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Brad Pitt Girlfriend's from 1984 till now


Angelina Jolie's Boyfriend [1989 - Till Now]:
Justin Bieber Girlfriend's [2010 – Till now]:
David Beckham Hairstyle VS Brad Pitt Hairstyle ✴ 2018:

Brad Pitt Girlfriend's [1984 - Till Now ]:
Enrique Iglesias's Lifestyle ▶ (Net Worth ✴ Biography ✴ House ✴ Girlfriend ✴ Family ✴ Cars):
Justin Bieber Family ✴ 2018:
Cristiano Ronaldo's Ex (Irina Shayk) VS New Girlfriend (Georgina Rodriguez):
Justin Bieber's Ex (Selena Gomez) VS New Girlfriend (Hailey Baldwin)
Enrique Iglesias Family:



  • Dhiraj Singh
    Dhiraj Singh 4 місяці тому He looks much more attractive than most of his girlfriend's
  • Feral Shojo
    Feral Shojo 3 місяці тому Maybe he has ego issues and can't date someone who'd steal the limelight from him. Though that was pretty much the case with Angelina.
  • Daniel G
    Daniel G 3 місяці тому exactly, he could have done much better (expect Jen and Angelina)
  • Esther Karanja
    Esther Karanja 2 місяці тому gtfoh
  • Island Roena
    Island Roena 2 місяці тому Right? lol I love blondes tbh he is very attractive
  • sirt3z
    sirt3z 2 місяці тому That's funny
  • Stinky Pete
    Stinky Pete 1 місяць тому @Feral Shojo that doesn't make sense since he's dated attractive women before. He probably just goes for personality and chemistry not appearance.
  • Feral Shojo
    Feral Shojo 1 місяць тому @Stinky Pete I can't recall a woman he dated who was on par with his supposed attractiveness except for Angelina. Especially Gwyneth and Jen Aniston are rather bland.
  • Martin Bucher
    Martin Bucher 1 місяць тому jolie was same level
  • Adriana Filipa
    Adriana Filipa 2 тижні тому Lol , you talk like he is a god or something, i never found this man that handsome.
  • Benjamin Coleman
    Benjamin Coleman 2 дні тому @Feral Shojo so racist
  • VIP *crown emoji*
    VIP *crown emoji* 9 місяців тому In conclusion: he doesn't have a type
  • Simu
    Simu 3 місяці тому 😁😁
  • Tosya Hun
    Tosya Hun 3 місяці тому he was changing: I like when he was with Gwyneth
  • Mee B
    Mee B 2 місяці тому His type is fame
  • emma Colbert
    emma Colbert 2 місяці тому His type is pretty
  • Ákos Kuli
    Ákos Kuli 2 місяці тому @Tosya Hun The problem with Angelina's case was that Angie was a strong character and Brad too
  • Ma. Sharon Ann Basul
    Ma. Sharon Ann Basul 2 місяці тому Which is the pride. That's the problem hahaha
  • Luli Sissy
    Luli Sissy 1 місяць тому Yessssss lol
  • Sole Survivor
    Sole Survivor 1 місяць тому his type is famous female American
  • Gavin James
    Gavin James 1 місяць тому In conclusion: bad dress sense
  • lala blu
    lala blu 4 тижні тому He falls in love with their spirit!😍
  • Steven Doreen
    Steven Doreen 3 тижні тому His type is transgenders......
  • Dy Tina
    Dy Tina 3 тижні тому Sexy and beautiful thin women is his hype. LOL Angelina was and IS the best!
  • Paula Tirado
    Paula Tirado 2 тижні тому In conclusion, there is something wrong with him if he cannot hold onto any one woman for very long ♡
  • Qi An
    Qi An 2 тижні тому His type is - profession: actress.
  • Ingenium
    Ingenium 1 тиждень тому His type is witchcraft.
  • Charlee e
    Charlee e 1 тиждень тому He's got 3 types, black women, blondes, and Angelina Jolie.
  • Diễm Quỳnh
    Diễm Quỳnh 3 місяці тому No one: Me: 2PM on Youtube Youtube: Do you want to know all Brad's girlfriends ???
  • Mariana Sofia Morales
    Mariana Sofia Morales 1 місяць тому Diễm Quỳnh watching this at 2 PM too tf
  • Anas mhd
    Anas mhd 1 місяць тому Exactly
  • C.G.B. Spender
    C.G.B. Spender 1 тиждень тому i hope you die hit by a car
  • Dennis Aguilar
    Dennis Aguilar 1 тиждень тому Holy S**t is 2:01 PM where I live, but I bet I clicked on this video at 2.
