 100% on point with details and relevant info.
  • Norman Espinoza
    Norman Espinoza 2 тижні тому @꧁༺꧂ Nate Higgers ꧁༻꧂ LMAO!
  • Dylan
    Dylan 4 місяці тому I am blown away by the production value of this video
  • HungryTv13
    HungryTv13 3 місяці тому Dylan lower budget than deadpool but way better
  • BasementDwell
    BasementDwell 3 місяці тому Yeah that editing is top notch for a video on headlights
  • frank arellano
    frank arellano 2 місяці тому @BasementDwell kopp
  • noyce714
    noyce714 2 місяці тому It kept me entertained the whole time
  • Tyler Price
    Tyler Price 1 місяць тому This is exactly what I was thinking. Blew the quality of any other YouTube tutorials completely out of the water. The forethought that went into the production deserves mad props
  • Andrew Mosienko
    Andrew Mosienko 1 місяць тому I totally agree with these comments below. Excellent stuff. Thanks for taking the time to make a really clear and concise video!
  • drexldog
    drexldog 2 тижні тому Agreed
  • chris rossi
    chris rossi 2 дні тому Perfection in a “how to”video !! To all the other would be directors, watch and learn.
  • Robin Mantell
    Robin Mantell 3 місяці тому They should go back to glass ones. The cars cost enough, I miss the old cars, they where not made of junk.
  • Stuart McDonald
    Stuart McDonald 2 місяці тому Glass headlights are heavy and unsafe by modern standards
  • gaz ferg
    gaz ferg 2 місяці тому @Stuart McDonald dead right glass lights one stone its stuffed,polycarbonate takes almost any thing except too much uv.
  • Patrick Canty
    Patrick Canty 2 місяці тому Li K
  • Mystic Wine
    Mystic Wine 1 місяць тому @Stuart McDonald Unsafe? How's that?
  • Stuart McDonald
    Stuart McDonald 1 місяць тому @Mystic Wine they more susceptible to shattering under light impact from road debris, rocks, car park dings.
  • Mystic Wine
    Mystic Wine 1 місяць тому @Stuart McDonald All automotive glass is tempered. Shattered tempered glass is harmless. Messy however.
  • Stuart McDonald
    Stuart McDonald 1 місяць тому @Mystic Wine yes but it wasn't in old style glass headlights. Regardless similar thickness glass, compared to Acrylic is always going to be heavier and less resistent to impact. It's also a lot harder to shape and overall more expensive which is what it really boils down to for manufacturing headlights.
  • Mystic Wine
    Mystic Wine 1 місяць тому @Stuart McDonald Agree, it's the production costs only
  • bhurley52
    bhurley52 2 тижні тому @Stuart McDonald I have been driving for 40 years. I never had a glass headlight get broken. The new hazy headlights are unsafe as they reduce light emission. Manufacturer's went to poly-carbonate because it can be molded into different shapes to enhance car designs.
  • Stuart McDonald
    Stuart McDonald 2 тижні тому @bhurley52 good on ya champion
  • SixSentSoldiers
    SixSentSoldiers 1 тиждень тому Absolutely. New light, and done.
  • Letocetum sulley
    Letocetum sulley 5 днів тому (змінено) Thing is "why" Plastic simply and only reason is impact safety, Like bumpers designed to protect now painted so as to limit the damage on the TwAt that ran out in front of you..... Chrome and Glass all day long :))
  • SixSentSoldiers
    SixSentSoldiers 5 днів тому @Letocetum sulley - Hell yeah. Safer, absorbs the impact. My ass.
  • Aim to Wander
    Aim to Wander 4 дні тому i also miss the old days without seat belts or airbags
  • Susan S-Work
    Susan S-Work 3 дні тому @bhurley52 ...and to meet CAFE standards from our federal government.
  • elsteve43
    elsteve43 1 день тому Back in my day, you whipper snappers.
  • Todd Dragert
    Todd Dragert 6 днів тому This is how a "How to" should be done. Thanks for all the hard work making this video. How did you acquire all of these materials?!$$$
  • Kyle Hamilton
    Kyle Hamilton 3 дні тому All the items he used is in description with links
  • Colin Miller
    Colin Miller 6 місяців тому My son is a professional car detailer and he says your methods of restoration and video production techniques are second to none. You have our attention. Congratulations, you deserve a huge following.
