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Reema Khan's America - Episode 2

Published on Jul 8, 2013 311,262 views










Reema explores the American immigrant experience when she travels to Pocatello, Idaho to meet a pair of Pakistani brothers who are successful doctors. Later, she talks to an illegal Pakistani immigrant living in Brooklyn, New York.

(Language: Urdu with English subtitles)

  • Miss Pakistan
    Miss Pakistan 6 місяців тому O my God .. His voice ❤
  • Aliya BB
    Aliya BB 3 роки тому AoA! very well done Reema , doing a good job keep it up 😍❤👍
  • Prince jazz
    Prince jazz 5 років тому really nice show loved it believe it or not that's how life is in America
  • Graceful Personality
    Graceful Personality 4 роки тому very good documentary and research apart from films she also know how to make good documentaries
  • Reshme
    Reshme 5 років тому she seems to be mocking amir….
  • khan khan
    khan khan 3 роки тому yes she is bcz shes herself a rotten worm and had been a mistress for politicians
  • Reshme
    Reshme 3 роки тому @khan khan seems like it. Very republican.
  • Shoaib Khan
    Shoaib Khan 1 рік тому Reema voice is amazing
  • Sajda Naz
    Sajda Naz 4 місяці тому Zabardast yar awesome 👍
  • Jahanara J
    Jahanara J 1 рік тому Wao nice i love u and ur outfits ...i live in new jersy plz let m know from where u bought ted cost and do also share in ur videos from whete u shop???
  • RanaHassan Js
    RanaHassan Js 3 місяці тому Dr Js....@ WeLL ALLAH BlesS YoU....%
  • Muhammad Arshan
    Muhammad Arshan 1 рік тому V niceee Mai bht khush hue apko dekh k mjy b.Bhttt khawish hai k logo k bry Mai jano dunia k har kony ko se kch Na kch dekho malomat haisl kro
  • Lecodeur Testing
    Lecodeur Testing 1 рік тому Amir khan... Alah bless you... I am crying
  • Hameedullah Azizi
    Hameedullah Azizi 2 роки тому I love it so beautiful
  • Bobby Bobby
    Bobby Bobby 1 рік тому Voice😘
  • Maryam Hanif
    Maryam Hanif 1 рік тому Can please any one tell me which song is that guy singing, at 11:50 in the video? I can't find it.
  • Madiha Sarfarz
    Madiha Sarfarz 3 роки тому v .nyc effort reema im also out of country nd ur effort is comandable
  • Aliya Shehzadi
    Aliya Shehzadi 6 місяців тому Reema I wish mein ap sy baat kr sko
  • easy easy lifestyle
    easy easy lifestyle 1 рік тому Great show
  • Choudhry Hamza
    Choudhry Hamza 4 роки тому Very nice effort
  • Shoaib Khan
    Shoaib Khan 1 рік тому Reema is so beautiful
  • Azba Rizwan
    Azba Rizwan 3 роки тому reema plz wizt in England