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Sylvester Stallone New Car Collection, Lifestyle ★ 2019

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  • Javo Trujillo
    Javo Trujillo 1 рік тому His mom have the same mouth, Adrián!
  • Rob Connors
    Rob Connors 2 місяці тому Yo Adrian. .
  • drakestar13
    drakestar13 2 місяці тому his mom look horrible
  • Sandy Horton
    Sandy Horton 1 день тому I have always loved Sylvester Stallone all my life second to My first favorite Dean “Dino “Martin. I have always loved boxing and kickboxing it’s the only sport I really really know and love and all the Rambo movies always... but you forgot to mention two movies of Sylvester Stallone because all of them are classics to me I have loved fallowing him and his movies all my life. My boyfriend is 100% Italian and especially when I worked for a prominent Veterinarian Dr Joesph Girato I was his Backroom Kennel Manager and would help out in surgery it was awesome and I come home first day and my boyfriend starts calling me Adrian from the Rocky movies we used to watch them all the time because he knows that Sylvester Stallone is my favorite actor besides my Dean Martin anyway the two movies you failed to mention that are truly one of my classics 1.) COBRA- remember Marion Cobretti- you are the disease and I am the cure, one of his best movies ever and 2.) LOCKUP- He was always saying in this Prison movie, he used to say-DTA- Don’t trust anyone. Also another one of his best movies, but I gotta love them all and I do. PEACE ☮️ OUT. BLESS YOU ALWAYS
  • Miguel Sandels
    Miguel Sandels 1 рік тому Sage looked so much like his mother...R.I.P.
  • b ryan
    b ryan 3 тижні тому Years ago i went to the Arnold expo in Columbus Ohio and i got to see Stallone he was walking thru a art gallery.That was an amazing day for me.
  • NEWS
    NEWS 10 місяців тому (змінено) This man is a legend!
  • federation cruiser
    federation cruiser 1 місяць тому Yeah true a legend in his own mind and in the minds of his shills
  • Blane Walker
    Blane Walker 2 тижні тому Sly is good but the real legend is Batman
  • Liss Sande
    Liss Sande 6 днів тому Good memories tragedy,but they can see uss i Beliwe thats ritheJa 😊
  • Liss Sande
    Liss Sande 6 днів тому I Love THiS familiy enyway Sylvester Stallone thats rirhe ja
  • Ben R
    Ben R 5 місяців тому 46" shoes huh? Damn. Lol
  • Roosterpix
    Roosterpix 2 тижні тому Height 165 cm..... you figure it out.
    PAT MyCLAM 2 тижні тому Ben R there's a reason they call him the italian stallion
  • White Ranger Tiger Power
    White Ranger Tiger Power 2 тижні тому Dam right I’m the reach dude standing on the money lol every female is after me cause it’s the crises they’re all broke
  • Anthony Lewis
    Anthony Lewis 1 рік тому Knock Mr Stallone all you want : the man more than deserves his happiness and success - 👍👍👍!.
  • Trevor Warner
    Trevor Warner 3 тижні тому Love and Peace Mr deserve it and we appreciate how you impacted our lives... You are part of our childhood memories....
  • Donald Meisenzahl
    Donald Meisenzahl 1 рік тому Running a business and still struggle through the the course of over 30 years everyday. It's awesome to see hard working people kick ass. Great video.
  • Donald Meisenzahl
    Donald Meisenzahl 9 місяців тому We keep fighting, the mortgage is late. Short Christmas. We still have the ability to make it.
  • Carl Davis
    Carl Davis 19 годин тому First, the Seargeoh pic looked like Milo Ventimiglia. Second, Sly: so how many homeless people do you help in your own city with all the houses and cars you have? How much of the poor do you feed and clothe? Curious.
  • zestydude87
    zestydude87 4 години тому I get what youre saying... Its nice to have some expensive things....but this is just way over the top. I would have to give at least some of it to a charity of some sort in order to look at myself in the mirror each day.
  • Carl Davis
    Carl Davis 4 години тому zestydude87 , nobody needs that many cars and homes! Absolutely absurd!!
  • Angela Koch
    Angela Koch 10 місяців тому The pics of Sergeoh, are actually Milo Ventimiglia. Lol
  • Flaniganskywalker
    Flaniganskywalker 2 місяці тому I like his choice of cars--women--dogs--kids--Sly 4 ever.
  • ImKevStation
    ImKevStation 1 тиждень тому 0:29 biceps soze, rare typo
  • Gregory Kern
    Gregory Kern 1 рік тому They show Milo Ventimiglia as a son? Uhhh, no.
  • James Muller
    James Muller 1 рік тому It's an intentional lie.
  • Timidater
    Timidater 1 рік тому His daughters are beautiful!! Hope they stay away from the Dr.!!!
  • Ringo The Magic Rat
    Ringo The Magic Rat 10 місяців тому Hope they stay away from who?
  • Thy 72eaper
    Thy 72eaper 10 місяців тому @Ringo The Magic Rat plastic surgery.
  • alrajul3ziim
    alrajul3ziim 10 місяців тому @Ringo The Magic Rat you're a little stupid
  • Acacio & Odette Antunes
    Acacio & Odette Antunes 9 місяців тому Timidater 0
  • veezo zeezo
    veezo zeezo 4 місяці тому @Ringo The Magic Rat from doctor , means remain healthy and fine
  • Fred Quimby
    Fred Quimby 1 місяць тому I had to do a double take when I saw Milo Ventimiglia being presented as Sergeoh. I was like...I KNEW IT. I KNEW that dude was related to Stallone. They got the same messed up mouth-speech and everything. But he is not a secret son of Stallone. And now I'm sad. I wanted to solve a mystery but no. It was taken from me. My dreams have been crushed. Star'll be hearing from my lawyer...oh will. You will......
  • Doozer Chuck
    Doozer Chuck 1 тиждень тому Shoe size 46"?! Holy cow! Thats a big feet!
  • Michael Barber
    Michael Barber 11 місяців тому Staying Alive was Travolta.
  • 19241119
    19241119 10 місяців тому YES - John Travolta, also Frank Stallone
    LB VAPEZ 7 місяців тому Michael Barber Stallone directed Staying Alive
  • South Philadelphia
    South Philadelphia 21 годину тому Besides the original Rocky and Rambo the rest of his movies are crap