  • Liam McCarthy
    Liam McCarthy 1 місяць тому This dude could wear literally anything and style his hair/facial hair any way possible and he’d still be extremely good looking. Goddamnit
  • Tahnee Glenn
    Tahnee Glenn 2 тижні тому YES!
  • min zhang
    min zhang 1 тиждень тому Our God is fair, he just sometimes loves some people more.
  • Андрес Маурисио
    Андрес Маурисио 1 день тому @min zhang WHO IS MORE HANDSOME BRAD PITT OR CHRIS HEMSWORTH ?
  • Jkc
    Jkc 10 місяців тому Starting from Gwyneth 3 years, Jennifer 6 years, Angelina 12 years.. next gonna be 24years or not at all..
  • jerrie thirlwards
    jerrie thirlwards 2 місяці тому Thts ok..some of them looks like younger than him lol
  • Gaurang Thapa
    Gaurang Thapa 1 місяць тому He is currently in relationship with weed and alcohol and that is gonna last for 24 years
  • Luli Sissy
    Luli Sissy 1 місяць тому And Juliette 3 or 4 years I believe...
  • ꜱᴇɪꜰᴇʀ ᴀʟᴍᴀꜱʏ
    ꜱᴇɪꜰᴇʀ ᴀʟᴍᴀꜱʏ 1 місяць тому 3+6+12=24 xD
  • Macy Flowers
    Macy Flowers 3 тижні тому @Gaurang Thapa good for him. There's worse shit for sure
  • ciudadana kane
    ciudadana kane 3 тижні тому juliette 3 yeras and a half, gwyneth 2 years.
  • vladimir krestyanin
    vladimir krestyanin 3 тижні тому Next Satan, infinite in hell
  • yum yum Turiim chapa
    yum yum Turiim chapa 3 тижні тому That's some ssc exam shit! 3x2=6 6x2=12 12x2=24
  • kashmir pandit
    kashmir pandit 3 тижні тому @yum yum Turiim chapa lol
  • ronnel nocelo
    ronnel nocelo 1 тиждень тому @ꜱᴇɪꜰᴇʀ ᴀʟᴍᴀꜱʏ just 21
  • best opinion
    best opinion 4 дні тому @ꜱᴇɪꜰᴇʀ ᴀʟᴍᴀꜱʏ nope, double it
  • Ruth Purba
    Ruth Purba 3 дні тому ahahaha lol
  • gerldine rice
    gerldine rice 1 рік тому Hold on ladies everybody will get a turn.
  • Suphang Ko
    Suphang Ko 1 рік тому gerldine rice Fucking luckiest man in the world
  • Fearless Kitten
    Fearless Kitten 1 рік тому Lol
  • Inge Laimite
    Inge Laimite 1 рік тому hahahaha
  • Altysha Koichueva
    Altysha Koichueva 1 рік тому 😂🤣
  • Tara Phillips
    Tara Phillips 11 місяців тому gerldine rice I been patiently waiting for years lol
  • Mr Bob
    Mr Bob 10 місяців тому Slut man lol
  • heaux
    heaux 7 місяців тому Omg lol the best comment yet
  • heaux
    heaux 7 місяців тому Omg lol the best comment yet
  • Itzel Escobedo
    Itzel Escobedo 3 місяці тому lol
  • Iove You
    Iove You 3 місяці тому Hahaha
  • B Brown
    B Brown 3 місяці тому Yay!!!
  • Jina Kim
    Jina Kim 2 місяці тому lol so funny
  • John Liew
    John Liew 2 місяці тому Lmao
  • jerrie thirlwards
    jerrie thirlwards 2 місяці тому (змінено) That sounds terrible... making it sounds like we women are eager to be with brad or any other men out there
  • melinda k
    melinda k 2 місяці тому Omg ..🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Zaki Zaki
    Zaki Zaki 2 місяці тому 😁
  • Renee Pantoja
    Renee Pantoja 2 тижні тому lol... im next...
  • Kadia Fulani
    Kadia Fulani 2 місяці тому His dating lifestyle is still better than Leo who only like tall skinny blonde girls under 25...
  • Raka Andika
    Raka Andika 1 тиждень тому Kadia Fulani leonardo dicaprio?
  • I'mNoTsCaRy Kim
    I'mNoTsCaRy Kim 1 тиждень тому And Rihanna lol
  • Cherisse Tillman
    Cherisse Tillman 1 рік тому Well at least we know he don't discriminate
  • Syn Ka'an
    Syn Ka'an 11 місяців тому (змінено) only beautiful girl lol it's a different kind of discrimination :D
  • Luna Qiu
    Luna Qiu 10 місяців тому @Syn Ka'an it's not!