  • Mike Gubbini
    Mike Gubbini 1 місяць тому Colin Miller m. Wwjnajwnanjw wbjenajendhdzb I'm shzmsdnxjkJ. . ....©§£^§€₩€§€§$®¢¡»>>§§§€`®®:-\:-;-)o_O:-(:-@:-\B-)O:-)o_O:-\:-Cx-(O:-):-C:-\:-@;-):-@:-\x-(;-)o_Ox-(:-)XD;-)o_OO:-)B-)x-(:-[:-D:-)l.s. ianNNbdnznsmabdnsnsb xxx b.a as ndnndndjhembsdnhfmsvd mm asns BBC Dan will!
  • Niccole Evans
    Niccole Evans 5 днів тому (змінено) FINALLY!! Someone who offers REAL results and options for us DIYers - thanks a million!! Amazing video 👏👏... U broke this down like a scientist, in layman's terms 💯
  • Andrew F.
    Andrew F. 3 місяці тому Quality video right here! You broke everything down so well without wasting time or over explaining. Excellent job!
  • C G
    C G 3 тижні тому I know, I'm absolutely impressed
  • Muhammad Farooqi
    Muhammad Farooqi 1 місяць тому this was so interesting.. that I watch 3 times.. loveit..
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    ivan castillo 3 місяці тому How can anyone dislike this video. The man came through with info and tips! A+ video
  • James Duke
    James Duke 2 місяці тому you dont get it do you .. 2400 dislikes .. there is a reason … go back and think about it again ...
  • ivan castillo
    ivan castillo 2 місяці тому Salty lol
  • WanderingBobAK
    WanderingBobAK 2 місяці тому @James Duke Tool, answer the question.
  • James Duke
    James Duke 2 місяці тому Demanding Bitch much ? lol @WanderingBobAK
  • TheDeltathreat
    TheDeltathreat 6 місяців тому This guy could have kept it a secret and opened a garage for this.. But he chose to inform the public.. Cool. 👍
  • Junky DIY guy
    Junky DIY guy 6 місяців тому shhh, it's a secret on youtube now :)
  • HI UB
    HI UB 5 місяців тому He's a man with a big heart
  • Certified
    Certified 5 місяців тому Well, tbh some people would still be to lazy to do it themselves, so they'd still pay others to do it for them.
  • alex nasiadka
    alex nasiadka 4 місяці тому TheDeltathreat that’s because maybe 1/100 people who watch this video will actually do it. The other few will just pay someone to do it even with the information they just learned
  • Haytham Ibrahim
    Haytham Ibrahim 3 місяці тому @Certified where I come from we don't even get a decent parking spot, let alone a private garage, and I've to maneuver myself into my car every time I need to go out, so even so I'm a DIY guy still I've to get someone to do it for me.
  • NippyMoto
    NippyMoto 3 місяці тому This is not a secret this has been a technique known for decades.
  • Mystic Wine
    Mystic Wine 1 місяць тому Still gets a lotta monetized clicks
  • Denis Moran
    Denis Moran 3 місяці тому Beautifully presented, logical clear steps with written/labelled products clearly shown, as well as a experience/choice sequence! No rubbish music, or unecessary graphics. A rare thing on YT, a teacher to his fingertips, presenting as it should be done. Thank you very much.
  • Noel Wood
    Noel Wood 3 місяці тому The best instructional video I have ever seen on you tube. The way you showed scientifically why some options were better than others was so well done
  • Korsion
    Korsion 1 місяць тому I watched a lot of videos on do it yourself headlight restoration, this one is by far the best.
  • Greg Quinn
    Greg Quinn 3 місяці тому Your work into these videos does not go unnoticed, I'm subscribing.
  • Teddy
    Teddy 3 місяці тому New sub...
  • otter25702
    otter25702 3 дні тому By far the best I've seen in "how to" with clear instruction and demonstration. I'll be using it on my Boxster an I'll try option 5 since I have all the products on hand minus the wrap. Thank you.
  • Itati Escobedo
    Itati Escobedo 1 день тому Yo I find it funny how he brought up so many options. I respect that. You do a hell of a good. ❤️❤️ +1 subscriber 👌🏼
  • Agenk TV
    Agenk TV 1 місяць тому I just wanted to change my stereo and now i am here watching this
  • Jorge Manuel
    Jorge Manuel 1 місяць тому Good one!
  • ShuKena Caldwell
    ShuKena Caldwell 1 тиждень тому Agenk TV 🤣🤣 Me too
  • Santhosh Mooga
    Santhosh Mooga 2 дні тому Would be nice if stay closer to my home😂