  • MSR 2703
    MSR 2703 10 місяців тому @Luna Qiu. He is discriminating ugly girls 😂
  • Elisa Mondragon
    Elisa Mondragon 10 місяців тому Honestly I think his first gfriend and Paltrow don't have a pretty face
  • Aaron Mc
    Aaron Mc 9 місяців тому Even if he hadn't date girls who weren't black he still isn't the type who discriminates it's just not in his nature because he actually has a heart
  • PurelyAfrican
    PurelyAfrican 8 місяців тому Where have u been?! Lol!
  • The alien in your backyard
    The alien in your backyard 3 місяці тому Every woman can be pretty no matter their ethnicity or skin color. Is about bone structure, body and elegance.
  • Paing moe
    Paing moe 3 місяці тому No , he said he hates yellow pussies and will never eat.
  • Bearded Pete
    Bearded Pete 2 місяці тому @Paing moe He never said that but ok
  • Pedro Katz
    Pedro Katz 1 місяць тому No fat gross chicks though
  • julia mba
    julia mba 3 тижні тому Cherisse Tillman ooh,yes
  • Jess Vale
    Jess Vale 1 рік тому he left JA for AJ😂😂😂😂
    ITZDARLENE GAMING 10 місяців тому thats not funny Jennifer was sad.
  • JackNesa 87
    JackNesa 87 9 місяців тому Na aj was better she give him a kids.. ja didnt
  • jeeboy25 1
    jeeboy25 1 9 місяців тому @ITZDARLENE GAMING aniston is 0/5
  • Samsung Jseven
    Samsung Jseven 6 місяців тому Yet they end up divorce.karma is real...their kids are not awesome
  • Trish Chanyeol Park
    Trish Chanyeol Park 2 тижні тому Not really... I doubt he would have if Angelina didn't end up getting pregnant with his kids. He never seemed to want to be with Angelina although she is a wonderful woman, they clearly weren't meant for each other and they knew it but had to pull through for the sake of their family. Nonetheless he did cheat on Jennifer and she deserves better than that.
  • dirtibag
    dirtibag 2 тижні тому Old joke... To bad
  • Mary ann Villanueva
    Mary ann Villanueva 6 днів тому I love Angelina jolie with him but im sad there devorce 😏
  • Tatjana Šiljeg
    Tatjana Šiljeg 2 місяці тому Jen had him when he was hottest so she got the best...
  • emma Colbert
    emma Colbert 2 місяці тому Actually he was much hotter when he was with angie the long hair and the beard. He was kinda that hot sugar daddy
  • Tatjana Šiljeg
    Tatjana Šiljeg 2 місяці тому @emma Colbert - in a way he was... But with Jen he was younger and more handsome... But then again - taste is personal thing...😉
  • 10C Biak Ram Mawi Zathang - Nymarkskolen
    10C Biak Ram Mawi Zathang - Nymarkskolen 2 місяці тому emma Colbert q
  • Mark P
    Mark P 1 місяць тому emma Colbert doubt he had to "pay" any of them, they ate his turds, lol, sugar daddy ??? HAHAHAHAHA !
  • Sand dox
    Sand dox 3 тижні тому Tatjana Šiljeg Totally agree!
  • Alice Kimpel
    Alice Kimpel 3 тижні тому Tatjana Šiljeg with Angelina she was the ruler. I’m surprised he stayed except he probably did for the children. Angelina wanted a lot of kids and Jennifer Aniston’s husband. He is better off without Angie. Sad for the kids!!!
  • White Heart
    White Heart 1 день тому Tatjana Šiljeg Uhm bc he dated Jen first It makes sense when he looked younger as he dated Angie bc Angie was after jen And with Angie he had the longest relationship so far
  • Christina Chaitom
    Christina Chaitom 1 день тому So out of all only Angelina got pregnant but, she was too hot for him...
  • Fredrcg
    Fredrcg 1 рік тому Brads quote. I'm done smashing her, NEXT !!
  • Semsa Chang
    Semsa Chang 2 тижні тому 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Porucznik Włóczykij
    Porucznik Włóczykij 10 місяців тому (змінено) Im straight but he is freakin handsome. Some of his girls were uglier than him
  • Kana Lucio
    Kana Lucio 9 місяців тому Porucznik Włóczykij yup I agree with you 101%
  • Just different
    Just different 8 місяців тому 💯 homie
  • Flip
    Flip 8 місяців тому All of his girls were Not beauty as brad.
  • Evan Hall
    Evan Hall 8 місяців тому So what would you do to Bradley?
  • Marty Versitti
    Marty Versitti 8 місяців тому Sounds like youre gay!
  • De Witt
    De Witt 8 місяців тому He is a gorgeous man.
  • Mohican Star
    Mohican Star 8 місяців тому U aint st8 if u thinnk he is pretty ! Lol
  • Roselin eve
    Roselin eve 8 місяців тому @Marty Versitti does it matter if he really is gay ?
  • Randy andy
    Randy andy 8 місяців тому @Mohican Star How so ? You never acknowledge other men's attractiveness ?
  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 8 місяців тому @Flip Nope, Angelina is way prettier and Jennifer too
  • Flip
    Flip 8 місяців тому @Tyler Durden no way dawg
  • victoria long
    victoria long 6 місяців тому Its about personality!
  • anx1300c
    anx1300c 6 місяців тому @Mohican Star Actually, you're probably a closet homosexual if you can't acknowledge a man as being "pretty" or "handsome". See, it's not necessarily sexual. I think sunsets are pretty, but I can't say as that I've ever wanted to screw a sunset.
  • Weedor
    Weedor 5 місяців тому yeah, i can tell if a kid is pretty or ugly that doesnt mean i am a pedophile or whatever
  • Dipesh *
    Dipesh * 5 місяців тому Ur mind is ugly
  • Dr10
    Dr10 5 місяців тому @Tyler Durden only angelina
  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 5 місяців тому @anx1300c You're goddamn right. One thing is actknowledging a man as "handsome" or "good looking" but not feeling anything and a whole different thing is being attracted to him and having the desire to fuck him. If you think that the first thing is homosexual then you're probably feeling the second one but don't want to admit it.
  • praveen makkuni
    praveen makkuni 4 місяці тому (змінено) @Mohican Star Dude You need help and need to visit a psychiatrist ASAP!!
  • Lost Philosopher
    Lost Philosopher 3 місяці тому Porucznik Włóczykij Angelina was more beautiful than Pitt and all the previous women together.
  • Achref Hamdouni
    Achref Hamdouni 2 тижні тому Majority were uglier
  • Lonely Sea
    Lonely Sea 3 місяці тому wow.. It takes 10 minutes to say all of his girlfriends' name.
  • Vashta Rose
    Vashta Rose 7 місяців тому Every single pic of him he looks gorgeous!
  • Eva
    Eva 1 рік тому I am sure there were more but we will never know... And where s my picture? lol
  • Жар Дж
    Жар Дж 1 рік тому 😄😄😄
  • chingri mungrei
    chingri mungrei 10 місяців тому 😂
  • First Number2
    First Number2 10 місяців тому Ur picture not match with them lol
  • Ax Thamar
    Ax Thamar 10 місяців тому (змінено) Marwan Manowar haha and I just wanted to say if it was a women man would call her a slut lol. But true it is a poor reaction of this women. Who the f... is brad? :) he is not handsome, those women are of either were lost :,')
  • Gussy Gatlin
    Gussy Gatlin 10 місяців тому Sweetie.... Unless you like FTM's..... You dont want "him"
  • Yoshiki G
    Yoshiki G 9 місяців тому lol
  • Gayle Johnson
    Gayle Johnson 9 місяців тому Ax Thamar . .
  • Gayle Johnson
    Gayle Johnson 9 місяців тому Nicole Hadley and Briell Hadley on u tube doing gymnastics. Please search.
  • Gabby Hayes
    Gabby Hayes 9 місяців тому Sluts didn’t make the cut.
  • Shah of Iran
    Shah of Iran 9 місяців тому Nah your too ugly for him
  • Donna Lands
    Donna Lands 9 місяців тому @Gussy Gatlin What are FTM's?
  • Måstër's Süñ
    Måstër's Süñ 8 місяців тому Chris Chris Because u was with me then 😁
  • falconeranatolia
    falconeranatolia 8 місяців тому Believe me this is comprehensive. I dont know anyone that knew about Thandie Newton other than myself. I read about it, which was somewhat a rumour when they met on the set of Interview with the vampire. I wasnt aware of Geena Davis, which would have been from the set of Thelma & Louise.
  • véronique crabbé
    véronique crabbé 8 місяців тому Gussy Gatlin FTM’s ? What’s that ?
  • Hamed Moradi
    Hamed Moradi 7 місяців тому He doesn't deserve you honey.
  • Linda Laboucan
    Linda Laboucan 7 місяців тому Chris Chris Lol
  • Lori Gordon
    Lori Gordon 7 місяців тому Marwan Manowar k
  • negin shh
    negin shh 4 місяці тому 😁
  • Gina Friend
    Gina Friend 3 тижні тому 😂 mine too! 😂
  • Awan putih
    Awan putih 1 день тому (змінено) More handsome when he older
  • White Heart
    White Heart 1 день тому (змінено) He was the longest with Angie 😏
  • Mandal Mandal
    Mandal Mandal 3 місяці тому 1989 brad decided to become a womanizer
  • PurpleYellowFan
    PurpleYellowFan 2 місяці тому How